16 Unique And Rare Shopkins Coloring Pages

Do you know what’s the latest craze with children? The lovable Shopkins characters. Shopkins are cute, little toys created by Australian company Moose Toys based on the grocery items. Each of the toy or figurines are roughly 1 inch in height and 1 inch in width and has a unique name and a face. The bright packaging of the toys makes them even more appealing to children. Below is our collection of Shopkins coloring pages for kids of all ages. Have a look!

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Top 15 Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages:

  1. Pirouetta:

Shopkins Coloring Pages

The adorable girl you see here is Pirouetta, a ballet themed shoppie. As you can decipher from her name, Pirouetta enjoys doing ballerina and practicing Pirouetta in the Shopkins Dance Studio. She has a yellow-pink hair, and pink eyes, which complements well with the pink dress. 

  1. Cupcake Queen:

Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages

Meet Cupcake Queen, one of the limited edition Shopkin from season one. This super sweet and peace loving shopkin is metallic golden in color with white frosting and pink sprinkles. She also wears a golden tiara on her head.

  1. Ticky Tock:

Shopkins Coloring Pages

The adorable watch you see here is Ticky Tock, a pink colored wrist watch surrounded with red rubies. Her teeth are clenched, and eyes are closed tightly. It usually takes some time to know her, but once you know, the seconds will fly by.

  1. Netti Spaghetti:

Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages

Netti Spaghetti is a true Italian beautiful. She is long and thin and loves twirling and spinning. Tell your child to color the bowl red, spaghetti gold and meat sauce brownish red for best results.

  1. Papa Tomato:

Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring image of Papa Tomato, the storyteller who adds flavors to whatever he does. This old, but understanding tomato is red in color and has a black mustache. He wears white glasses and yellow hat and is always seen holding a bowl of noodles.

  1. Patty Cake:

Shopkins Coloring Pages

Patty cake is a brown colored cupcake with a white wrapper decorated with a pink bow. She is topped with purple icing and yellow star sprinkles. Her USP includes baking cakes as fast as possible. And she actually sprinkles joy wherever she goes.

  1. Wishes:

Shopkins Coloring Pages

Meet Wishes, the ultra-rare shopkin belonging to the party food team. This attention seeking cake is dark pink in color with light pink frosting and four yellow candles on top of her head. She enjoys singing a tune to anyone she thinks will listen.

  1. D’lish Donut:

Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages

The adorable donut you see here is D’lish Donut, an ultra rare charm from Season One. This super sweet donut with a slightly competitive edge always strives for the perfect hole. D’lish Donut is a golden donut with pink frosting and comes coated with blue sprinkles.

  1. Apple Blossom:

Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages

Apple Blossom is a fruit, released as an ultra-rare charm in Season one. She is an adventurer with huge dreams. Most importantly, Apple Blossom is kind to the core. Children can color the apple either green with yellow flowers, orange worm and dark green leaves or red with light pink flowers, dark pink worms and green leaves.

  1. Peta Plant:

Shopkins Coloring Pages

This coloring page features one of the Easter variants of Peta Plant, the pink flower pot with a growing plant featuring two flowers and four green leaves, which she refers to as ‘blooming marvelous’. Peta Plant was introduced in the “Shopkins” in Season 4.    

  1. Cheeky Chocolate:

Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages

If your child loves chocolates, he will enjoy coloring Cheeky Chocolate, a rare Shopkin that has featured in Season 1, 4 and 5. True to her name, Cheeky Chocolate is cheeky as well as a prankster. She is always giggling and having fun, unaware of the surroundings around her. This bar of milk chocolate comes wrapped in a blue wrapper with a yellow heart.

  1. Strawberry Kiss:

Shopkins Coloring Pages

This one is too cute to be described in words. Strawberry Kiss, is a daydreamer with a wild imagination, as her friends describe her. This rare fruit and veg Shopkin from Season One is dark pink in color and has green leaves for the hair. Her lips are always puckered, which makes it look that she is about to kiss.

  1. Cupcake Chic:

Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages

The cute and fun-filled cupcake you see here is a rare Bakery Shopkin from Season 2 of Shopkins. She was later released as an ultra-rare Charm in season 4. The best feature about this cupcake is that it overflows with sweet thoughts. There are two variants of cupcake chic, brown cupcake with a green wrapper and bright blue cupcake with pink wrapper and frosting. So how will your child color this donut?

  1. Chrissy Cream:

Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages

This got to be one of the cutest Shopkins coloring pages. Chrissy Cream, sold along with Dippy Donut and Donatina is a pink donut with white frosting between him and the other piece of donut. He is topped with brown and white frosting. Chrissy Cream is often depicted with one eye winking, the reason still being unknown.

  1. Lippy Lips:

Adorable Shopkins Coloring Pages

Lippy Lips is a Health and Beauty Shopkin that has featured in Season 1 and Season 5. She is a fashionista, and style icon, but tends to get a bit bossy at times. She loves shopping, gabbing and leaves her mark wherever she does. Lippy Lips is a pink lipstick in a pink tube. She’s always shown holding a little brush.

16. Olivia Oil:

olivia oil shopkins coloring page

This coloring pages features Olivia Oil, an ultra rare Shopkin from the second season. 

These Shopkins coloring pages are sure to keep the children occupied for her. You just need to encourage them to use their imagination while painting these pages. So which of these Shopkins coloring pages did your child enjoy coloring the most? Share with us by commenting below.

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