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The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages


“The Lego Batman Movie” will be releasing in just a few days and we’re finding really hard to contain our excitement. This superhero, comedy flick, produced by the Warner Animation Group in collaboration with DC entertainment focusses on the most popular superhero of all time, Batman, who goes on a journey to learn the importance of friendship and teamwork in his hope of saving the Gotham City from the Joker. Since the children are finding hard to control their enthusiasm and eagerness, we have compiled a list of coloring pages featuring the major characters from the movie. Take a look at our collection of The Lego Batman Movie coloring pages below.

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Top 10 The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages:

  1. Batman:

The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

Meet Batman, the protagonist of this much-awaited movie. The young Bruce Wayne, seeing his parents shot dead by the mugger, vows to bring justice to the criminals infesting his city. But it isn’t easy, considering there are villains like the Joker, Riddler, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy on his way. We’re confident this will be one of the most popular The Lego Batman Movie coloring pages among children.

  1. The Joker:


The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

Meet Joker, the archenemy of Batman, who tries to sabotage Batman’s effort in making Gotham a safe and crime free place by creating ‘chaos’. He appears in his customary purple suit and dark green hair. The face is always single sided and has an evil smile pasted on it.

  1. Robin:


The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

Here’s a cheerful coloring page, featuring Robin and Batman. When Robin, or Dick Grayson, was a young boy, he was a part of a circus known as “The Flying Grayson”. But one night, his parents were killed during the act. But the kind-hearted Batman is, he adopts Dick Grayson, renames him as Robin and makes him his sidekick.

  1. Harvey Dent:


The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

Harvey Dent or Two-Face was happily working as the district attorney in the Gotham City until Maroni, the sadistic villain throws acid on his face during a trial. With the face severely disfigured on one side, Dent develops a split personality and an obsession with the number two and duality. He goes on to become the villain Two-Face, who plans crimes and makes important decisions by flipping a mutilated coin.

  1. Catwoman:


The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

Catwoman, also known as Seline Kyle, is one of the major figures of “The Lego Batman Movie.” Having a difficult childhood, filled with hardship, Seline learns thievery skills and becomes a burglar. But in her public life, she is a wealthy socialite thriving off the loot. She isn’t against Batman entirely and even assists him in his crime fighting. But her stealing habits keep her from being a crime fighter.

  1. Poison Ivy:


The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

Poison Ivy or Pamela Isley, is a dangerous eco-terrorist and one of the enemies of Batman. Pamela Isley was leading her life as a young botanist, but it was when her professor tricked her into stealing herbs and poisoned her, she went insane and became an eco-terrorist to save the environment in a deranged way. Poison Ivy even has the ability to manipulate plants with her mind.

  1. Superman:

The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

We don’t feel there’s anyone who does not know about Superman. The Man of Steel uses his power to help Batman fight the bad guys in the “The Lego Batman Movie” despite being not in the friendliest terms with each other.

  1. Green Lantern:

The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of Green Lantern, one of the allies of Batman in his quest of saving the city. It was Green Lantern and Superman who made Batman understand the importance of teamwork while fighting the villains. And we believe he was successful to a large extent in his endeavors. Green Lantern’s superpower lies in his power ring, which creates a protective shield around him, allowing him to fly and create energy in any form he wants.

  1. Penguin:

The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

This coloring page features Penguin or Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, the chief criminal of the Gotham City.  While he’s not as insane as the other criminals of Gotham City, he has a strange obsession with words, which gave him the name Penguin.

  1. Harley Quinn:

The Lego Batman Movie Coloring Pages

Harley Quinn or Dr. Harleen Quinzel as she is formally known as, is one of the villains of the “Batman” series. So it was evident she would star in the “The Lego Batman Movie” as well. Harley Quinn works with the Joker and her friend Poison Ivy on some occasion. Her main work revolves around how to make Batman’s life even more miserable.

We hope our collection of The Lego Batman Movie coloring pages keep the children calm and composed while they wait for the release of the movie. Which of these The Lego Batman Movie coloring pages did your child like the most? Let us know by commenting below.

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