500 Modern Latest And Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names For 2019

unique Hindu baby boy names

Heartiest congratulations on the birth of your bundle of joy!! Now that you’re finished with the celebrations and joy it is time to think about some latest and unique Hindu baby boy names for your child.

Gone are the days when it was mandatory for all the members of the family to come together, as a ritual and decided upon a name for the newborn. Nowadays parents themselves take the onus of determining their baby’s name and want nothing but the best and exclusive one.

What To Look For In A Name For Your Baby Boy?

A unique name with a deep meaning confers a confident and individualistic feeling to your little one. It will make your child boy stand apart from the crowd.  So before you rush to choose an unusual baby name, make sure you keep the following in mind:

  1. The Name Should Sound Good:

Along with the ease of pronunciation, the name should also sound good. So try to pick a name which has simplicity attached to it, as a name too fancy or too long will bring more difficulties for your child. Basically, the whole idea should be to keep complexity at the minimum level.

  1. Say No To Unisex Names:

Those names which can be used for both boy, as well as a girl, should be completely avoided. Not just the sound, even the meaning of the name is highly important in such a case. If the meaning has a feminine angle, then it should be avoided. The significance of name should possess quality or characteristic attached to a male gender specifically.

  1. Do A Thorough Check:

Before you zero down to your favorite name, it is necessary to do a quick research. Do check if the name does not have any negative meaning in another language. Also, make sure that your chosen name is not shared by any criminal or person of low repute.

  1. Retain Your Ancestry:

Lastly, while choosing the name do not get astray from your lineage. The name chosen should reflect the heritage and culture of your family tradition. It will ensure that your son will learn the family values and respect it.

500 Modern Latest And Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

The Hindu culture from its vast heritage has a plethora of meaningful names. These unique Hindu and Indian baby boy names are timeless and are suitable for your baby boy. Here is a list of 500 latest, modern and unique Hindu baby boy names with their meanings. Take a look.

Serial No.



1.         Aachman Sipping water before a Puja or Yagya.
2.         Aadavan Sun
3.         Aahan Morning glory, Dawn, Sunrise
4.         Aamod Joy
5.         Aanav Humane
6.         Aarit One who seeks the right direction
7.         Aariv He who is wise, full of wisdom
8.         Aarnav Ocean
9.         Abeer Fragrance, Scent
10.     Abhedya Unbeatable, Invincible
11.     Abhigyan Source Of Knowledge
12.     Abram High Father
13.     Abrar Right-Minded, Loyal
14.     Achint Ambitious, Courageous
15.     Adhiraj King
16.     Advitya Unique, First One
17.     Adwait Unique, Non duality, No one like him
18.     Agniv Bright as light
19.     Ahil Prince
20.     Ainitosh Happy
21.     Amal As pure as white; Unblemished; Hope; Aspiration
22.     Ambar Sky
23.     Ambarish Sky
24.     Amik Intuitive, Person With A Life Path
25.     Amish Honest
26.     Amitabh Boundless shine
27.     Amitesh Infinate God
28.     Amod Happiness
29.     Amodin Fragrant or famous
30.     Amolik Priceless
31.     Amoorta Formless
32.     Angad Of My Own Body
33.     Anmol Invaluable, Priceless
34.     Arav Peaceful, Calm
35.     Arjun White, Clear
36.     Arpan Offer
37.     Aryan Honourable, Warrior
38.     Ashray Shelter
39.     Ashwat Generation Tree, Banyan Tree
40.     Avi Sun and Air; Honest
41.     Avneet Helpful, Supportive
42.     Baadal Cloud, Water
43.     Bakool Flower
44.     Balaji Lord Vishnu
45.     Balan Youthful
46.     Balaraj Strong
47.     Balaram Brother of Lord Krishna
48.     Bali Brave, Lord of strength
49.     Balik Young Boy
50.     Balmukund Young Krishna
51.     Balveer Strong
52.     Banaj Lotus
53.     Bandeesh Something which joins together
54.     Bandhu Friend
55.     Baneet Polite
56.     Bankim Curved
57.     Banshi Flute
58.     Baran He who is noble, of high character
59.     Barid Cloud
60.     Barun Lord of the sea
61.     Basil King, Basil the herb
62.     Basistha A sage
63.     Bhadrang One with a beautiful body.
64.     Bhagya Fortune, Destiny
65.     Bharg Bright, Brilliance
66.     Bhaskar The Sun, Shining
67.     Bhav Emotion; All Upon God; Lord Shiva
68.     Bhooshit Decorated
69.     Bhoumik Land owner
70.     Bhupal King
71.     Bhuv Sky, Heaven
72.     Bhuvan The World
73.     Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the world
74.     Bibin One who thinks big
75.     Bodhan Kindling
76.     Budhil A learned man
77.     Capin Armed with a Bow
78.     Cekitana Intelligent
79.     Chahel Good cheer
80.     Chaitanya Consciousness
81.     Chaitnik Peaceful mind
82.     Chaitnik Always Peaceful Mind
83.     Chakor A bird enamored of the moon
84.     Chakresh Name of Lord Vishnu
85.     Chaksu Eye
86.     Chaman Garden
87.     Chanak Father of Chaanakya
88.     Chandak The moon
89.     Chandrapeed Lord Shiva
90.     Charat On the Way to Victory; Success
91.     Charnak Power & trust for others
92.     Charusheel Good Character
93.     Charvik Intelligent, Sharp
94.     Chatresh Lord Shiva
95.     Chatur Clever
96.     Chayan Unintelligible Speakers
97.     Chayana Moon
98.     Chayank Moon
99.     Cheliyan He who is rich and resourceful
100.                         Chellamani Light, Lamp Light Guide
101.                         Chellan Precious
102.                         Chet Camp of the Soldiers
103.                         Chetan Full of consciousness
104.                         Chidananda A name of Lord Shiva
105.                         Chidatma The one with supreme spirits
106.                         Chintak Thinker, Intellectual
107.                         Chintav Light, Lamp
108.                         Chintesh Lord of the soul
109.                         Chirag Lamp
110.                         Chiranjeev Immortal
111.                         Chitesh Precious gem
112.                         Chitrabhanu The sun
113.                         Chitral Painiting
114.                         Chittav Lamp
115.                         Cholan A south indian dynasty
116.                         Chudamani Crest Jewel
117.                         Chyavan Name Of A Saint
118.                         Daarshik Perceiver
119.                         Daaruk Name of the charioteer of Krishna, tree
120.                         Dahana a rudra
121.                         Daiv A Deity, Divine Power, Destiny
122.                         Daivat Luck
123.                         Daiwik By The Grace Of God
124.                         Daksh Competent, Capable
125.                         Dakshith A name of Lord Shiva
126.                         Dalajita Winning over a group
127.                         Danav Gentlemen
128.                         Danuj Born of Danu, Danava
129.                         Danvir Charitable
130.                         Darahaas Smile
131.                         Darpad A name of Lord Shiva
132.                         Darpak Kamdev, god of love
133.                         Darsh Lord Krishna
134.                         Darsheel Sober, Perfectionist
135.                         Dasmaya Beautiful, handsome
136.                         Dasya A gift of God
137.                         Datta one who is given
138.                         Debjit One who has conquered Gods
139.                         Deep Superior to Infinity; A Lamp
140.                         Devam Part Of God
141.                         Devrat Spiritual
142.                         Dhairya Patience
143.                         Dhir Wise
144.                         Dhruv Firm, Trustworthy
145.                         Divit Immortal, Eternal
146.                         Divy Full Of Light, Light-able
147.                         Dwit Second One
148.                         Earaja Herb
149.                         Eashar Godly Person
150.                         Eatash Luminious
151.                         Edhas Happiness, bliss
152.                         Edhatu Happiness
153.                         Ednit Evolved
154.                         Eehan Good Natured
155.                         Eha Lord Vishnu
156.                         Ehan Full Moon
157.                         Ehimay All Pervasive
158.                         Ehit Always Smiling
159.                         Eijas Success, Endurance
160.                         Eilnaz Most Beautiful
161.                         Ekaaksh One Eyed, Lord Shiva
162.                         Ekaant soliltary
163.                         Ekagrah With Full Concentration, Focused
164.                         Ekani One
165.                         Ekansh Whole, One, Complete
166.                         Ekatan Closely attentive
167.                         Ekavir Bravest Of The Brave
168.                         Elango Prince
169.                         Esh God
170.                         Eshar Blessed, Prosperous
171.                         Eshin Understanding Mind; Wisdom Mind
172.                         Etasa Shining
173.                         Etash Luminous
174.                         Evan The Lord Is Gracious
175.                         Evavada Truthful
176.                         Evyavan Lord Vishnu
177.                         Fagun Hindu name for Spring month
178.                         Fahim Keen, Intelligent
179.                         Farin Adventurous
180.                         Fravash Guardian anger
181.                         Gadin Lord Krishna
182.                         Gagaja Son of Ganga
183.                         Gagan Sky
184.                         Gahan Profound, a name of Lord Vishnu
185.                         Galav Ebony, Strong, To worship, A sage
186.                         Gaman Journey
187.                         Gana Troop
188.                         Ganak Astrologer
189.                         Gandharv Master In Music
190.                         Ganendra Lord of a troop
191.                         Garg Name of a saint
192.                         Garth Keeper of the Garden; An Enclosed Yard; Garden; Protection; Enclosure
193.                         Garv Pride
194.                         Garvit Feels Pride
195.                         Gatik Fast
196.                         Ghasi Happy to the Point
197.                         Girik Lord Shiva
198.                         Giriraj King of mountains
199.                         Gishi Respected Person
200.                         Gokul A Place Where Lord Krishna Was Brought Up
201.                         Gorakh Cowherd
202.                         Granthik Narrator, Astrologer
203.                         Guneet Virtuous, Worthy
204.                         Gunin Virtuous
205.                         Gurnam Name Of A Guru
206.                         Guruansh Part Of God
207.                         Gurudatt Bestowed by guru
208.                         Guvid Rich
209.                         Gyanav Wise, Knowledgeable
210.                         Hansin The Universal Soul
211.                         Hardik Heartful
212.                         Haridyan One Who Is Absorbed In God
213.                         Harihar Lord Vishnu And Lord Shiva Together
214.                         Harin Pure
215.                         Harkeerat God’s Song
216.                         Harshal Delighted, Joyful
217.                         Harteij Radiance Of Lord
218.                         Hemayu One With A Long Life
219.                         Hemil Gold
220.                         Himank Diamond
221.                         Himnish Lord Shiva
222.                         Hiren Lord Of Diamonds
223.                         Hitanshu Well Wisher, Helper
224.                         Hitten The Heart
225.                         Hrehaan God’s Choosen One
226.                         Hriday Heart
227.                         Hridhaan Gift Of Heart, Preference Of Heart, Person With Big Heart
228.                         Hrishi Pleasure, Joy
229.                         Idhant Luminous
230.                         Idhayan Joy Of Heart
231.                         Ijay A name of Lord Vishnu
232.                         Ikrut One Season
233.                         Ikshan Sight
234.                         Indra Leader of the gods, the God of rain and wind
235.                         Indraneel Emerald
236.                         Irya Powerful
237.                         Ishank Peak Of The Himalaya
238.                         Jagajeet Conquerer of the world
239.                         Jagrav Awakened soul
240.                         Jahi He who is dignified
241.                         Jaikrish Victory of lord Krishna
242.                         Jaiman Victorious
243.                         Jaisukh Happy victor
244.                         Jaival Life giving
245.                         Jaivant Victorious
246.                         Jaiwin Winner
247.                         Jivin Who Gives Life
248.                         Kabandha Ugly Giant
249.                         Kabir Great, Magnificent
250.                         Kadamba Group or cloud
251.                         Kaditula Sword
252.                         Kahan A name of Lord Krishna
253.                         Kairav White Lotus
254.                         Kakar Grass
255.                         Kalanjaya Krishna
256.                         Kalap Moon
257.                         Kalith Understood
258.                         Kalp Thought
259.                         Kalpit Creative
260.                         Kamik Desired
261.                         Kampu Sweet
262.                         Kanan A Forest
263.                         Kandarp God Of Love
264.                         Kanha Lord Krishna
265.                         Kanv Name Of A Saint
266.                         Kanwal Lotus
267.                         Kapish Lord Hanuman
268.                         Karnam Famed, Eminent
269.                         Kavan Water, Poem
270.                         Kavish King Of Poets
271.                         Keval Only
272.                         Keyur Armlet
273.                         Khushank Happy
274.                         Kiaan Grace Of God
275.                         Kinshuk A Flower
276.                         Kiraat Lord Shiva
277.                         Kiumars First king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty
278.                         Koge Fragrant Flower
279.                         Koshin A Delicate Bud
280.                         Krish Lord Krishna
281.                         Kritesh Restless, Seeking Natured
282.                         Kritya Action
283.                         Kuber God Of Wealth
284.                         Kulvir Hero Of The Family
285.                         Kushagra Intelligent, Bright, Gifted
286.                         Kushal Expert, Tactful
287.                         Kuvam The Sun
288.                         Laghun Quick
289.                         Lakhbir Brave as a hundred thousand
290.                         Lakshay Destination or goal
291.                         Lalam Jewel
292.                         Laven Fragrance, Lord Ganesh
293.                         Lavish Lord Of Love
294.                         Lavith Lord Shiva
295.                         Lavraj Kingdom of Lord Rama’s Son
296.                         Lehar Waves
297.                         Likit Written; Perfect; Writing
298.                         Lishan Defender of mankind
299.                         Lukesh King of the empire
300.                         Luvkush Lord Ramas twin sons
301.                         Maderu He who is worthy of praise
302.                         Madhukant Moon
303.                         Madhusudhan Lord Krishna
304.                         Madin Delightful
305.                         Madin Delightful
306.                         Magan Engrossed
307.                         Magesh God name
308.                         Magh Name of a Hindu month
309.                         Mahant Great
310.                         Maher Skilled
311.                         Mahit Son of Earth, or hnored
312.                         Manas Wise
313.                         Mandin Delighting
314.                         Maneet One who Wins Heart, Soul
315.                         Manglam Auspicious, Fortunate
316.                         Mansukh He who is peaceful, a happy one
317.                         Manvik Intellectual, One Who Is Conscious, Analytical
318.                         Meghan Cloud
319.                         Mikul Comrade
320.                         Modak Pleasing
321.                         Mohak Attractive, Pretty
322.                         Mukt Freedom, or emancipated
323.                         Nabhas Sky
324.                         Nadeesh Lord of rivers
325.                         Nambi Self Confident
326.                         Namit Modest, Self-Effacing, Diffident
327.                         Nandan Son
328.                         Nandin Delightful
329.                         Naren King of men
330.                         Navtej New Light
331.                         Nayan The Eye
332.                         Neev Foundation Or Basic
333.                         Nikunj Loving Home, Arbour, Bower
334.                         Nishok Happy
335.                         Nithik Master of Justice
336.                         Ogaan United
337.                         Ohas Praise, Admire
338.                         Oisin Divine
339.                         Ojaswin Lustrous
340.                         Ojayit Courageous
341.                         Omav Avatar of Om, Incarnation of God
342.                         Omprakash Light of OM
343.                         Omreshwar Lord of the OM
344.                         Omswaroop Manifestation of divinity
345.                         Oorjit Strong, Powerful
346.                         Opinder Proximity to God
347.                         Ovin Handsome, Striking
348.                         Oviyan Artist
349.                         Padati Foot soldier
350.                         Padmaj Lord Brahma
351.                         Padmakar With lotus in hand
352.                         Padmesh Lord Vishnu
353.                         Padminish Sun
354.                         Pahal Facet
355.                         Palaash Tree
356.                         Pallavastra With blossoms for weapons
357.                         Panav Prince
358.                         Panit Admired
359.                         Panshul Lord Shiva
360.                         Panth Savage
361.                         Parth Name Given By Lord Krishna To Arjun
362.                         Partho Arjun – The hero of Indian epic ‘Mahabharat’
363.                         Parv Festival, Strong
364.                         Pavak Pure
365.                         Pavit Love
366.                         Prabhas Lustrous, Gleaming
367.                         Pradyun Radiant, Beaming
368.                         Prajin Kind, Caring
369.                         Pratham First, Former
370.                         Priyesh Loved By God
371.                         Pugal Glory and fame
372.                         Qush Strong
373.                         Raahi Traveller
374.                         Rabhasa Shining
375.                         Rachit Invention, Creation
376.                         Radhak Liberal
377.                         Rahas Secret, Merriment
378.                         Rahyl A Traveller, Innocent
379.                         Rajanya Kingly
380.                         Rajmeet Affable King
381.                         Ranbir The Brave Combatant
382.                         Raunak Pride, Fame
383.                         Renesh Lord of Love
384.                         Rish Sage Saint
385.                         Ritul Time Of The Year, Season
386.                         Roshan Light
387.                         Rovin Pleasure
388.                         Ruseku The one with a bright chariot
389.                         Rushabh Decoration
390.                         Saahir Enchanting, Charming
391.                         Saatvik Pious
392.                         Sabhya Civilized
393.                         Sabrang Rainbow
394.                         Sachet Consciousness
395.                         Sachetan Rational
396.                         Sachin Lord Shiva
397.                         Sadal Luck will come to you
398.                         Sadeepan Lighted up
399.                         Sadhiv Eternal
400.                         Sadhuja He who is well born
401.                         Sadyant Complete or entire
402.                         Safal Succeed
403.                         Sagav White
404.                         Saharsh Joy, Bliss
405.                         Sahas Bravery
406.                         Sahil Bank of Something
407.                         Sajag Alert, Watchful
408.                         Saksham He who is capable
409.                         Sameep Close, Near
410.                         Samesh Lord of equality
411.                         Sanjog Coincidence, Serendipity
412.                         Sankalp Will, Determination
413.                         Sanmeet Happy Friend, Harmony
414.                         Sanyam Self-Control, Composure
415.                         Sevinsh Creativity, Loyalty
416.                         Sham Strong Person,Lord Krishna
417.                         Sharan Haven, Shield
418.                         Shivank Mark of Lord
419.                         Shiven Lord Shiva
420.                         Shlok Prayer, Chant
421.                         Shubh Fortunate, Prosperous
422.                         Sirjan Creation
423.                         Sivi Stich, Lord Shiva
424.                         Sparsh Gentle Touch
425.                         Stav Loop,Autumn
426.                         Sujal Kind, Loving
427.                         Suvansh From Good Roots, Good Ancestry
428.                         Suyash Good result, Eminent
429.                         Swapnil Dream Like, Bizarre
430.                         Swastik Auspicious, Propitious
431.                         Tahaan Merciful
432.                         Tamas River
433.                         Tanip The Sun
434.                         Tanishq Sparkler, A Jewel
435.                         Tapan Burning, Effulgent
436.                         Tarak Protector
437.                         Taral Honey bee
438.                         Taraswin Brave, Face of strength
439.                         Tejas Sharp, Lustre, Brilliance
440.                         Tivri Target
441.                         Trishan A King of the Surya dynasty
442.                         Trivid One Who Knows The Three Vedas
443.                         Tupil Moon
444.                         Tushar winter
445.                         Uchit Suitable, Appropriate
446.                         Udath Kingly, Gentle
447.                         Udayan Rising Sun
448.                         Udbhav Origin
449.                         Uddhav A festival
450.                         Uddit Giving light
451.                         Udeep Flood
452.                         Udgam Rising Star
453.                         Udhar Liberation
454.                         Udrek Superiority
455.                         Udup Moon
456.                         Udyam Effort
457.                         Ugra Powerful
458.                         Ujaas Light
459.                         Ujesh One who bestows light
460.                         Umrao King
461.                         Unav Ancient Indian City Located Near Kanpur
462.                         Upwan Forest
463.                         Urnik Different
464.                         Utam Best
465.                         Utkarsh Prosperity, Awakening
466.                         Utsav Celebration, Festivity
467.                         Vahin Lord Shiva
468.                         Vairaj Spiritual glory
469.                         Vaish An ancient Indian city
470.                         Vaishant Quiet and shining star
471.                         Vakul Mythological flower (Son of Vakula Devi)
472.                         Vansh Lineage, Family Background
473.                         Vatsal Friendly, Loving
474.                         Vedant Hindu philosophy
475.                         Vibhor Overjoyed, Elated
476.                         Vidit Lord Indra, A Wise Man
477.                         Vihaan Dawn
478.                         Vijyant Lord Indra, Conqueror
479.                         Vikalp Options, Alternatives
480.                         Vishesh Distinctive, Special
481.                         Vivan Lord Krishna, Vivacious
482.                         Vyas The arranger
483.                         Wijdan Sentiment
484.                         Wisah Faith
485.                         Wishrant Relaxed, Calm
486.                         Xitiz Quick
487.                         Yashmit Famous, glorious
488.                         Yashswin Glorious, Victorious
489.                         Yegharaj He is the only king
490.                         Yogine Saint, A name of Lord Hanuman
491.                         Yojith Planner
492.                         Yrishi Surprising
493.                         Yugal Couple
494.                         Yugant Ever lasting
495.                         Yushan Mountain
496.                         Yuvaan Youthful, Lord Shiva
497.                         Zavian Bright
498.                         Zev Deer or wolf
499.                         Zian Serene
500.                         Zrimat Amiable, Delightful, Lovely

We hope you liked our compilation of unique Hindu baby boy names. Do let us know which one is your favorite out of the list and if you shortlisted one for your baby boy. Don’t forget to share with us other latest and unique Hindu baby boy names like these below. 

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