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Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

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“Sing” is an American animated musical produced by Illumination Entertainment and released on 21st December, 2016. The movie is about anthropomorphic animals who are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about music. We have seen children cracking up at the sight of animals singing in the theater. It has awesome music, beautiful animation, and a great message. So if you haven’t seen the movie, head to your nearest theaters right away. Since the film is getting raving reviews already, we decided to compile a list of Sing movie coloring pages for our little readers. Have a look at them below.

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Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages:

  1. The Gang:

Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

The coloring page features the entire cast and crew of the movie “Sing”, in their anthropomorphic form, though. The film explores the crisis faced by everyday people through the characters. And the message it conveys is also exemplary. We won’t spoil the movie for you. You need to watch it first to know the message.

  1. The Poster:

Here’s the poster of the wonderful movie “Sing” for your children to color. If your child hasn’t watched the movie yet, ask him who he thinks would win the singing competition. His imagination will run wild as he colors the poster in the excitement of watching the film.

  1. Buster Moon:

Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

The dapper koala you see here is Buster Moon, the central character of the film “Sing”. This forever optimistic koala devised a plan to regain back the lost glory of his father’s theater by holding a singing competition. The prize money of $100,000, which was issued by mistake, caused a stir in the animal world, with every aspiring singer deciding to take part in it. 

  1. Johnny:

Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

Johnny, the British accented gorilla, is one of the primary characters in this movie. This cool mountain gorilla with a swimmers body and muscular arms appears in the film wearing jeans, green t-shirt, and a leather jacket. But despite his rugged looks, he has a soft and gentle heart and is seemingly friendly towards all the co-contestants.

  1. Ash:

Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

Ash, the crested porcupine, also known as the Punk Rocker, is one of the central characters in the movie “Sing”. This lovely and ambitious porcupine dresses exactly the way you’d expect a rock star to dress up. Typical to a teenage behavior, ash has a stubborn and punk rock attitude. While Buster envisions her a pop star, Ash wants to write songs that reflect her own style.

  1. Meena:

Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

Meena, the teenage Indian elephant, is a vocal powerhouse with a huge stage fright. After messing up at the auditions, Meena takes up a job as the show’s stagehand, unable to tell her family that she couldn’t make through because of fright. Ultimately, Buster takes her under his wing and helps her overcome her fears, face the anxiety and deliver a rocking performance.

  1. Mike:

Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

The little mouse you see here is Mike, another main character from the movie. Mike is a greedy and self-centered mouse who suffers from Napoleon complex. Driven by power, money, and weakness for beautiful female mice, Mike always tries his hand to be a part of a crowd that detests him. And he’s a classically trained jazz musician.

  1. Gunter:

Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

Gunter is a German-accented, dynamo, double threat singer and dancer with whom Rosita partnered to liven up her act. Gunter is a happy-go-lucky pig who feels most comfortable in his spandex dance leotard. He also encourages Rosita to shed her inhibitions and loosen up a bit.

  1. Rosita:

Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

Meet Rosita, a selfless mother of 25 piglets and a homemaker who wants the world to know her as something other than a mother and wife. Rosita has always aspired to be a singer, but gave up the dream years ago to concentrate on her babies. She embodies the singer that belts out when no one is watching.

  1. Singing Snail:

Top 10 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

Here’s one of the most well outlined Sing movie coloring pages. It features none other than the Singing Snail whose hilarious way of singing left everyone in splits.

All of these Sing movie coloring pages are printable and downloadable. So make an exclusive “Sing” coloring book for your little one right away. And don’t forget to share his favorites below.

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