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Ten Scandinavian Decoration Ideas for a Cozy Winter

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Scandinavian design has taken over the world with its simplicity and sophistication. When it comes to décor, the minimalistic approach works great throughout the year, yet winter is the season when such interiors tend to look a bit cold and bleak due to the low amounts of natural light and what is more important our winter mindset. One thing that we have forgotten to borrow from Scandinavians is their way of thriving in winter, even though their winter season is far more severe. Although living in the pretty much same interiors, Scandinavians are enjoying their winters while the rest of the world is trying to endure those cold months. Those of you who are going through winter blues, in your fabulous minimalistic homes, should consider small but essential changes that will add up to warm atmosphere and coziness. Good news is that it will look perfect for any season. Below are some cool scandinavian decoration ideas for you to refer.

Ten Scandinavian Decoration Ideas for a Cozy Winter

Aim for Hygge and Lagom

Scandinavian Decoration Ideas

Since already adopting Scandinavian aesthetics, learning new words that perfectly depict Scandinavian attitude toward life and design can be of great use. Closest translation for hygge is coziness that goes beyond being comfortable. Hygge means being at ease and enjoying enchanting atmosphere of togetherness, intimacy and inner warmth. Imagine being with your loved ones under the light of many candles. Lagom stands for a perfect balance achieved through moderation. When something is just right, not too much or too little, a harmonious setting that evokes calmness and joy. Aim for the warm and balanced look with the patience and conscious buying. Slowly design your home and choose perfect pieces that complement the room. Your home is your modern refuge from the hasty world so take time when designing your sanctuary.

Include Wood

Scandinavian Decoration Ideas

The look of natural wood can warm up any room. There are many ways to introduce wood into your minimalistic interior and to make it look fantastic. Flooring made of natural wood improves the warm appearance while it adds classiness to any interior. Natural wood floors do not require any carpets since the smooth and glowing surface of the floors provides fine clear lines while it reflects light. Wood furniture plays a great part in Scandinavian décor as long as it matches the design. Avoid massive pieces, especially in small spaces and opt for simple, thin and fine items that won’t harm the flow. Allow the interior architecture to breed and match the wood with white decoration scheme. Another way to include wood and to create warm and welcoming feel is to place wooden wall panels. Not only the wall panels reminisce old times and add fine vintage touch, but it can act as natural insulation too.

Add Some Bricks

Exposed bricks and their earthy colors will warm up the interior and give a character to space. A brick wall can be quite a nifty feature since it goes well with almost any interior decoration while it is a frequent detail in contemporary interiors. Having a single wall covered in brick patterns will create a focal point while it will improve the overall minimalistic look regardless of the rustic influence. Also, brick walls look just as great in any other color, so if the color doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to paint over the brick wall and to enjoy the texture alone. For example, white brick walls look fabulous, while the roughness can create an impression of warmness and add a certain dynamic to the room.

Let The Natural Light In

Scandinavians are well aware of the importance of natural daylight due to the small amount of light during the winter. Their interiors are a fine example of functionality and the aesthetic efforts to allow as much natural daylight as possible. Such interiors include large windows without any ornaments or other obstructions to the light. Keep windows clear and remove any heavy curtains. Look for finer and lighter fabrics to ensure privacy or consider wooden shutters. By installing window shutters, you will retain heat inside your home, while they will also act as insulation. Another way to maximize the amount of natural light is to place a big mirror on the wall. Not only it will brighten the room, but it will make the room more spacious.

Establish Tech-Free Space

As mentioned above, you are designing your sanctuary. Whether it is your bedroom or any other part of your home, establish at least one tech-free space. Create and personalize your oasis where you’ll be able to retreat after the busy day in the busy world. Allow yourself a time without technological distractions and annoying notifications. Switch off all the devices and enjoy reading a book or simply contemplating. Make sure that design follows the calming atmosphere you wish to attain and go for soothing milky white colors, soft linens, and chunky knits. Make your escape to the safe place and embrace quietness.

Bring In Some Greenery

Scandinavian Decoration Ideas

The Scandinavian way of life is quite focused on nature and spending time outdoors since it stimulates healthy living and well-being.  Remember to include greenery in your home since plants will provide you the fresh air and bring life to any room. Home décor extends to outdoors as well, especially if you have a patio or a winter garden. If you have an outdoor fireplace, use it for some winter entertaining hours and enjoy the look of your evergreens in the garden. Your garden will fit the minimalistic style, only if you’ve managed to store garden tools like hoses, a lawn mower, and rakes out of sight since clever storage solutions are essential to Scandinavian décor.

Think of Clever Ways To Store Things

Scandinavian Decoration Ideas

Ever wonder how the photos of minimalistic interiors lack the details that usually haunt every living home? The secret lies in hidden storage spaces and unnecessary items simply put out of sight. Of course, de-cluttering and getting rid of excessive items go hand in hand in minimalistic homes, but drawers, cabinets, and closets are the main storage places. However, there is rising trend of making a storage a part of décor. For example, a clothing rack or storing shelf can stand as a designed focal point in your room. Aside from being useful it can look very sharp and add a touch of chic to your minimalistic interior. A certain level of transparency can be quite tasty, yet make sure not to take it too far.

Pay Attention To Colors

Neutral and light colors like shades of milky white are a great choice for keeping the room brighter and making most of natural light. However, darker colors on the walls have the unique quality of instantly making the room cozier. Opposite to lighter shades, dirty blue and greyish color palette are becoming an extremely popular feature in Scandinavian style. These bluish-gray shades are quite versatile since they go well with other colors that are typical for Scandinavian interiors. Also, calming effect of the color brings a remarkable sense of coziness, day and night. Aside from the mood benefits of these shades, they are fantastic when combined with white, yellow and green items since they bring out their colors more vividly.

Diffuse The Light

Create a magical and warm atmosphere with the proper lighting. Avoid direct light from the bulbs and make it softer. The best way to get that soft and warm glow in the room is to use light paper shades. Not only they are cheap, but they come in many forms, whether as a central light instead of a robust chandelier or as a side source of light, like floor lamps. Lighting is crucial for setting the right vibe in the room during the evening hours, so make sure to make it cozy and inviting. White light paper shades will spread light evenly and create a warm and lovely glow.

Throw in some soft fabrics

Cover your sofa with some soft furnishing and throw in some cushions. Choose warm colors and soft fabrics that pleases the eye and skin, both. You should opt for soothing colors that will calm you and make you feel warm and safe.  For an extra comfort, go with some chunky knit blanket since it is has become an inevitable winter accessory. Chunky Knits are the perfect layering, whether you style up your chairs or bed. It is the warmest, most comfortable and most inviting blanket there is, plus it looks like it was knitted by someone way oversized.

Final words

Small decorating touches can make any modern interior into a lovely and inviting home where you’ll enjoy spending these cold months. All it takes is a bit of creativity, sense of balance, style and few good tips. Remember that every interior is a reflection of those who dwell there, so make sure not just to copy numerous photos from the internet but to show some character and to give it a personalized and unique flavor. A personal touch can go a long way and create a fabulous, warm and intimate interior.

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