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Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

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“Shimmer and Shine” is a Canadian-American television series created by none other than Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz for Treehouse TV and Nickelodeon. The plot takes place in the human world and revolves around Leah, a young girl who is friends with genies Shimmer and Shimmer. Since the show has turned out to be a huge hit among children, Live It Beautiful has decided to gift them Shimmer and Shine coloring pages, featuring all the major characters. Take a look!

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Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages:

  1. Shine:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

Sassy and courageous shine is one of the two protagonists and a titular character of “Shimmer and Shine”. This bold and witty genie can never be tied down by seriousness, formalities, and etiquettes. But there’s one thing that can melt her, that is animals, especially her Bengal tiger cub, Nahal. Shine appears wearing a blue genie dress and a golden hairband with a pink gem on her forehead. She has blue hair, which she ties in a high ponytail.

  1. Shimmer:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

Shimmer is one of the two protagonists of the series. This sweet, and extremely lovable ball of energy knows how to maximize the fun and keep everyone active around her. Being a thorough optimistic, Shimmer loves anything she’s doing at the given moment. Shimmer is graced with pink hair, which she ties in a high ponytail and bright, blue eyes. She appears in the show wearing light purple genie outfit.

  1. Leah:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

Meet Leah, the central character of “Shimmer and Shine”. She’s a warm and caring genie who’s very sensitive to the feelings of others. She can do whatever it takes to make people around her happy. Leah is honest, straightforward and patient, which she even has to be, considering the genies around her make a lot of mistakes.

  1. Zac:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

Quirky, sweet and kind hearted Zac is Leah’s neighbor and her good friend. Zac is a bit goofy, but in a cute and endearing way. He also has an ability to shrug away the strange genie stuff happening around him. Zac is normally seen wearing a red sweatshirt, blue jeans and black and white shirt. He has blue eyes and red hair. Tell your child to use the same colors for painting Zac.

  1. Zeta The Sorceress:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of Zeta the sorceress, the rival of Princess Samira, who can do anything to become the most influential person in the Zahramay Falls. Since she isn’t very skilled at being a villain, Zac’s plan gets thwarted by the genies. Zeta is seen in the show wearing a dark blue and purple dress when she’s a sorceress and a teal outfit when she’s a genie.

  1. Roya:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

The peacock you see here is Princess Samira’s pet peacock, and we must say she’s as regal and elegant looking like her. But despite having a sweet appearance, Roya shares rivalry with Tala and Nahal. Roya also loves to show off her gorgeous feathers while dancing and playing.

  1. Princess Samira:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of Princess Samira, a recurring character in the series. This generous, kind and the most powerful genie in the Zahramay Falls is a mentor to Shimmer, Shine and all the other genies in training. She awards Genie Gems with magical powers to genies that earn them. Princess Samira has turquoise blue hair and dark blue eyes. And she appears wearing a light purple outfit.

  1. Nazboo:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

The adorable dragon you see here is Nazboo, Zeta’s pet dragon. While Nazboo totally adores his master, unfortunately, Zeta treats him like a servant, primarily because Nazboo accidentally spoils Zeta’s plans and plotting because of his clumsiness. Nazboo is a teal colored baby dragon with purple horns and bluish purple eyes. 

  1. Tala:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

Shimmer’s golden colored gibbon has to be one of the most adorable Shimmer and Shine coloring pages. Tala loves to climb all over Shimmer and sit on her head or shoulders. She tries to catch anything that catches her eyes. Tala also loves dressing up herself, which is why she is also decked up. This adorable monkey has yellow fur, green eyes, and light purple skin.

  1. Nahal:

Top 10 Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

Nahal, the stunningly gorgeous Bengal tiger cub, is Shine’s pet. This cute, but feisty kitty likes to pounce on anything that strikes her fancy, whether it’s a toy or food. As feisty as Nahal is, she also gets scared easily and tends to be more cautious than Tala. Nahal gets startled by sudden sounds and movements. This beautiful cub has a white fur with purple stripes and blue eyes.

We hope you liked our compilation of Shimmer and Shine coloring pages. We’d suggest you print out all of these Shimmer and Shine coloring pages to create a custom coloring book. Children are going to love it. Mark our words. And don’t forget to share your child’s favorites with us.  

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