Sweet And Cute Baby Girl Names With Meanings Of 2019

Sweet And Cute Baby Girl Names With Meanings Of 2017

Parents of our generation no longer want their daughters to bear the burden of informal and stuffy names all their lives. They want something dainty, cute, sweet and quirky, which will stand the test of time. So if you’re looking for some sweet and cute baby girl names, you’ve landed at the perfect place. Live It Beautiful has scoured the Social Security Administration List to get you some of the sweet baby girl names and cute baby girl names of 2019. So keep scrolling!

Top 50 Cute Baby Girl Names With Meanings Of 2019:

  1. Abbey:

Abbey, the short form of Abigail, meaning ‘father’s joy’ has a certain cuteness to it, which no one can ever deny. It’s bubbly, upbeat, friendly, colloquial and sounds more informal than the original.

  1. Abrielle:

Modern invented name Abrielle, with an unknown meaning, has American written all over it. This soft and feminine name is believed to be a truncated form of Gabrielle or April.

  1. Adia:

This Swahili name, meaning ‘valuable gift’ has been in circulation in America ever since the release of “Adia”, a song by Sarah McLachlan. This unique and rarely used name is definitely a hidden gem.

  1. Alarice:

Alarice is pretty new to the American baby list, but has taken the baby name world by storm already. The meaning of Alarice is ‘ruler of all’.

  1. Aliyah:

There’s an influx of Aliyahs in America right now, all because of Aaliyah Dana Haughton, the American singer, actress, dancer and model. Aliyah is derived from the Arabic name Ali and means ‘sublime or exalted’.

  1. Alice:

Alice, the Anglicized version of the name Adelaide, meaning ‘noble’ was one of the most popular names from 1880 to 1928. And it still holds the ground quite strong now, primarily because of its antique charm and friendly feeling.

  1. Ariana:

The moniker Ariana is making waves all over the world right now, thanks to the sassy pop star Arianna Grande. Ariana also one of the few four syllable names that does not take ages to spell. Ariana means ‘very holy’.

  1. Bailey:

Adorable and cute baby girl name, derived from the occupational English surname, is used in a greater frequency for girls rather than boys. This informal and cute name means ‘bailiff’.

  1. Bella:

Bella is one of the sweetest and cutest baby girl names of all time. The French word for ‘beautiful’, Bella is hot, hot, hot right now, especially after the release of Disney Beauty and the Beast 2017.

  1. Beryl:

This old fashion, but cute baby girl name, is derived from the name of a gemstone, belonging to the family of emerald and aquamarine. It’s a shame that no one is using the name anymore. But if you want an antique charmer, pick Beryl. Beryl means crystal.

  1. Blythe:

This relatively rare name, derived from the Old English word, meaning ‘cheerful or friendly’ is indeed rooted in cheerfulness. Don’t you think this name conjures images of a lively and free spirited woman with a happy disposition?

  1. Bria:

If short and cute are what you like in a girl’s name, pick Bria, a Celtic name, meaning ‘noble, virtuous and strong’. It’s laid back, short, sweet and easy to spell and pronounce. And who can even argue on the cuteness of this name?

  1. Cadence:

There’s something about regal and rhythmic Cadence that has been attracting parents all over the world since a decade or more. This moniker is basically taken from the Latin word ‘cadentes’, which means ‘falling’.

  1. Cassidy:

Cassidy, meaning ‘curly haired’ is basically the transferred form of Irish surname Caiside. We think it will suit a curly haired baby girl really well.  For the nickname, you can pick Cass or Cassy. It will sound incredibly cool.

  1. Cecilia:

Feminine and lilting Cecilia, obtained from the Old Roman family name Caecilius, is one of those names that has neither been ignored nor overused. The meaning of this name, (blind), can be putting off for some parents.

  1. Chloe:

Chloe, derived from the Greek work Khloe, meaning ‘young green shoot’ arrived in America at the turn of the 19th century. It was at its peak in the 20th century, but dwindled soon after. But Chloe has risen again, along with other charming, classical names.

  1. Dalia:

Dalia, the national flower of Mexico, meaning ‘valley’ symbolizes dignity and elegance. And not just the flower, even the name is appreciated all across the world for beauty and its association with Mexico.

  1. Daisy:

Daisy, coming the Old English word ‘dægesēage’, which means ‘day’s eye’, was hugely popular in the 19th century, when floral names were a rage. But as a name, Daisy, is immortal and is now inching towards top 100 name list. You can also use Daisy as a short form for Margaret.

  1. Dawn:

Dawn has to be one of the most beautiful and cute baby girl names derived straight from the vocabulary. With just one syllable, Dawn looks and sounds more minimalistic than Aurora, which is the name of the Roman goddess of dawn. Dawn means ‘to grow light’.

  1. Edith:

Edith is believed to be one of the few names to have survived past the Norman Conquest. And why wouldn’t it, after all it’s a gem of a name. The meaning of Edith is ‘war strife’.

  1. Ellie:

Cute and adorable Ellie, which was once considered the pet form of Eleanor, is now beginning to be used as a standalone name.  This darling name means ‘God is my light’.

  1. Erica:

Erica, the female form of Eric, meaning ‘ruler’ has literally been ruling the charts since 1945. With such a powerful meaning and a sharp sound, you can never go wrong with a name like Erica.

  1. Fannie:

You have no idea how popular Fannie, the English form of Francis, meaning ‘free’ was in the 20th century. Even today, this old-fashioned name is used as a term of endearment for hundreds of girls.

  1. Fiona:

Fiona, meaning ‘fair’ is one of the long neglected, but beautiful names from Ireland. It’s at the height of popularity, primarily because of its association of Princess Fiona from “Shrek”.

  1. Freya:

If you want a mythological name for your daughter, pick Freya, the name of the goddess of love and beauty in the Nordic mythology. This name is an absolute winner in Europe, and we’re sure it will spread its wing in the United States soon. Freya means ‘lady’.

  1. Gemma:

Gemma, meaning ‘gem or jewel’ is one of the latest entrants in the Social Security Administration List. It sounds lovely in its simplicity, which attracts parents towards it.

  1. Gia:

Gia, the short form of Gianna, meaning ‘god is gracious’ is an understated beauty. And it’s worth noting that Gia is growing substantially with every passing year.

  1. Gladys:

Gladys, one of the most fashionable and cute baby girl names, is the modern rendition of Gwladus, meaning ‘country’. This name feels wholesome and sweet in its own way.

  1. Hazel:

Hazel, originating from the English vocabulary word for Hazel tree, is cool, offbeat and delightfully charming. And it’s one of the top 100 names in most of the United States as well.

  1. Hilda:

If you want your daughter to grow into a tough and strong girl, name her Hilda, which means ‘battle girl’.

  1. Holly:

Nature inspired baby names are a huge hit with parents these days. And Holly, a bright and cheerful name, meaning ‘holly tree’ stands on top of the list of names inspired by this genre.

  1. Ida:

Ida, a name with Germanic roots, packs a lot of punch, despite being such a tiny name. The meaning of Ida is ‘labor or work’.

  1. Irene:

Irene, the anglicized form of the name Eirene, originally belonged to the Greek goddess who personified peace. Today, it’s borne by countless number of baby girls. And we personally love the peaceful etymology. The meaning of Irene is ‘peace’.

  1. Ivy:

Ivy, a nature word, meaning ‘climber’ is a name that climbing back into the hearts of parents after a slow decline in the 20th century.

  1. Kaitlyn:

Kaitlyn, the fanciful rendition of traditional Irish name Caitlyn, is more popular in America than its original form. A perfect name for an American who adores Irish tradition. Kaitlyn means ‘pure’.

  1. Kara:

Short, sweet and cute baby girl name Kara, is basically a spelling variation of Kara and means ‘beloved or dearest friend’.

  1. Kiera:

Kiera, the anglicized spelling of Ciara, is one of the top names in America, all thanks to actress Kiera Knightly. The name means ‘little dark one’.

  1. Janet:

Janet, the diminutive of Jane has had quite an interesting history of usage in America. It means ‘God is gracious’.

  1. Jaselyn:

Jaselyn, one of the modern invented names is likely to be a combination of names like Jolene, Jazlyn, Jasmine and Jocelyn. And the trend of this name does not seem to fade anytime soon.

  1. Jillian:

Jillian, the fanciful rendition of Jill, has had a consistent usage since 30 years. It’s a variant of Julius and means ‘youthful.

  1. Lacey:

Lacey, meaning ‘playful’ debuted on the American charts in 1975 and ascended it in no time. This name is cute, soft and slightly on the prissy side, which gives it an added charm.

  1. Larissa:

Larissa, the name of Pelasgus is the Greek mythology, has loads of depth and history in it. It means ‘citadel’.

  1. Lilah:

Lilah originated as the nickname for Delilah, but soon turned into a standalone name due to its bouncy and happy look and feel. The name Lilah means ‘one who weakens’.

  1. Mabel:

Mabel, a name developed from an Anglo-Norman name Amabel, is considered outdated and old-fashioned by some parents, but we think it’s one of the cutest baby girl names of all time. Mabel means ‘lovable’.

  1. Macey:

Macey, a variant of Macey, was hands down promoted solely was Macey’s chain of stores in U.S. Macey means ‘Gift of God’.

  1. Maureen:

Maureen, meaning ‘little beloved one’ was a midcentury favorite, coming up and going down the charts every year. But it has an Irish earthiness, which we adore.

  1. Nadia:

Nadia, meaning ‘hope’ has been enjoying relatively moderate success since the 1970s. It is unique, lovely and in no way overused.

  1. Naomi:

This stylish Biblical name, meaning ‘pleasant and sweet’ is old school, yet trendy. We think it’s a beautiful pick if you’re looking for some cute baby girl names for your little one.

  1. Nicole:

Nicole, the female version of Nicholas, meaning ‘victorious people’ is perfect for parents who are not fond of overused names, but value the tradition and timelessness of a beautiful name.

  1. Sarah:

Our list of sweet and cute baby girl names with meaning for the year 2019 would have been incomplete without mentioning Sarah, a name that has been ruling the hearts of parents of all cultures and religion since time unknown. Sarah means ‘princess’.

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So these were the sweet and cute baby girl names for 2019 in our opinion. Which of these sweet and cute baby girl names have you shortlisted for your baby girl? Let us know by commenting below.  

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