100 Sweet And Cute Baby Names With Meanings Of 2019

100 Sweet And Cute Baby Names With Meanings Of 2017

When a baby arrives into the world, probably the first thing the parents gift him is a name. It is the name that is our identity, something that defines us. Names also tend to have an immense impression on our self-esteem and social identity- they are how people know us, recognize us and remember us. Our name heralds our character, nature, and personality. It is an immediate beacon of recognition for us our entire lives. So, for all these reasons,

Tips For Choosing The Perfect and Cute Baby Names

There must be millions of new and expecting parents who are, at this moment, bickering, hankering and bargaining over their child’s name. So, how do they resolve this meaningless conflict? Here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Compile and Compare Lists:

I’m sure all of you expecting parents have some names in mind that you really want to bestow on your child. Share those names! Make a list, compare and mull over these names. It really helps.

  1. Say it Out Loud:

Once you’ve shortlisted to about 2-3 names, for a few days use each name when talking about and to your baby. Chances are, you will discard one or two just because they just don’t feel right when spoken aloud. They either sound ridiculous or dull or weird when talked with an accent (Jayden sounds great in an American accent, but not so cool in an Indian accent!).

  1. Get the Family Help:

 Use this one only when you have a deadlock between just two names. Have a talk with some trusted and close family members and reveal these names to them and weigh your options. Their first reaction will help you seal the deal easily.

  1. Pick the One that Makes You Smile:

Above all, your baby’s name should feel right and make you feel glad. When in doubt, go with the one that just seems the perfect name.

  1. Middle Names Galore:

If two names seem equally perfect, use one as the middle name. Simple! Both partners feel appeased, and your baby has an extra special name.

  1. Think of Adulthood:

Believe it or not, your baby is going to be an adult for most of his life. So make sure you don’t give him/her a name that sounds plain silly on an adult. Chinky, , Jolly, and Princess – all these names suit toys or pets; so do your kid a favor and avoid these!

  1. Resolve Conflict Smoothly:

If you and your partner are nearly on the verge of getting a terrible fight over the baby’s name, here’s how to resolve this. One, you can decide that Mommy gets to name the first child and daddy gets the second one’s name (that’s what we did!). Two, you can make one name official and the other one a nickname. Last, if nothing works, the Mommy says “I’m going through pregnancy and labor – so we stick with my name!” No man on earth can beat that!

  1. Consider The Italics:

 Before you name your child ‘Akash Suman Sharma’ or something similar, please PLEASE consider the initials! Spare your poor child a lifetime of woe and horror and stick to something more conventional! Trust me, Akash will bless you!

Various Criteria for Choosing A Name:

Ever since the dawn of the internet, selecting a baby name has become a whole lot easier and yet, difficult at the same time. It’s easier because you can search for names according to the different criteria, and challenging because of the sheer quantity of choices available at your fingertips! It can be a daunting task indeed. Here are some standard criteria based on which you can pick the perfect and the cute baby name for your baby.

  1. By Origin:

By far, the most common way to choose a baby’s name is by its origin. The internet offers filters that you can pick from. You can choose from a list of African, American, Indian, Welsh, French and even Native American names.

  1. By Language:

Again, if you want to bring down the gazillions of choices, you will like this filter. This allows you only to view names in the languages of your choice. English, French, Hindi, Urdu, and Greek being examples, there are many other languages to choose from. Most websites also break down languages, even further, like under Indian languages, you can search specifically for Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi or Punjabi names.

  1. By Faith:

If you’re one of those who want to keep the baby’s name well under the umbrella of one particular religion or faith, hereby declaring his/her faith through his/her name, you can filter names according to this criteria. There are separate lists on most sites for the major faiths of the world – Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and Jewish being some of them.

  1. By Meaning:

You have a wonderful feeling about a positive trait and would like to name your child after this trait; it just happens that the internet allows you to search for baby names by their meanings! So if you like the word truth seeker, you can come up with names like Margana (Sanskrit), Satyesu (Hindi) and Talib (Sikh). Tinker around on the internet, and you will find the perfect name.

  1. By Popularity:

Nobody will judge you if you want to take the easy way out and just pick a baby name out of the popular names of the year. Make this search imaginative and innovative. Instead of searching for “popular names of 2013”, search for “popular names of the 1980s”. That will give many interesting choices.

  1. By Uniqueness:

Hmmm, so you want to give your child a unique and unusual name? The internet can spew out scores of such names for you to choose from. For example: tamarisk, Sequoia, Colton, Veda, and Holden. Be careful while choosing though.

  1. By Celeb:

Lastly, often people are so enamored by a particular celebrity that they name their baby after the particular celeb or even after their children. It is a common search engine input and is not restricted to just movie stars. People name their baby after athletes, politicians, revolutionaries, and leaders.

100 Sweet And Cute Baby Names For Boys And Girls

And now we come to the finale! You have considered all the choices, read all the expert websites and collected all the data, now’s the time to pick your baby’s identity. Here is a list of 100 of the cutest and sweet baby boy and girl names. No, I haven’t sorted them according to the filters. They are just random names that caught my attention accompanied by their meanings. Feel free to go through this list, and you had better keep some free time to read it through. It took me several hours to compile it, choosing each name with care and with the consideration that someday, some parent will take this list seriously enough to name a little person from one of these names.

Name Gender & Origin Meaning
Aashish M/English Blessing
Aadi M/Hindi Important
Abhyudya M/English Luck
Azad M/Urdu Free; Liberated
Adrian M/Latin Man of Hadria
Bradley M/English Meadow
Barid M/Hindi Cloud
Barun M/Hindi Lord of the sea
Blake M/English Fair
Chahel M/Hindi Good cheer
Chitt M/Hindi Mind
Chirag M/Sanskrit Lamp
Chetan M/Hindi Aware; Alive
Daiwik M/Hindi By the grace of god
Damon M/Greek To tame or conquer
Darpad M/Hindi Lord Shiva
Darius M/Persian Protector of good
Ethan M/English Strong; firm
Eben M/Hebrew Stone of help
Ednit M/Hindi Evolved
Etash M/Hindi Luminous
Faisal M/Arabic Resolute
Falgu M/Hindi Beautiful
Faizan M/Arabic Ruler; generosity
Gyaan M/Hebrew My strength is God
Gareth M/Welsh Gentle
Gaurang M/Hindi Fair skinned
Gunin M/Hindi Virtuous
Haresh M/Hindi Lord Shiva
Hrydayesh M/Hindi Lord of hearts
Hamish M/Scottish God may protect
Harshul M/Hindi Deer
Ijay M/Hindi Lord Vishnu
Ian M/Hebrew God is merciful
Idris M/Welsh Fiery God
Inesh M/Hindi King of Kings
Joshua M/Hebrew God is salvation
Jordan M/Hebrew Place of miracles
Jag M/Hindi The universe
Jivaj M/Hindi Full of life
Kalap M/Hindi Moon
Kartikeya M/Sanskrit Son of Shiva
Kalkin M/Hindi The tenth
Ketan M/Hindi Pure Gold
Kairav M/Urdu White lotus
Kashish M/Hindi Lord Shiva
Lucas M/English Illumination
Lekh M/Hindi Document/Script
Lakshya M/Hindi Target; Aim
Mahi M/Hindi Partner
Meet M/Welsh Friend
Mylo M/Latin Saviour; Grace
Mehal M/Hindi Cloud
Nadish M/Sanskrit Ocean
Nathan M/Hebrew God has given
Nayan M/Hindi Eye
Nishant M/Hindi Dawn
Neel M/Hindi Blue
Ojasin M/Sanskrit Strong; powerful
Oorjit M/Hindi Powerful
Oliver M/German Elf warrior; Olive tree
Parag M/Hindi Pollen grains
Param M/Hindi Ultimate
Preston M/English Priest’s Town
Pranjal M/Hindi Straightforward
Prateek M/Hindi Symbol; Icon
Quinn M/Celtic From the family of Cuinn
Quasim M/Urdu Old generation
Qarun M/Urdu Soul; Self
Rochan M/Hindi Bright
Rishit M/Hindu Best
Rayaan M/Arabic Land rich in water
Ruchir M/Hindi Radiant; Beautiful
Rasik M/Hindi Passionate
Sachet M/Hindi Consciousness
Sahil M/Hindi River bank
Sadgun M/Hindi Virtues
Sarthak M/Sanskrit Meaningful; Fruitful
Snehal M/Hindi Friendly; Affectionate
Talin M/Hindi Lord Shiva
Tushar M/Sanskrit Snow
Tanmay M/Hindi Engrossed
Tejas M/Hindi Brilliant
Tavish M/Hindi Heaven
Utsav M/Hindi Festival; Celebration
Uday M/Hindi Rise
Udbhav M/Sanskrit Rising with glory
Vibodh M/Hindi Wise
Vivaan M/Sanskrit Moon
Vidip M/Hindi Bright
Walter M/German Ruler of people
Winnie M/Celtic Friend of peace
Wyatt M/English Wood; Wide
Xanthus M/Greek Golden haired
Xander M/Greek Defender of men
Xavier M/Basque New house
Yug M/Hindi Era; Time
Yasin M/Arabic Rich
Yamir M/Hindi Moon
Zohar M/Arabic Brilliance
Zach M/Hebrew God has remembered

So here were the 100 sweet and cute baby names for boys and girls from mixed origins and having various positive meanings. You might have found at least some that you like. If you did, then as suggested, make a list of probable names and discuss them. You can also research the names further. Maybe you would also like to take it a step ahead and search for celebrities who had or have this name. I hope you do find the perfect name for your child after all, what’s in a name? Well, a whole lot, it seems! Do share your experiences on selecting your baby’s name and other cool names you may have in mind in the comments section below- we’d love to hear from you!

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