200 Unique Baby Girl Names- Exclusive Names For Baby Girls Of 2019

unique baby girl names of 2017

For as unique as I imagine my baby to be, I would like to give her as unique a name as it can be. After all, it is my future baby daughter, and I feel a sense of pride in choosing an exceptional name for her that stands out from the rest. This is what most parents; especially the women think most of the times. Given her inquisitive nature, she starts researching for an exclusive and unique baby girl name even before conceiving. Apart from this, modern parents, influenced by cultural values, have a habit of adapting names from other languages for its acute distinctiveness. Going with the trend, we’ve got you an extensive list of most amazing, superlative, exclusive and unique baby girl names of 2019 with meanings for your little darling taken from the Social Security Administration list.  Take a look!

List Of 200 Unique Baby Girl Names

  1. Aphra:

Literally, ‘Aphra’ means ‘dust’ and I imagine a girl with this name riding a wild horse and shedding some sweat while coming out of a thick dust of a desert.

  1. Alyvia:

‘Alyvia’ is a version of ‘Olivia’ and pronounced as ‘al-vi-a’. There are 325 girls in the US who are named ‘Alyvia’. 

  1. Amelia:

‘Amelia’ is a beautiful and happy name, meaning ‘industrious’. It holds apex position in the wish list of many parents.    

  1. Amilia:

‘Amilia’ is a variation of ‘Emilia’ meaning ‘amiable’. Derived from its Latin origin, this name is associated with a royal family.

  1. Anais:

‘Anais’ an ultra-feminine, fresh name for a girl, meaning ‘grace’. It is associated with famous French-born authoress ‘Anais Nin’.

  1. Anamaria:

This unusual name is a combination of ‘Ana’ and ‘Maria’ and means ‘favored grace’.

  1. Annabeth:

‘Annabeth’ is a classic romantic name inspired from the ‘Ann’ clan which means ‘a devout woman’.

  1. Anneliese:

Popular ‘Anneliese’, which means ‘graceful light’, is a new generation compound name of ‘Anna’ and ‘Liese’ and a diminutive of ‘Elisabeth’.

  1. Anouk:

A newcomer in the female naming list with an international flavour, ‘Anouk’ means ‘grace’, which will look chic on your little fille.

  1. Anwen:

An international choice, ‘Anwen’ is an enticing name, which means ‘very beautiful’. Don’t you think it exudes serene vibes? 

  1. Aoibhinn:

The latest name ‘Aoibhinn’ means ‘beautiful sheen’, is just hot out of oven

  1. Arianwyn:

‘Arianwyn’ is one appealing name of all the ‘wyn’ choices, which means ‘woman of silver’ and a respelling of ‘Arianwen’.

  1. Audrey:

‘Audrey’ is a popular name that wields an influence from a celebrity-inspired baby names and means ‘noble and strength’.

  1. Avonlea:

‘Avonlea’ is inspired from a fictional place name from the novel of ‘Anne of Green Gables’, and means ‘river by a field’. We think it will make a lovely choice for your baby.

  1. Beatrice:

‘Beatrice’, which means ‘bringer of joy’, holds royal history along with its long-established beauty.

  1. Belva:

‘Belva’, a super-feminine name which means ‘a beautiful view’, is ripe for use by the parents.

  1. Bianca:

‘Bianca’ means ‘white’ and is bursting with European flair and Shakespearean grace. 

  1. Bree:

‘Bree’, which means ‘strength’, is a variation of ‘Brigid’. It’s also the name of a famous character from “Desperate Housewives”.

  1. Brianna:

‘Brianna’, which means ‘virtuous’, is overtly familiar moniker in the US, enjoying its rank among top 1000.

  1. Caitlin:

‘Caitlin’, meaning ‘pure’, is among the top 10 names in Australia. It’s also the name of a famous character in ‘Pokemon’.

  1. Callisto:

Meaning of ‘Callisto’ is ‘most beautiful’. Also, interestingly, it is the name of the moon of Jupiter.

  1. Cambrie:

‘Cambrie’, irrespective of its meaning ‘change’, is a super-feminine name chosen by ‘Rick Schroder’ for his daughter.   

  1. Carys:

‘Carys’, a relatively modern name, which means ‘to love’ has a subliminal connection with the word ‘cares’.

  1. Carolyn:

‘Carolyn’ means ‘strong’ and is embraced by several parents, exemplified by its solid ranks in the US.  

  1. Celia:

‘Celia’, which means ‘heavenly’, was introduced by Shakespeare and is loved by parents ever since.  

  1. Charmian:

‘Charmian’, the name of an attendant of ‘Cleopatra’, is a girly, lovely name, which means ‘joy’.

  1. Chiquita:

‘Chiquita’, which means ‘little one’, is incredibly a sweet name for a young girl.

  1. Christabel:

This uber-cute name ‘Christabel’ is a beautiful Christian name, meaning ‘follower of Christ’.

  1. Cipriana:

‘Cipriana’, pronounced as ‘chee-PRYAH-nah,’ is slightly idiosyncratic and an exotic place name.

  1. Clemence:

‘Clemence’, which means ‘merciful’, is a gorgeous name with a French accent.

  1. Cleo:

‘Cleo’ is a short form of ‘Cleopatra’ and means ‘glory’.

  1. Cordelia:

‘Cordelia’ is, undeniably grand because it means ‘daughter of sea’. It was also the name of King Lear’s daughter.

  1. Cosima:

Celebs carry an unshakable love for the name ‘Cosima’, which means ‘beauty’. 

  1. Cybele:

Stylish name ‘Cybele’, which means ‘the mother of all gods’, is a classy and snappy option for new era babies.

  1. Cressida:

‘Cressida’, which means ‘gold’, is the name of a moon of Uranus. It sounds fresh, rhythmic, and upbeat.

  1. Damica:

One of the most unique baby girl names in our opinion. ‘Damica’ is a rare French name, meaning ‘open-spirited’.

  1. Delia:

‘Delia’ is a timeless name restored from the attic for parents who are looking for a unique baby girl name, but are not much bothered by the meaning.  Delia means ‘born on the island of Delos’.

  1. Demelza:

‘Demelza’, which means ‘fort on the hill’, was used by Winston Graham for his heroine in novel of the same name.

  1. Desdemona:

Interestingly, it is the name of a satellite of Uranus and a character from the play, Othello. Many adventurous parents have overlooked its deficient meaning and clinched it for its distinctiveness. Desdemona means ‘misery or unlucky’

  1. Dree:

‘Dree’, which means ‘strong and manly’, is for a tom-boy girl who is spunky and angelic at the same time.

  1. Efa:

‘Efa’, which means ‘life’, has a global reach, and is trendier than you can think.

  1. Eimear:

‘Eimear’, which means ‘swift’, is a fantasy girl name who possesses ‘Six Gifts of Womanhood’ – beauty, a gentle voice, sweet words, wisdom, needlework, and chastity.

  1. Eithne:

‘Eithne’, pronounced as ‘en-ya’, is soulful and an elegant name belonging to the goddess who survived only on milk. Eithne means ‘nut kernel’, it is a name of a

  1. Elara:

Meaning of the name is unknown, but it belongs to Greek mythology as an exquisite name of one of the moons of Jupiter.

  1. Electra:

‘Electra’ means ‘sparkling’, has mythical associations with its Greek origin. We think it is a brilliant choice for your girl.

  1. Eleanora:

‘Eleanora’, which means ‘light’, is a palatable, classic-sounding, and popular name for baby girls.

  1. Elowen:

Meaning of ‘Elowen’ is ‘elm’. It has an evocative, kind and honest sound.

  1. Elspeth:

‘Elspeth’ possesses a credibly childlike charm to it. We’re enamored by this name for its meaning, which is ‘pledged to God’.

  1. Emery:

‘Emery’, meaning ‘industrious’, sort of gives an image of a girl who is brawny and brainy.

  1. Emilia:

Based its roots in the Roman clan, this lovely name, which means ‘rival’, is enjoying high reputation in the US.  

  1. Esme:

‘Esme’ is a favourite name among celebs because it is timeless and adorable and on top of that it means ‘beloved’. 

  1. Esperanza:

‘Esperanza’ meaning ‘hope’ came into spotlight after jazz singer ‘Esperanza Spalding’ who won the Best New Artist Grammy award.

  1. Evangeline:

Evangeline, means ‘bearer of good news’, is a sophisticated name; ranks at top in baby naming lists.

  1. Evelyn:

‘Evelyn’, which means ‘wished for child’, is a soft-vintage name which hit its high during World War I and still enjoying greater popularity in the baby name world.

  1. Etta:

The retro-choice name ‘Etta’ means ‘estate ruler’ is idiosyncratic and enjoying its comeback because of the involved celeb influence.

  1. Exa:

This short and crisp name ‘Exa’ means ‘adorned’. Parents looking for unconventional names may find this one appealing.

  1. Famke:

Rock-n-roll ‘Famke’ means ‘little girl’. I think it is a gorgeous name for a newborn and can also grow with her into adulthood.

  1. Felicity:

‘Felicity’ is a virtue baby name, which means ‘good fortune’. Enjoying its high popularity since seven years, it is a sure-shot pick by many parents.

  1. Felina:

‘Feline’ which means ‘like a cat’ gives me an image of a girl who is spunky, original, rebellious, and full of life.

  1. Fianna:

‘Fianna’, which means ‘fair’, was known to be the famous band of warriors. It is a cool girl name from around the world.

  1. Fifi:

It is a French baby name with repeating sound, revived back from the past, diminutive of Josephine, and meant ‘Jehovah increases’.

  1. Francisca:

This feminine name, which means ‘independent’, is a variation of ‘Frances’ and brings to my mind an image of a quiet, conscientious, and pleasant girl.

  1. Frona:

‘Frona’, which means ‘sensible’, is a diminutive of ‘Sophronia’ and a name of a superwoman protagonist of the early Jack. 

  1. Genevieve:

This is a lovely vintage name for girls, which means ‘tribe woman’, pronounced as ‘GEN-uh-veev’ and inspired from the medieval patroness of Paris.

  1. Geri:

‘Geri’, which means ‘Rules with Spear’, is an appealing international name and a variation of ‘Gerry’.

  1. Gillian:

‘Gillian’ means ‘youthful’ and pronounced as ‘jill-ee-an’. In spite of many spelling variations it looks better with a soft ‘g’.

  1. Gladys:

‘Gladys’, meaning ‘land’, is popular among parents and romantic novelists. Also, the pleasing association of gladness in its first syllable is an added bonus.

  1. Godiva:

‘Godiva’, meaning God’s gift, is inspired from the Queen Godgifu who was known to be audacious and resourceful.

  1. Hermia:

‘Hermia’, which means ‘messenger’, is seen as shamanic figure and has endured in popularity because of its association with Shakespearean cred.

  1. Ianthe:

As per the ancient myths, ‘Ianthe’, which means ‘purple flower’, was the daughter of Oceanus, supreme ruler of the sea.  

  1. Imogen:

Popularly seated high on the national count, ‘Imogen’, which means ‘maiden’, is a long fashionable name from the Shakespearean cred.

  1. Inez:

Sweet and spring-like name ‘Inez’, which means ‘pure’, is a mysterious and melodious name enjoying the high popularity in the American name pool.

  1. Ingrid:

The meaning of ‘Ingrid’, which is ‘fair and beautiful’, gives this name a high society spin and lends a universal charisma to this classic moniker. 

  1. Iolana:

‘Iolana’ is a hip-swaying, rhythmic, and very melodious name, which means ‘soaring like a hawk’.

  1. Irmine:

‘Irmine’, which means ‘noble’, is an interesting and invincible name gleaming high on national count.

  1. Isadora:

Megapopular name ‘Isadora’ is charming, cool, and creative name, which means ‘gift of Isis’.

  1. Isla:

‘Isla’ enjoying its apex position since six years has a magical feel, very girly, and distinctive name, which means ‘island’.   

  1. Jacinta:

‘Jacinta’, which means ‘beautiful’, is a precious stone, a name of a flower, and one among the three shepherd children who saw the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  1. Jacquetta:

‘Jacquetta’ is a lovely historic choice as she was the mother of ‘Elizabeth Woodville’.

  1. Jemima:

In the Old Testament, ‘Jemima’, which means ‘little dove’, was one of the three wonderful daughters of Job.

  1. Jonquil:

This floral choice ‘Jonquil’ pronounced as ‘jahn-kwil’ or ‘jon-kee’ is attracting lot of parents simply because it is easy to call and beautiful to remember.

  1. Kacia:

This unusual and uncommon name, which means ‘point’, is a diminutive of ‘Acacia’ and rising up the charts of baby name limbos.

  1. Kaia:

‘Kaia’, meaning ‘to rejoice’, for sure, can become a reason to start a great conversation as people get attracted to its individuality and originality.  

  1. Kateri:

‘Kateri’, which means ‘pure’, is completely heavenly name of an American saint who was a daughter of Mohawk warrior.

  1. Kalama:

‘Kalama’ is an exotic, lush, and a lovely name, which means ‘flaming torch’. Also, ‘Kalama’ was a queen consort of Hawaiian King Kamehameha III.  

  1. Keziah:

‘Keziah’, which means ‘sweet-scented spice’, was the second of the three daughters’ of Job who was a prophet in the Old Testament.

  1. Kinsley:

‘Kinsley’, which means ‘king’s meadow’, is edging its way to the mainstream and straddles the line between unusual and classy. 

  1. Korie:

This cool and intriguing name ‘Korie’ means ‘God’s peace’, derived from the name ‘Corey’, and is liked globally.

  1. Kyleigh:

This modern name ‘Kyleigh’, which means ‘a boomerang’, is a respelling of ‘Kylie’ and this new spin is reigning into parents’ top 5 names for their babies.

  1. Lani:

‘Lani’, pronounced as ‘lar-nee’, is short but enormously liked by many parents because of its reminiscent meaning, which is ‘Sky’.

  1. Lena:

‘Lena’, which means ‘illustrious’, is a multicultural yet a simple name, a short form of Helena, and a trendier name longer on substance than style.

  1. Leticia:

‘Leticia’, meaning ‘joy’, was a famous saint who was revered as a virgin martyr and a companion of Saint Ursula.

  1. Lettie:

‘Lettie’, which can also be spelled as ‘Letty’, has its meaning associated with ‘gladness’; is a vintage yet classy name rising right in step with its counter ‘ie’ names.

  1. Livvie:

‘Livvie’ is a variation of ‘Olivia’ and associated with an olive tree in particular; is an apt name for parents who want to build livelier personalities of their children.  

  1. Lorelei:

This quintessential name, which means alluring, temptress’, became enormously popular after an eponymous mother and daughter duo in Gilmore Girls series.

  1. Lottie:

‘Lottie’, which means ‘free man’, has got a lovely melodic feel and is a diminutive of extremely admired name ‘Charlotte’.

  1. Loxley:

‘Loxely’ fully justifies its appellation for having several classy elements, such as, letter ‘x’ in the middle and the sound of repeating ‘l’, which categorizes the name into freshly brewed and modern invented one.

  1. Lucetta:

‘Lucetta’ which means ‘graceful light’ is a contemporary baby name that has a fresh feel and considerable lacy charm.

  1. Luciana:

‘Luciana’, meaning ‘light’, is inexpressibly people’s favourite and insurmountably decorous name and pronounced as ‘loo-chee-anna’.

  1. Lydia:

‘Lydia’ meaning is boring because it is a place name whose inhabitants were believed to be inventors of dyes. 

  1. Lynette:

‘Lynette’, which means ‘idol’, connotes a girl who is super-attractive, an extrovert yet down-to-earth, and a compassionate soul.    

  1. Mabel:

‘Mabel’, which means ‘loveable’, is originated from the most well-known cosmetic brand ‘Maybelline’.

  1. Madeline:

‘Madeline’, which means ‘magnificent’, is a frequent name used in literature books. 

  1. Mae:

‘Mae’, which means ‘pearl’, is thrust upon into popularity by ‘Mae Jemison’ who was the first African-American woman to travel in space.

  1. Maeve:

‘Maeve’ is pronounced as ‘may-v’, has a beautiful meaning which means ‘the cause of great joy’, and known as the queen of fairies.

  1. Maisie:

Maisie, which means ‘pearl’, is used in famous fictional series of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

  1. Margery:

Meaning ‘child of light’, this royal name ‘Margery’ is used in a popular English nursery rhyme ‘See-Saw, Margery Daw’.

  1. Martita:

‘Martita’ means ‘lady’ who is melodious and mystic and is a variation of ‘Martha’.

  1. Maxine:

‘Maxine’, which means ‘greatest’, is a well-known name of 1930’s after a famous celeb ‘Maxine Elliott’.

  1. Meghann:

‘Meghann’ means ‘true and real girl’; is a name thrust upon by the Australian author ‘Colleen McCullough’ in her novel ‘The Thorn Birds’.

  1. Meredith:

‘Meredith’ is a soft and a gentle-sounding name, originated as a boy’s name, but is now a female name. Meredith means ‘great ruler’.

  1. Merrily:

‘Merrily’ connotes a girl who is happier and blissful, that’s why it means ‘one who is joyous’.

  1. Minerva:

‘Minerva’, which means ‘intellect’, is the goddess of wisdom and has been appreciated by many experimental parents.

  1. Mireille:

Meaning of ‘Mireille’ is atypical one which is ‘miracle’; derived from the Provencal name Mirèio, which was first used by the 19th century poet. 

  1. Mireya:

Meaning of ‘Mireya’ is ‘to admire’ and I find it both sprightly and stately. It is pronounced as ‘mee-REY-ah’ in Spanish and ‘mer-EY-ah’ in English.

  1. Miriam:

In the Old Testament, ‘Miriam’, which means ‘lady of the sea’, was the sister of Moses and Aaron. This is the oldest known form of ‘Mary’.

  1. Moana:

‘Moana’, reminds me of the Disney movie ‘Moana’ and its main character, who was chosen by the ocean itself; that’s why it is an evocative name for a sea-lover.

  1. Myfanwy:

‘Myfanwy’ is an exquisite name and an advantage for its bearer for its rarity. It means ‘my lovely little one’. 

  1. Naomi:

‘Naomi’ is referred in the Old Testament, which means ‘pleasantness’, for the wise mother-in-law of ‘Ruth’. 

  1. Nefertiti:

Look at the beautiful connotation which means ‘the beautiful one has arrived’ and on top of that it is an evocative name of an ancient queen.

  1. Neoma:

‘Neoma’ is pronounced as ‘nee-O-mə’ and has a combination of ‘neo’, which means ‘new’ and ‘mene’, which means ‘moon’.

  1. Nerissa:

‘Nerissa’, meaning ‘from the sea’, is a name of Queen Elizabeth’s cousin and used by Shakespeare in his novel ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

  1. Nerys:

‘Nerys’, meaning ‘lady’, is a distinctive name ruling the female baby name lists in the US.

  1. Nola:

‘Nola’, meaning ‘white shoulder’, is a much-chevied heroine from the Spike Lee’s movie ‘She’s Gotta Have It’. 

  1. Odelia:

‘Odelia’, which means ‘I thank God’, is an alternative to a common name ‘Ophelia’ and on top of that the name carries great gravitas.

  1. Oceane:

This hip moniker ‘Oceane’ is less outlandish and more stylish and has all the fame to cross the ocean.

  1. Odette:

‘Odette’, which means ‘wealthy’, is acutely soigné, sleek, and off-beat choice for all the parents favouring eccentricity.

  1. Olympia:

‘Olympia’ is originated from ‘Mount Olympus’, which is a home of Greek gods and is related to the Olympic Games, which attaches an athletic feel to it.

  1. Oona:

Unexcitingly ‘Oona’ means ‘lamb’; however, excitingly it was a famous comic actor ‘Charlie Chaplin’s’ wife name.

  1. Orabella:

‘Orabella’ meaning ‘beautiful altar’ is timeless and classy. Not to forget, it’s another add-on for parents who love names ending with Bella’s.

  1. Oralie:

‘Oralie’ meaning ‘golden’ is a much-preferred choice over ‘Aurelia’ and a Pokémon name in pop culture.

  1. Orlena:

‘Orlena’ meaning ‘gold’ was the youthful heroine in ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ by ‘Barbara Kingsolver’s’. 

  1. Ottilie:

‘Ottilie’, which means ‘prosperous in battle’, is a name from British nobility and has a fresh French feel.

  1. Paige:

‘Paige’, meaning ‘page to a lord’, is simple yet mature name, climbing up the charts after famous American Olympic swimmer ‘Paige Zemina’.

  1. Paschelle:

‘Paschelle’, meaning ‘passover’, is apt for girls who are born around Easter and a variation of ‘Pascale’.

  1. Penelope:

‘Penelope’, which means ‘weaver’, is a character from Harry Potter’s series and has been long-associated with loyalty and reliability.

  1. Penina:

‘Penina’, which means ‘pearl’, is a variation of ‘Peninnah’ who was one of the wives of ‘Elkanah’s’ in the Old Testament.

  1. Perdita:

Meaning of the name ‘Perdita’ is not great but being ‘Perdita’ is also not less than an achievement as she was the heroine of Shakespeare in his novel ‘The Winter’s Tale’.

  1. Petunia:

Enriched ‘Petunia’, which means ‘trumpet-shaped flower’, is plentiful, flowery, and girly and has many variations like ‘Petal’ and ‘Posy’.   

  1. Portia:

‘Portia’, which means ‘an offering’, was a Shakespearean’s heroine name in the movie ‘The Merchant of Venice’.  

  1. Prideaux:

Pretty name ‘Prideaux’, pronounced as ‘prid-OH’, means ‘meadow of waters’, and is inspired by the French phrase “pré de eaux”.

  1. Prima:

‘Prima’, which means ‘first’, will give your daughter’s self-confidence a sure boost whenever she would recall the meaning of her name, which is numero uno.

  1. Priscilla:

Primordial name ‘Priscilla’, which means ‘ancient’, holds solid history and bestows long life on the bearer.

  1. Quiana:

‘Quiana’ is a modern conjured name appreciated by many parents for its holds royalty and princessy.

  1. Rafaella:

Euphonious name ‘Rafaella’, which means ‘god has healed’, is a mainstream American moniker that is imagined as dark-eyed, beautiful girl.

  1. Rane:

‘Rane’, which means ‘queen’, is a variation of ‘Raine’ who was known to be the stepmother of Princess Diana.

  1. Regina:

‘Regina’, which means ‘queen’, is mostly associated with Queen of Heaven. Also, Queen Victoria got ‘Regina’ appended to her name.

  1. Reverie:

‘Reverie’, meaning ‘day-dreamers’, connotes this moniker as most magical and atypical one.   

  1. Roxanne:

‘Roxanne’, meaning ‘dawn’, has a retro touch and an impressive sassy sound.

  1. Ruth:

In the Bible, Ruth was the name of the faithful daughter-in-law of Naomi. Ruth means ‘compassionate friend’.

  1. Salome:

‘Salome’, which means ‘peace’, was a godly woman, disciple of Jesus, and mother of apostle ‘James’ and ‘John’.

  1. Saoirse:

One of the most unique baby girl names in our opinion. Meaning ‘liberty’ ‘Saoirse’ is a serene, spiritual, and a classy-sounding name.

  1. Sela:

Popular moniker on the TV series ‘Star Trek’, ‘Sela’, which means ‘rock’, is incredibly elegant name for a friendly young lady.

  1. Seraphina:

‘Seraphina’, which means ‘heavenly’, is a contemporary name inspired by the highest-ranking angels, six-winged seraphim.

  1. Serenity:

You might just want to squeal for a little ‘Serenity’, which means ‘peaceful’ and is euphonious.  

  1. Sinead:

‘Sinead’, which means ‘God’s gracious gift’, is a new entry in the American female baby name lists and pronounced as ‘shin-aid’.

  1. Shay:

‘Shay’, which means ‘courteous’ and a phonetic spelling of more authentic moniker ‘Shai’, is more trendy and strong namesake. 

  1. Shevonne:

Lovely American name ‘Shevonne’, which means ‘gracious’, is a phonetic spelling of ‘Siobhan’.

  1. Soleil:

‘Soleil’, which means ‘sun’, is an ebullient name receiving much attention of parents for its cheery and sparky nature.

  1. Sorsha:

‘Sorcha’, which means ‘bright’, was the name of a tritagonist in the movie ‘willow’ and popular for its radiant nature.

  1. Sylvie:

‘Sylvie’, which means ‘from the forest’, is a global moniker revived into spotlight because of Lewis Carroll’s novel ‘Sylvie and Bruno’.

  1. Tamora:

‘Tamora’, with an unknown meaning, is brought into the limelight because of ‘Tamora Pierce’ who writes fantasy novels for teenagers.

  1. Tanis:

‘Tanis’, which means ‘camp of glory’, is a modest mummy character in the movie ‘Scooby-Doo’.

  1. Taryn:

‘Taryn’, which means ‘rocky hill, is an exclusive name which first gained its spurt popularity in seventies and has been on naming charts ever since then.    

  1. Tesla:

Irrespective of its meaning, which is ‘harvester’, this name is climbing up the naming charts and gaining more of its popularity as a girl’s name.

  1. Thea:

‘Thea’, pronounced whether as ‘THEE-a’ or ‘THAY-a’ or ‘TAY-a’, is a shining silver light in the blue-black sky, who is the Greek goddess of light. 

  1. Thomasina:

Apparently, ‘Thomasina’ is a feminine variation of ‘Thomas’ sweetened at the endings which makes it a vintage choice.

  1. Thyra:

‘Thyra’ is a little girl image who is super-attractive, endows great confidence, and has a personified beauty with integrity.     

  1. Tindra:

‘Tindra’, which means ‘to twinkle’, is a new most popular name for your lovely little lady; widely known mainly in Sweden yet need to set its mark in the US. 

  1. Titania:

‘Titania’, which means ‘giant’, was the queen of the fairies which makes it an obvious choice of modern parent’s.

  1. Trixie:

‘Trixie’, meaning ‘bringer of happiness’’, is a glorious name and has oomph which is why it is mostly picked by bold parents.

  1. Ulrica:

‘Ulrica’, which means ‘powerful through her inheritance’, is an embodiment of intensity and unity.

  1. Una:

‘Una’ is a growing, much-loved name on baby naming charts and picked by parents who want their daughter to be audacious but not too advanced.

  1. Undine:

Uncommon name ‘Undine’ meaning ‘little wave’ was a water spirit as per the ancient folklore.

  1. Urraca:

‘Urraca’, which means ‘magpie’, has been the royal name used for queens in the Iberian kingdom but is mostly left to be used in the history books. 

  1. Uta:

‘Uta’ is pronounced as ‘oo-ta’, comes from German origin, and means ‘prosperity and riches’. 

  1. Vada:

‘Vada‘, which means ‘famous ruler’, is living its popularity since the movie ‘My Girl’ has been released.

  1. Velma:

‘Velma’, with its meaning unknown, is vaulting up in the baby naming limbos and reminds of the fictional character from the ‘Scooby Doo’ cartoon series.

  1. Ventura:

‘Ventura’, meaning ‘good fortune’, is a diminutive of ‘Bonaventura’ which is a name borne by a saint who healed St. Francis of Assisi.

  1. Vera:

‘Vera’ is an uncommon and loyal name which means ‘faith’ and positioned at 308 in the US in the baby name list.

  1. Vincenza:

‘Vincenza’ is soft, subtle, and a euphonious name which means ‘conquering’.

  1. Viveca:

‘Viveca’ is a less outlandish and an impressive feminine V-name which means ‘alive, life’. 

  1. Willa:

‘Willa’, which means ‘resolute protector’, has increasingly become trendy. Also, famous young Willa’s have appeared in ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘True Blood’.

  1. Willow:

‘Willow’, which means ‘willow tree’, has a substantial history of being transcended from hippie people impression to an appreciated nature name.

  1. Winona:

‘Winona’, which means ‘first-born daughter’, is pretty much a fun name with an equal frolicsome nickname, Winnie.

  1. Xenia:

‘Xenia’ means ‘hospitality’ and was the name of a 5th century saint who was revered in the Eastern church. 

  1. Xanthene:

‘Xanthene’ is a modern invented name of ‘Xanthe’ which brings happy and bright feelings rather than pink and princess.

  1. Xiomara:

‘Xiomara’ begins with the uncommon letter ‘X’ which makes this name really unique with an unconventional glamour.

  1. Yvaine:

‘Yvaine’, which means ‘evening star’, looks so fresh and creative; gives a radiant image of a girl who is definitely romantic. 

  1. Yettie:

It is an unusual feminine name, which means ‘home leader’, and a variation of ‘Harriet’.

  1. Zana:

This floral choice ‘Zana’ is a Hebrew name, which means ‘graceful lily’ and also is a diminutive of ‘Susanna’.

  1. Zelda:

‘Zelda’ from the baby name limbo means ‘grey battle’; is a long used name for characters in books and films.

  1. Zenobia:

This zippy name ‘Zenobia’, which means ‘force of Zeus’’, has a substantial history as a beautiful and intelligent ancient queen of Palmyra.

  1. Zephyrine:

This breezy ‘Zephyrine’ is a royal choice, which means ‘west wind’, as it is associated with the greek god of the west wind.

  1. Zeta:

As ‘Z’ is the last letter in the Roman alphabet, the meaning of ‘Zeta’ is someone who is ‘born last’. It is a zingy, futuristic, and industrious name.

  1. Zinnia:

‘Zinnia’ is a flower of summer which is filled with energy and zest. In the language of flowers, ‘Zinnia’ symbolizes remembrance.

  1. Zipporah:

‘Zipporah’, which means ‘bird’, is a variation of ‘Tziporah’ and the wife of Moses as per the Bible.

  1. Zoey:

‘Zoey’, which means ‘life’, is an excellent futuristic name which is chosen by nearly 7000 parents for their daughters.   

  1. Zosia:

‘Zosia’, which means ‘wisdom’, is inspired from famous American actress ‘Zosia’ who is known for her hit show, Girls.

  1. Zuzu:

‘Zuzu’, which means ‘lily’, is a name that brings warm glow on many Americans faces because of the iconic Christmas movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. 

I hope the above assemblage would end all your worries over finding a unique baby girl name. If you have some other unique baby girl names that you’d like to share with us, let us know by commenting below.

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