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Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

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Is your child enamored by the beautiful and funny movie “Trolls” and insist you on watching the movie again and again? But letting children watch television for longer periods of times can have harmful effects on their eyes and cognitive abilities. So what should you do? We’ve got an idea for you? Why don’t you give them some Trolls coloring pages? This way they won’t even miss the movie much and will hone their creative skills too.

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“Trolls” is a hilarious movie is about supremely optimistic trolls residing in the Troll Town. These small and colorful creatures always have a song on their lips and dance in their step. But their lives take a turn for the worse when they’re discovered by Bergens, large and ugly creatures who devour the trolls. The trolls now come together to save their village from destruction by these creatures.

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages:

  1. Poppy:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

Meet Poppy, one of the two protagonists of the film “Trolls”. She’s a relentlessly upbeat, but slightly naïve troll, who can even risk her life to save her friends. She seems to have inherited this trait from her father, who saved his subjects from Bergens by risking his life.

  1. Branch:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

This coloring page features Branch, a gray troll and one of the protagonists of this film. This overtly paranoid troll lives in the constant fear of his village being invaded by the Bergens. It seems that Branch isn’t in a good mood. What could be the reason behind it? Ask your child to figure it out as he colors the pages.

  1. Poppy And Branch:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

This got to be the cutest pair in the recent times. Poppy was undoubtedly a positive influence on Branch. She took him out of his deep paranoia and encouraged him to fight the Bergens. Together they can go to any lengths to save their family and friends.

  1. Suki:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

If you want some impromptu musical moment, you can always count on DJ Suki. And you’ll be surprised to hear about her DJ equipment. Her DJ equipment consists of beetles, crickets and little bugs she mixes and scratches to create a unique music.

  1. Biggie:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

Meet Biggie, who isn’t just biggie is size, but also in heart. Biggie may appear as a Troll with an imposing character, but he’s actually a softie and bursts into tears at the simplest things. You’ll always find Biggie with his pet worm called Mr. Dinkles.

  1. Aspen:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

Aspen is a young, orange colored troll with a bright green mane. He lives up to his name by climbing some of the highest trees in the Troll Town. But the highlight is skitterboard, on which Aspen is always on the move.

  1. Bridget:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

Not all Bergens are cruel; that’s what Bridget has taught us in this movie. Bridget, the scullery maid, and dishwasher is the most kindhearted Bergen in the movie. She is soft spoken and sensitive and lacks the confidence to speak out. Her dirty and tattered apron could be a turn off, though.

  1. Satin and Chenille:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

This Trolls coloring page features Satin and Chenille posing with Poppy. These conjoined twin trolls are the most fashion forward trolls in Troll Town. Their fashion knowledge is simply mind blowing, covering almost everything right from haute couture to street trends. The twins are also fashion stylists of Poppy.

  1. Cooper:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of Cooper and Poppy. Cooper is a giraffe-like, pink and red troll and one of the primary characters in the movie. Cooper has a goofy grin always plastered on his face, which makes him the strangest member of the Snack Pack. He does lack intelligence, but his enthusiasm makes for it. 

  1. Guy Diamond:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

Here’s one of the most adorable Trolls coloring sheets. Guy Diamond is a nak*d glitter troll from the movie “Trolls”. He has heaps of confidence and a unique idea of personal space. A fun personality that he is Guy Diamond is no less than a party on feet.

  1. Mandy Sparkledust:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

Mandy Sparkledust is the maker troll of the Troll Town who repairs and designs all the treasures, including the Hug Time friendship bracelets. Mandy Sparkledust is a yellow colored troll with a green nose and pink hair. She is typically shown wearing a pink dress.

  1. Prince Gristle:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

Prince Gristle, also known as King Gristle Jr. is the Prince and the beloved of Bridget. This surly looking Troll inherited the crown at a young age, when the subjects dethroned his father. Seeing the fate of his father, Prince Gristle vowed to put the Trolls back on the track and restore happiness in the town. 

  1. Chef:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

The creepy looking creature you see here is Chef, the main antagonist of the film. Chef was very happy in her hay days. She had a throng of admirers, a sterling reputation and a reputed spot in the Royal Kitchen. But her reputation crumbled when the Trolls fled to the tunnels under the Troll Tree. The caused the Chef being banished from the town and she vowed to take revenge from the trolls.

  1. Smidge:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

The teeny tiny Troll with an extra-long hair is famous for being the smallest troll in the town and having a deep baritone voice. Smidge is a fitness freak and can work out on any dance number. She also likes jumping rope with her long hair. Her other hobbies include crocheting, weightlifting, and listening to heavy metal.

  1. Fuzzbert:

Top 15 Trolls Coloring Pages

That’s Fuzzbert, a hair like troll from the movie. An enigma covered in a riddle, Fuzzbert is made entirely of hair. Just the feet peep out from his tuft of bright green hair. Fuzzbert communicates with other Trolls by making guttural noises.

We’re sure children will enjoy filling these Dreamworks Trolls coloring pages. Tell your child to make these images as realistic as possible by having the children give the exact colors to the characters. And don’t forget to share your child’s favorite Dreamworks Trolls coloring pages in the comment section below.

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