200 Unique Baby Boy Names With Meanings Of 2019

unique baby boy names

Babies are the best thing that can happen to a woman. Like they bring tranquility, peace, and love in her life, they complete her family. Here, I, collect 200 unique baby boy names inspired by Social Security Administration list, especially for those moms who are expecting baby boys. Smart mamas, who love to raise kids for their man, also know that having a baby boy will be a direct window into their husband’s childhood which they would love to live and nurture for a lifetime. So, my pretty ladies, find the most exclusive, rare, and unique boy names for your little one in our list below.

List Of 200 Unique Baby Boy Names

  1. Abner:

‘Abner,’ meaning ‘father of light’, is a fashionable name made popular on by ‘Abner Doubleday’ who has invented baseball.   

  1. Adalius:

The meaning of ‘Adalius’ is ‘noble’. ‘Adalius Thomas’ who was a linebacker on the New England Patriots football team brought it into limelight. 

  1. Alan:

‘Alan’, meaning ‘handsome’, has been the favorite spelling among its many variations and has had the leading roles in popular TV series ‘Two and a Half Men’.

  1. Alaric:

‘Alaric’, meaning ‘all powerful-ruler’, is a classical name of one of the kings of the Ostrogoth and revived by cutting-edge parents.

  1. Alec:

‘Alec’ is a diminutive of ‘Alexander’ and means ‘defending men’. Though ‘Alec’ has a variant ‘Alex’; however, the latter sounds too common and juvenile. 

  1. Alonzo:

‘Alonzo’, meaning ‘noble’, is a super popular name and a friend of ‘Philippa Gordon’ in ‘Anne of Green Gable’ series.

  1. Amias:

This debonair name believed to be one of the few names derived from a girls’ name. It means ‘loved’ and is a contraction of the name ‘Amadeus’.

  1. Anatole:

‘Anatole’, which means ‘sunrise’, is a moniker of one of the earliest Greek Horai who is one of the goddesses of the hours. 

  1. Angelo:

‘Adele’ and ‘Madonna’, the two most celebrated singers of their times, chose this substantial name ‘Angelo’ for their son’s. It means ‘messenger’. 

  1. Angus:

‘Angus’, meaning ‘strength’, is a name of a child actor who played the character of the half man in the movie ‘Two and a Half Men’.   

  1. Ansel:

‘Ansel’, meaning ‘follower of a nobleman’, got its recognition post the success of western photographer ‘Ansel Adams’ who was the heartthrob in the photography world.

  1. Antonio:

Nicknamed as ‘Tonio’, the full name ‘Antonio’, meaning ‘priceless one’, is a favorite namesake used for as many as five times in the Shakespeare’s novels. 

  1. Beau:

‘Beau’, a diminutive of ‘Beauregard’, means ‘handsome’. It is used for a character in the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’.

  1. Benicio:

‘Benicio’, meaning ‘blessed’, was the fastest rising name in the baby naming list of Top 1000 baby names in the US in 2016.

  1. Blake:

‘Blake’, meaning ‘fair-haired’, is a strong and rugged name goes aptly for personalities who are rich and handsome. 

  1. Bohan:

‘Bohan’, pronounced as ‘Bo’han’, was the son of ‘Reuben’ and grandson of ‘Jacob’ and ‘Leah’. It means ‘victorious’.

  1. Brian:

‘Brian’, which means ‘virtuous’, has some pretty distinct associations to newscasters, warrior-kings, and actors and directors. 

  1. Brio:

‘Brio’ meaning ‘vivacity’ is a musical term with grand vigor and dynamism. Perhaps, you might have heard ‘Brio’ as a toy company name.

  1. Byron:

‘Byron’s’ claim to fame is tied to romantic poet ‘Lord Byron’ who inspired his surname to be used as the first name. The meaning of ‘Byron’ is ‘barn for cows’. 

  1. Caius:

‘Caius’, meaning ‘rejoice’, can be rhymed with ‘eye-us’ as ‘keys’, is a joyful name with a wonderful nickname ‘Cai’.

  1. Carmine:

This unusual Italian name, which means ‘garden’, is the appellation of the music composer of the movie ‘The Godfather’.

  1. Carl:

‘Carl’, meaning ‘free man’, equates to royalty and sovereigns. It is a diminutive of ‘Charles’ and the first name of many Kings of Sweden including ‘Carl XVI Gustaf’.

  1. Casey:

‘Casey’, meaning ‘brave in battle’, is a namesake associated with an engine driver of the Cannonball Express who sacrificed his life to save his passengers. 

  1. Caspian:

‘C. S. Lewis’ used ‘Caspian’ as the name for his hero in his children’s novel ‘Prince Caspian’ which is a part of the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series.

  1. Cassius:

‘Cassius’, which means ‘hollow’, draws a fad for this name among Americans. It is pronounced as ‘cash-us’ or ‘cass-ee-us’.

  1. Cillian:

‘Cillian’, meaning ‘little church’, equates to a prayerful and spiritual person. It has transcended from its Irish roots into an American name pool.

  1. Channing:

‘Channing’, meaning ‘church official’, has become an appealing name which draws lot of attention under the influence of ‘Channing Tatum’ who is the People’s Sexiest Man of 2012. 

  1. Chuck:

The more is less for the name ‘Chuck’ that has got its recognition after the success of a living legend ‘Chuck Yeager’ who is an ace World War II fighter pilot and has become the first man to travel faster than the speed of sound.

  1. Clancy:

‘Clancy’, meaning ‘red-haired warrior’, is a name which gained its popularity via the Irish folk music group ‘the Clancy Brothers’. 

  1. Cohen:

‘Cohen’ is a name that originates from Jewish religion where it stands as the royal name for a priest of a temple.

  1. Conrad:

One of the famous bearers of the name ‘Conrad’, which means ‘brave counsel’, is hotelier Conrad Hilton founder of Hilton Hotels’ empire.  

  1. Craig:

The meaning of the name ‘Craig’, which is ‘rock’, aptly applies to a British cancer survivor ‘Craig Sherdon’ who earned a spot in 1991 and 1992 Guinness Book of World Records for receiving 350 million prayer greeting cards. 

  1. Crispin:

‘Crispin’, meaning ‘curly-haired’, is a name of an early Saint who was the patron saint of shoemakers.

  1. Cullen:

‘Cullen’ means ‘handsome’. The famous bearer of this name is ‘Cullen Jones’, an Olympic gold medalist, who created history in the swimming world.  

  1. Damien:

‘Damien’, meaning ‘one who tames’, is a venerable name after Belgian priest ‘Father Damien’ who dedicated his life to save Hawaiian lepers of Molokai.

  1. Damon:

According to Greek mythology, ‘Damon’ and ‘Pythias’ were symbols of true friendship as ‘Damon’, which means ‘gentle’, risked his life to save his friend from execution.   

  1. Dante:

The two famous bearers of the name ‘Dante’, which means ‘enduring’, are the Italian poet ‘Dante Alighieri’ and inspired from this former artist was the English painter ‘Dante Gabriel Rossetti’.

  1. Declan:

The meaning of ‘Declan’ is ‘a man of prayer’. He was a respected saint who founded a monastery in Ireland.

  1. Dempsey:

‘Dempsey’, which means ‘proud’, gives a pugnacious feel and is associated with one of the boxing greatest champions ‘Jack Dempsey’. 

  1. Dewey:

‘Dewey’, meaning ‘beloved’, is known for its namesake who developed library Decimal Classification system to organize non-fictional books in library.

  1. Dion:

‘Dion’ means ‘child of heaven and earth’. He was the disciple of a famous philosopher ‘Plato’.

  1. Domhnall:

‘Domhnall’, meaning ‘stranger’, is pronounced close to ‘Donald’ but without the final letter ‘d’. The famous bearer of the name is ‘Domhnall Gleeson’ who appeared in Harry Potter series.

  1. Dominic:

‘Dominic’, meaning ‘of the Master’, was given to boys born on Sunday. It is making a comeback and trending the charts. 

  1. Duncan:

‘Duncan’ is an unusual and a jaunty name, which means ‘dark warrior’. It was a name of Scottish saint and two early kings of Scots. 

  1. Dwight:

‘Dwight’, which means ‘blond’, brims with friendly charm. The famous bearer of this name is American president ‘Dwight D. Eisenhower’. 

  1. Dylan:

‘Dylan’ means ‘son of the sea’. This poetic name skyrocketed via the great poet ‘Dylan Thomas’, whose name was adopted by ‘Bob Dylan’ in the former’s tribute.

  1. Edgar:

‘Edgar’ is a youthful and sophisticated name meaning ‘fortunate’. This name is associated with the English king of the 10th century who was known as ‘Edgar the Peaceful’. 

  1. Edwin:

‘Edwin’, meaning a ‘wealthy friend’, is raised to popularity ever since it has been given to 1100 little baby boys in the recent years.  

  1. Elton:

‘Elton’ is a common place name in England. The famous bearer of this name is flamboyant ‘Elton John’ who is an English singer, pianist, and composer.  

  1. Emil:

‘Emil’, meaning ‘excellent’, was a Romanian explorer of Antarctica. This interesting fact has made this name the most preferred choice for the parents. 

  1. Emmanuel:

‘Emmanuel’, meaning ‘god is with us’, can be spelled with one or two ‘m’. In the Old Testament, this is the name of the Messiah.

  1. Emrys:

The meaning of ‘Emrys’ is ‘immortal’. It is a preferred choice for parents who are searching for the name associated with antiquity.

  1. Enzo:

‘Enzo’ meaning is uncertain. The famous bearer of this name is ‘Enzo Ferrari’ who was the creator of the popular sports car.

  1. Ephraim:

‘Ephraim’, meaning ‘fruitful’, is the second son of ‘Joseph’ and founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, according to Genesis.

  1. Ethan:

‘Ethan’, which means ‘strong’, is a character played by ‘Tom Cruise’ in the movie ‘Mission Impossible’. Also, it is a historic namesake of the founder of the United States.

  1. Everett:

‘Everett’, may be pronounced with two or three syllables, is a futuristic name with a beautiful meaning that says ‘brave’.

  1. Fabius:

The name ‘Fabius’ became prominent via the famous Roman statesman ‘Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucous’ who was known for introducing ‘waiting policy’.

  1. Faron:

‘Faron’, meaning ‘handsome retainer’, is an energetic and an appealing name. The famous bearers of ‘Faron’ are ‘Saint Faron’ and ‘Faron Young’.

  1. Felix:

The felicitous meaning for ‘Felix’ is ‘happy’. It has diverse references from saints and popes to actors. 

  1. Fergus:

‘Fergus’, meaning ‘man of force’, is a classical name refers to Irish Prince ‘Fergus Mac Eric’. The former and his two brothers founded the kingdom of Argyll in Scotland.  

  1. Finian:

Boys name ending in ‘an’ just like ‘Finian’, which means ‘fair’, is climbing up in popularity and seems like shining as a winner in the baby naming list.

  1. Finlay:

‘Finlay’, meaning ‘fair-haired hero’, is a fashionable and a royal name. It belongs to fictional Macbeth’s father, Scottish actor ‘Finlay Currie’. 

  1. Finn:

‘Finn’ means ‘fair’ and belongs to greatest hero of Irish mythology ‘Finn McCool’ who was an intrepid warrior. 

  1. Gable:

The meaning of ‘Gable’ is ‘a triangular-shaped hill’. This name has been chosen by actor ‘Kevin Nealon’ for his son as the former got inspired from the iconic star Clark’s surname in the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’.

  1. Garrick:

‘Garrick’, meaning ‘mighty warrior’, is a strong and ubiquitous name. He was a wand maker from the famous Harry Potter series.   

  1. Giancarlo:

‘Giancarlo’, pronounced as ‘jahn-car-loh’, is a combination of two popular names ‘John’ and ‘Charles’. The meaning of the name is ‘God’s gracious gift’.

  1. Griffin:

‘Griffin’, meaning ‘strong lord’, is a name of a mythological creature that is half lion, half eagle.

  1. Hans:

‘Hans’, pronounced as ‘hons’, is an outmoded name. The famous bearer of this name is famous Danish author ‘Hans Christian Andersen’, a well-known poet for his fairytales.

  1. Harlan:

‘Harlan’, meaning ‘rocky land’, is majorly tagged to its bearer Supreme Court justice ‘John Marshal Harlan’.

  1. Heinrich:

‘Heinrich’, meaning ‘home of the king’, is a felicitous name. This name has held its rank among Top 1000 baby names for hundreds of years. 

  1. Hernandez:

‘Hernandez’ is a patronymic name which means ‘son of Hernando’ where the latter is known to be one of the early New World explorers.

  1. Hobbes:

‘Hobbes’, meaning ‘bright fame’, is a variant of ‘Robert’ and linked with the popular cartoon ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ series. 

  1. Holt:

‘Holt’, which means ‘son of the unspoiled forests’, is a sheer masculine name chosen by singer and TV personality ‘Kristin Adams’ for her son.

  1. Idris:

The meaning of ‘Idris’ in Welsh is ‘lord’. It is a name of a legendary seventh-century magician who gave his name to a mountain known as ‘Idris’s Fort’.

  1. Iker:

‘Iker’, meaning ‘visitation’, refers Christian’s feast day in the honor of ‘Virgin Mary’ and her cousin ‘Elizabeth’. This is a new decade sky-rocketed name has been given to more than 1500 boys in the US.  

  1. Ingram:

‘Ingram’, meaning ‘angel-raven’, is an ultra-unique variation of ‘Graham’ and can be liven up with a nickname ‘Ingo’.

  1. Ioan:

‘Ioan’, pronounced as ‘yo-ahn’, is a Romanian variation of ‘John’ and means ‘John’s’ ‘god’s gift’.  One of the most beautiful and unique baby boy names in our opinion.

  1. Irving:

‘Irving’, meaning ‘sea friend’, is an unusual name more popular among first-generation Jewish-American parents. Also, ‘Irving’ was among Top 100 names during World War I.

  1. Isadore:

‘Isadore’, meaning ‘gift of Isis’, is a variation of ‘Isidore’. The famous bearer of ‘Isadore’ was Warner Bros. cartoon director ‘Isadore Freleng’.

  1. Ivan:

‘Ivan’, meaning ‘god is gracious’, is attached with a livelier nickname ‘Vanya’. It is associated with several dignified personalities like writer ‘Turgenev’, tennis player ‘Lendl’, and biologist ‘Pavlov’. 

  1. Jabin:

‘Jabin’, which means ‘god has built’, was the name of two Old Testament kings. This makes the name, undoubtedly, dynamic and authoritative. 

  1. Jacek:

‘Jacek’, meaning ‘the Lord is salvation’, is a variation of ‘Jace’ and closely related to its equivalent brethren ‘Jacinto’ and ‘Jacenty’.

  1. Jared:

As per the Bible, ‘Jared’, who became the father of ‘Enoch’ at the age of 162 and lived for another eight hundred years, means ‘he descends’.

  1. Jasper:

‘Jasper’, meaning ‘treasurer’, represents a rock or a gemstone name for boys. It is believed to be the name of one of the (Three) Wise Men, also known as biblical Magi, who visited infant Christ after his birth and brought many gifts.   

  1. Jeb:

‘Jeb’ is a short yet futuristic name which means ‘beloved friend’. The famous bearer of ‘Jeb’ is the younger brother of George W. Bush whose real name is ‘John Ellis’.

  1. Jeremy:

Such a wonderful meaning to this name, it is ‘who is appointed by god’. Trendier than its original form ‘Jeremiah’ makes it more appealing for many parents.

  1. Jerome:

‘Jerome’, meaning ‘sacred name’, just like its namesake St. Jerome holds an image of a decorated serious and studious youth.

  1. Jethro:

‘Jethro’, meaning ‘excellence’, was a biblical name of Moses father-in-law and Midianite priest who sheltered Moses.

  1. Joab:

‘Joab’ is the biblical name of the commander of King David’s army. It means ‘praise Jehovah’. 

  1. Joaquin:

‘Joaquin’, pronounced as ‘wah-keen’, is one of the most-used multicultural baby boy and means ‘god will judge’.

  1. Joel:

‘Joel’, meaning ‘Jehovah is his god’, is an urbanized form of its older version ‘Joe’. He was one of the mighty men of the King David’s army.

  1. Joost:

‘Joost’ is pronounced as ‘yoost’ and also spelled as ‘Joos’. ‘Joos van Cleve’ was the first painter to introduce background landscapes in his paintings.

  1. Julius:

‘Julius’ means ‘youthful’ and the famous bearer of this name is ‘Julius Caesar’, a Roman politician who led to the rise of the Roman Empire.

  1. Keanu:

‘Keanu’, meaning ‘cool breeze over the mountains’, is brought into the spotlight by actor ‘Keanu Reeves’ and held atop among first 1000 names of the American baby boy naming pool. 

  1. Keenan:

‘Keenan’, meaning ‘ancient’, is a Biblical patriarch as per the Bible Book of Genesis. The three famous bearers are Keenan Alexander, Keenan Wayne, and Keenan Reynolds; all of them are American NFL players.

  1. Keir:

‘Keir’, which means ‘dusky’, is a single-syllable name with an energetic clout. The famous bearer is ‘Keir Hardie’, the founder and the first leader of the Labor Party.

  1. Keiynan:

As per the Old Testament, ‘Keiynan’, meaning ‘god has established’, was one of the members of the procession led by David when he transported the ark to Jerusalem.

  1. Ken:

‘Ken’, meaning ‘handsome’, is a ‘Barbie’s’ boyfriend’s name whom she is believed to be permanently wedded with.

  1. Kirk:

The meaning of the name, which is ‘church’, makes it a memorable one. The famous bearer is actor ‘Kirk Douglas’.

  1. Kraig:

‘Kraig’ is a one-syllable modern American name. Its means ‘rock’ and is a variation of ‘Craig’.

  1. Kwasi:

The Akan people of Ghana are known for naming their children on the basis of the day of the week on which they are born. ‘Kwasi’ is one such exemplary name that means ‘boy born on Sunday’.

  1. Laird:

‘Laird’, meaning ‘lord’, is ranked above a gentleman in the Scottish order of precedence. The famous bearer is American surfer ‘Laird Hamilton’. 

  1. Lambert:

‘Lambert’, which means ‘bright land’, is a lamb-like lion in Disney short and name of several ancient saints.

  1. Leif:

‘Leif’, meaning ‘heir’, is associated with the word ‘leaf.’ The famous bearer is ‘Leif Erikson’, the first European to reach North America even five hundred years before ‘Columbus’.  

  1. Leland:

‘Leland’ confers a measure of assimilation and class because of its famous bearer the founder of Stanford University ‘Leland Stanford’.

  1. Lennon:

‘Lennon’, meaning ‘lover’, is a name associated with musicians and singers. The famous bearer is one of the members from the rock band Beatles.

  1. Lenny:

‘Lenny’ is a diminutive of ‘Leonard’ and means ‘brave lion’. The famous bearer is American comedian ‘Lenny Bruce’.

  1. Leonid:

‘Leonid’, which means ‘lion’, is a name of the Ukrainian tallest man who was 8 feet and 5 inches tall.

  1. Leopold:

‘Leopold’ is a well-bred royal name associated with its famous bearer King Leopold of Belgium who was a favorite uncle of Queen Victoria. 

  1. Leslie:

‘Leslie’, which means ‘garden of holly’, is a two-syllable name starting with same letter. It is the birth name of US Ex-President ‘Gerald Ford’.

  1. Lionel:

Meaning ‘young lion’, ‘Lionel’ is an influential name and a diminutive of ‘Leon’. The famous bearer is Argentine Olympic footballer ‘Lionel Messi’.

  1. Lorenzo:

‘Lorenzo’, which means ‘from Laurentium’, is a blistering name for boys. The famous bearer is ‘Lorenzo de’ Medici’, the Florentine Renaissance merchant prince and art patron.

  1. Luigi:

‘Luigi’, which means ‘renowned fighter’, is an Italian vernacular of ‘Louis’. The famous bearer is Italian novelist, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature ‘Luigi Pirandello’.

  1. Luke:

‘Luke’, meaning ‘bringer of light’, was the first-century Greek physician and evangelist.

  1. Mael:

Currently, ‘Mael’ is a popular name in France which means ‘prince’. It has been popularized by fifth-century Breton saint.

  1. Malcolm:

‘Malcolm’, meaning ‘devotee of St. Colomba’, fits in the golden circle of names. There were four Scottish kings who were ‘Malcolm’s’.  

  1. Marcel:

‘Marcel’ means ‘little warrior’ and is a name of a French Oscar winner ‘Marion Cotillard’s’ son.

  1. Marius:

‘Marius’ is a newer form of its older version ‘Mario’, which is already very popular. ‘Marius’ means ‘the god of war’ and is a royal family name related to Mars.

  1. Marlon:

‘Marlon’, meaning ‘little hawk’, is pronounced as ‘mahr-lin’. It is famous because of its bearers from ‘Wayans’ and ‘Jackson’ families.

  1. Marv:

‘Marv’ sounds unusual and is a contraction of ‘Marvin’ and form of ‘Merfyn’. It means ‘great lord’.

  1. Matthias:

‘Matthias’, meaning ‘gift of God’, is mentioned in New Testament as an apostle who replaced ‘Judas Iscariot’.  

  1. Maximiliano:

‘Maximiliano’ stands longest of the names on this entire list. It means ‘greatest’ and gives a gigantic feel.

  1. Melvin:

‘Melvin’, which means ‘chief’, is an extremely popular name in Sweden. The most famous bearer is ‘Melvin “Mel” Blanc’ known for his voices as ‘Daffy Duck’ and many more.

  1. Mercer:

The meaning of ‘Mercer’ is ‘a merchant’, but its famous namesakes have never made as big as merchants. Bandleader of jazz orchestra ‘Duke Ellington’ named his son ‘Mercer’. 

  1. Merrill:

‘Merrill’, meaning ‘shining sea’, expresses strength as deep as an ocean. The famous bearer of ‘Merrill’ is actor ‘Joaquin Phoenix’ who played ‘Merrill Hess’ in the movie ‘Signs’. 

  1. Mikhail:

‘Mikhail’ is a familiar name which is popularized by ‘Mikhail Baryshnikov’ who is one of the great ballet dancers in history. It means ‘who is like god’.

  1. Milo:

‘Milo’, meaning ‘soldier’, was one of the early Greek Olympic wrestler who won Olympic Games six-times.   

  1. Mordecai:

Meaning of ‘Mordecai’ is ‘warrior’. This was the cousin’s name of Queen Esther who protected her and Jews at the hands of Haman.  

  1. Mykelti:

‘Mykelti’, meaning ‘silent friend’, is a creative respelling of ‘Michael’ and a name borne by one of the seven archangels in the Bible.

  1. Nathan:

‘Nathan’, meaning ‘given’, is an Old Testament name of one of the King David’s sons and also a name of a prophet.

  1. Ned:

‘Ned’, meaning ‘wealthy guardian’, is a diminutive of ‘Edward’ considered much ahead in popularity than ‘Ed’, which is another diminutive of ‘Edward’.

  1. Nestor:

‘Nestor’, as per the old folklore, was an intelligent ruler whose sage advice made it easier for Greeks to win Trojan War. It means ‘voyager’.

  1. Nigel:

Mellifluous name ‘Nigel’ means ‘champion’. According to Social Security Administration (SSA) list, this famed name was given to 173 baby boys born in the US in 2015. 

  1. Norbert:

‘Norbert’, meaning ‘renowned northerner’, is a name borne by 48, 625 bearers as per the SSA list dated 01/01/2016. ‘Norbert Wiener’, a famous mathematician, was a notable bearer of this name.

  1. Norman:

Though ‘Norman’ sounds similar to normal however it is not. The famous bearer was ‘Norman Rockwell’, a happy author and painter.

  1. Olaf:

One of the most unique baby boy names in our opinion. ‘Olaf’ means ‘ancestor’s relic’. From the historical pick, Olaf’s were kings. It is also a humorous creature in Disney’s Frozen. 

  1. Ole:

‘Ole’ means ‘relic’ and symbolizes ‘family. It is, interestingly, the first name of the founder and creator of Lego.

  1. Omry:

‘Omry’, meaning ‘my sheaf of corns’’, is a variation of ‘Omri’ and an Old Testament name of a king of Israel.

  1. Onyx:

‘Onyx’ is a black color gemstone and a one unique gem name suited for boys. Its ending letter ‘-x’ makes it more masculine. 

  1. Ori:

‘Ori’ is pronounced as ‘oh-ree’ and means ‘my light’. This name is well-suited for December born babies.

  1. Orson:

‘Orson’ is more popularly one of the two brothers from a fifteen-century legend who was carried off by the bear and raised as one of its cubs.

  1. Oskar:

‘Oskar’, rhymed as ‘Oscars’, is a set of twenty-four awards in the field of artistry and anchored with ‘Oskar Schindler’ who saved his 1200 Jewish workers.    

  1. Patton:

‘Patton’, which means ‘fighter’s town’, truly reminds of wartime general and warrior ‘George S. Patton’. Another eminent namesake is ‘Patton Oswald’, a well-known comedian in the US.

  1. Pierce:

‘Pierce’, meaning ‘son of Piers’’, is a historical name of one of the founding fathers of the United States.

  1. Pietro:

‘Pietro’, pronounced as ‘pee-EH-chro’, was the birth name of various popes from ‘Pope Sergius IV’ to ‘Pope Benedict XII’.

  1. Pruitt:

This uncommon and distinctive name ‘Pruitt’ means ‘little but brave one’. The famous bearer is American actor ‘Pruitt Taylor Vince’.

  1. Quentin:

‘Quentin’, meaning ‘fifth’, represents a child who is born fifth in the family or born in the fifth month of the year.

  1. Reginald:

‘Reginald’, which means ‘counsel power’, is a regal birth name of singer and songwriter ‘Elton John’.

  1. Rhys:

‘Rhys’ has a meaning changed from ‘fierce warrior’ to ‘ardor’ by English scribes and transcended into American baby name pool as high-ranking name. 

  1. Rodrigo:

‘Rodrigo’ meaning ‘famous ruler’ is one of the most popular Portugal names with more than two thousand boys being given this name in 2011 and 2012.

  1. Ronan:

There were twelve Ronan’s as saints throughout the history of which the most famous was St. Ronan of Iona. It means ‘little seal’.

  1. Royce:

‘Royce’, meaning ‘royal’, seems to be thought and connected by aspirational parents with the brand Rolls Royce. Also, it is resurged by its athlete bearers. 

  1. Rudyard:

The meaning of the name is ‘red yard’ and the name is borne by the Jungle Book writer ‘Rudyard Kipling’.

  1. Rufus:

‘Rufus’ means ‘red-head’ which is also the reason to be used as a nickname for red-haired King William.

  1. Rupert:

‘Rupert’ which means ‘bright fame’ is an urbanized version of ‘Robert’ and highly chosen by cutting-edge parents as charming and manly moniker.

  1. Salvatore:

‘Salvatore’, meaning ‘savior’, is nicknamed as ‘silly’ and made famous by Italian shoe designer ‘Salvatore Ferragamo’.

  1. Santino:

‘Santino’ which means ‘little saint’ is a moniker introduced in the movie ‘The Godfather’ and played by ‘James Cann’ as saintly ‘Santino’.

  1. Selig:

‘Selig’, meaning ‘blessed’, is a moniker from Yiddish lexicon ‘Zelig’, which means ‘fortunate’.

  1. Sergio:

‘Sergio’ is a moniker from Roman clan originally called as ‘Selgius’. This multicultural name is most popular in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese speaking countries.

  1. Shane:

‘Shane’ is an elitist name that is still uncommon and looks hot on boys. Its pleasant meaning is ‘gift from god’.

  1. Sheldon:

‘Sheldon’ has got an image of a brainy geek for the role played by ‘Jim Parsons’ as ‘Dr. Sheldon Cooper’ in TV hit ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

  1. Simeon:

‘Simeon’, which means ‘good listener’, is the New Testament name of a prophet and more fresh and distinctive than ‘Simon’.

  1. Sirius:

‘Sirius’ is the name of a brightest star in the sky and has been a character in ‘Harry Potter series’ that was considered as ‘Harry’s’ Godfather.

  1. Steele:

‘Steele’ is sturdy and a tad hot name that pretentiously gives a macho feel image of its bearer, more suitable name for romantic lads.  

  1. Sterling:

‘Sterling’, meaning ‘highest quality’, is a suave name made famous by TV character ‘Roger Sterling’. Also, ‘Sterling’ is associated with British currency and silver markets.

  1. Sven:

‘Sven’, meaning ‘youth’, is charming and debonair character appeared in ‘Pixar’s’ ‘Cars’ and voiced by ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’.

  1. Tabor:

‘Tabor’, which means ‘height’, is a mountain name in the Bible that stood on the border between northern and southern Israel.    

  1. Tate:

‘Tate’, which means ‘cheerful’, is a single-syllable joyful name chosen by former ‘Spice Girl’ ‘Emma Bunton’ for her second son.   

  1. Thierry:

‘Thierry’, pronounced as ‘tyeh-ree’, is a typical French name which means ‘ruler of the people’. It is made famous by French couturier ‘Thierry Mugler’.

  1. Tobin:

‘Tobin’, which means ‘god is good’, is a modern invented name and a form of ‘Tobias’, which is the original name as per the Bible.

  1. Topher:

‘Topher’ is a better and unique diminutive of ‘Christopher’ than over-used ‘Chris’. ‘Topher Grace’ and ‘Topher Brink’ are the two famous ‘Topher’s’.  

  1. Torin:

The name ‘Torish’ is of Gaelic Irish origin and means ‘chief’. This name has been given to 137 boys in 2015 in the US. 

  1. Trevor:

‘Trevor’ is such a unique name that guarantees if somebody will call your name; it will only be you to turn back and reply.

  1. Turner:

‘Turner’ is made famous by its first-name namesake bearer ‘Turner Catledge’ who was the first Executive Editor of the New York Times.

  1. Uli:

‘Uli’ is a German variation of ‘Ulric’ which means ‘powerful ruler’. The notable bearer ‘Uli Kunkel’ is one of the nihilist German musicians.  

  1. Valerian:

‘Valerian’, meaning ‘valiant’, was a Roman emperor from 253 to 260 AD. It is also a herb that helps people with sleep.

  1. Vaughan:

‘Vaughan’, which means ‘little’ and also spelled as ‘Vaughn’, is a hip alternative to honor a similar meaning name ‘Paul’.

  1. Vidal:

‘Vidal’ means ‘life’ and is a translation of the word ‘chime’ which means to celebrate life.

  1. Ving:

‘Ving’ is popularized by actor ‘Ving Rhames’ whose valorous parents thought imaginatively of its prosaic diminutive ‘Irving’.

  1. Vinzenz:

‘Vinzenz’ is prosaic Hungarian variation of ‘Vincent’ which means ‘conquering’. It has been used quietly so far but now this new twist has gained it a much-deserved popularity.

  1. Virgile:

‘Virgile’ is a French variation of ‘Virgil’ who was the first-century poet. Also, an Irish saint who believed the earth was round.

  1. Vladimir:

‘Vladimir’, meaning ‘renowned prince’, more closely hovers with musical maestro and piano professional ‘Vladimir Horowitz’.  

  1. Wallace:

‘Wallace’, meaning ‘foreigner’, is revived in the baby name pools which was earlier among top 100 names in 1920s.  

  1. Walter:

‘Walter’, meaning ‘army ruler’, is in vogue most likely because of actor ‘Walter Bruce Willis’.

  1. Wayne:

‘Wayne’s’ means ‘maker of wagons’ and is a strikingly effervescent name for many parents because of insanely talented comedian ‘Wayne Brady’.

  1. Wes:

‘Wes’ is a prose nickname to its prosaic variation ‘Wesley’. This name was given 142 boys in 2015 in the US.

  1. Wilbur:

Undoubtedly, ‘Wilbur’ means ‘brilliant’ as it was one of the brothers from the famous duo ‘Wright brothers’ who invented, built, and flied first successful airplane.

  1. Wilfred:

‘Wilfred’, meaning ‘desires peace’, is a renewed, fashionable name of ubiquitous quality that has gained attention of many parents. 

  1. Wilhelm:

‘Wilhelm’, meaning ‘resolute protector’, is made famous by ‘Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen’ who discovered ‘X-rays’.

  1. Wojciech:

‘Wojciech’ is a polish name with a pretty nice meaning ‘soldier of happiness’. Its notable namesake is journalist ‘Wojciech Orliński’.

  1. Xander:

‘Xander’, meaning ‘defending men’, is a diminutive of ‘Alexander’ and used for ‘Vin Diesel’s’ character in the movie ‘XXX’.

  1. Yanai:

‘Yanai’, which means ‘he answers’, is a dignified name of a Jewish poet from the 7th century and the biblical husband name of the queen Sheba. 

  1. Yuri:

‘Yuri’, spelled as ‘Yury’ or ‘Uri’, is a dignified name of a Russian cosmonaut ‘Yuri Gagarin’ who was the first human in outer space in 1961.

  1. Yvan:

‘Yvan’, meaning ‘god is gracious’, is a Breton variation of ‘Ivan’, which in turn is connected to its Russian variation of ‘John’.

  1. Zac:

‘Zac’, meaning ‘the Lord has remembered’, has remarkably made its mark in the baby name pools on its own. It is a best alternative to ‘Zachary’.

  1. Zaden:

‘Zaden’ is a trendier and nouveau moniker in the ‘Den’ clan. Its initials ‘Z’ add extra zest to the name.

  1. Zair:

In Bible, ‘Zair’ is a place-name crossed-over by ‘Joram’ and all his charioteers. For its beautiful meaning, this has begun to be used as a first name.

  1. Zander:

‘Zander’ is another diminutive of ‘Alexander’ particularly made so with its initials starting from letter ‘Z’ to add zillions of zeal to it.  

  1. Zebulon:

The ultimate unique baby boy name. ‘Zebulon’, meaning ‘honored’, is the name of the tenth son of the ‘Jacob’ in the Old Testament.

  1. Zephire:

‘Zephire’, which means ‘west wind’, is a familiarized variation of ‘Zephyr’ and name of the Greek god of the west wind. 

Super mommies, how do you find copious and unique baby boy names in the list above? More love to the new member and hey, don’t forget to add your feedback on our list of unique baby boy names below. 

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