Cool Thanksgiving Coloring Pages For Children

Do your children love coloring? Are you looking for some Thanksgiving coloring pages to keep the kids busy while you prepare for the yummy feast? You’ve stumbled upon the right place. Just keep scrolling for more.

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Thanksgiving, the wonderful holiday of the Americans, is celebrated on the 4th week of November since 1869 every year to thank the Almighty for the bountiful harvest.

Thanksgiving coloring pages is an excellent way to teach your children about the history of Thanksgiving and its importance in our culture. It’s a great way to combine entertainment with education.

Below is our collection of Thanksgiving coloring pages for you. We’ve included coloring images of all the major symbols of Thanksgiving like the turkey, Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkins, pilgrims and more.

1. A Jolly Turkey:

2. Happy Thanksgiving With Mr. Turkey:thanksgiving-coloring-page-2

3. A Realistic Coloring Image Of Turkey:thanksgiving-coloring-page-3

4. A Nervous Turkey:thanksgiving-coloring-page-4


5. A Give Thanks Cornucopia To Teach Your Child The Real Meaning Of Thanksgiving:


6. Children Enjoying Thanksgiving Feast:



7. A Dapper Turkey:



8. Mommy With Turkey Coloring Page:



9. Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Page:


10. An Emotional Thanksgiving Coloring Page:



11. A Cute Native American And A Jealous Turkey:



12. A Pilgrim Enjoying Thanksgiving Feast:


13. Turkey Inside Pumpkin:



14. Thanksgiving Turkey:



15. Give Thanks Turkey And Pumpkin:


16. Happy Thanksgiving Card:


17. One Of The Cutest Thanksgiving Coloring Pages:


18. Excited Turkey Coloring Page:


This turkey looks very happy. Seems it doesn’t what will be happening to him in a few hours.

18. Family Ready For Thanksgiving Feast:


19. Cartoon Turkey Coloring Page:



This is one of the cutest turkey coloring pages ever. 

20. Happy Thanksgiving Card Coloring Page:thanksgiving-coloring-page-30

This coloring page is perfect to create Thanksgiving card. So print it out on a card stock paper. 

Right click on the images to open in new tab and download as many Thanksgiving coloring pages you like. We’d even love the see how your child has colored these images. Comment or email their work to us. We’d be waiting.

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