Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo Review


Hello, friends! Today I’ll review my go-to shampoo, Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo. The shampoo is renowned for its Paraben free formula, which is rare in drugstore shampoo. Read on to know my take on it.

What The Company Says About The Product:


Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo is infused with Ginseng root and oil that help nourish the hair and make it thick and strong. It also improves the vitality of the hair to enhance the volume.



INR 180



Refer the image.



Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo comes in a greenish white bottle with a flip lock cap. The opaque bottle has green labeling on both sides, containing important information about the brand and product. The cap shuts tightly to prevent leakage. But since it’s shampoo, I’d recommend you packing it separately in a plastic bag.

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Consistency And Fragrance:


Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo is white in color and has a thick consistency. It has shimmer like particles, characteristics to Sunsilk shampoos. The fragrance is mild and pleasing and stays for a day or two on my hair.

My Experience:

Like most of the women, even I do not like experimenting with shampoos. But when my long favorite shampoo, Head and Shoulders led to severe hair fall, (yes, it suited me, and I used it for over eight years or more) I dumped it and began the quest for finding another holy grail shampoo. I tried various shampoos in between, but most of them were ineffective.

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In 2014, I switched to Sunsilk Natural Recharge shampoo and had been using it ever since. And I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed with it. No, it did not make my hair five times stronger and voluminous. My hair is healthy and voluminous anyway. But it did reduce the perennial hair fall problem.

The shampoo creates a rich lather only if you massage the scalp well. You may need a bit more product to wash away the traces of oil and build up from the hair. The shampoo washes off easily, without leaving any residue behind.

I’ve tried the shampoo with the condition of the same variant. The conditioner does not weigh down the hair and makes it silky smooth. But my hair feels soft and smooth, even without the conditioner.

Summing Up:

Pros Of Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo:

  • Affordable
  • Paraben free
  • Makes the hair smooth, silky and shiny
  • Makes the hair squeaky clean
  • Reduces hair fall

Cons Of Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo:

  • Does not lather well
  • Does not make the hair longer, or stronger
  • Contains chemicals

Live It Beautiful Rating: 4/5

Final Views:

The effectiveness of shampoo varies from person to person. Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo worked well for me, but it may not work for you in the same way. It can even give an opposite result. So it’s totally upon you whether you wish to try the product or not. One thing I’d like to assert is that do not purchase the shampoo in hopes of getting stronger, longer or voluminous hair. You’d be disappointed.

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Have you used Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo? What do you think about it? Let us know by commenting below!

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