15 Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

Did you know that tattoo, one of the most common English words today, is derived from the Samoan word ‘Tate’? Yes, Samoans, the residents of the Samoan island in Polynesia, were the first ones to bring the culture of tattoo in the world. Samoan tattoo designs have an detailed tribal look and are black in color. Yet, they look exquisite and amazing. Let’s give you a heads up on how Samoan tattoos came into being.

The Samoans, both men, and women have been tattooing themselves since time immemorial for some reason or the other. They tattooed their body using bone, wood, tusks and even turtle shells, making it an extremely unpleasant and painful experience. But nothing deterred them because tattoos held extreme importance in their culture. It represented their achievements and transition from childhood to adulthood. After being colonized, first by Germany and then by New Zealand, the Samoan tattoos gained popularity throughout the world. macho boys and badass girls with Samoan tattoos are seen almost everywhere.

Samoan Tattoo Designs And Patterns:

Traditional Samoan tattoo designs or patterns covered the male from mid back to the back of the knees, where it would wrap around the front and the sides. It covered every portion of the skin, including buttocks and genitals, in angles, straight lines and geometric shapes, all in black. The male Samoan tattoo designs do not include curved or circular designs, but women are allowed to embrace it.

Types Of Samoan Tattoos:

  1. Samoan Sleeve Tattoo:

Since Samoan tattoos are large, intricate and have several symbols combined, the arm is the best place to get the tattoo. The tattoo can stretch over the entire arm or can be localized around the shoulder.

  1. Samoan Leg Tattoo:

The leg is also an alternative place to get the tattoo. It can cover only the calf or can be extended upwards the thigh. Women prefer slightly above the ankle.

  1. Samoan Face Tattoo:

A few bold natives of Samoan islands also opt for the face tattoo, but that’s just for a handful of them. If not face, Samoan tattoo on the neck also looks awesome.

How To Get A Samoan Tattoo? The Samoan Tattoo Process:

Just liking a Samoan tattoo isn’t reason enough to get it inked on the body. You need to honor the history and culture behind it. These tattoos are very painful, even if you’re using tattoo machines and guns, primarily because of the sharp details involved in it. This holds especially true for skinny people who don’t have many muscles below the skin.

A Samoan tattoo is done using a tattoo comb. The comb is placed at the end of the stick, which is dipped into the tattoo ink and then placed against the skin. The stick is then hit with a mallet to force the ink into the skin. While it’s done, you will hear the tapping of two pieces of wood rather than the buzzing of a traditional tattoo gun.

Top 15 Samoan Tattoo Designs:

  1. Full Leg Tattoo:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

This is one of our most favorite Samoan tattoo designs. The entire leg Samoan tattoo design stretches from the ankles.

  1. Half Shoulder Tattoo Design:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

This half shoulder tattoo design looks bold and unusual. It depicts the bravery of the Samoan tribe. And it’s also a lovely way for men to flaunt their backs.

  1. Half Sleeve Tattoo:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

This half sleeve Samoan tattoo is neat, clean and extremely fashionable. Don’t you think it’s giving a daunting, ancient warrior kind of look?

  1. Calves Tattoo:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

The calf is one of the most popular places to get a Samoan tattoo. The design used here in refined and classy.

  1. Full Sleeve Samoan Tattoo:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

The Samoan full arm tattoo runs along the entire arm. It appears as if you’re wearing armor. The design here incorporates typical Polynesian symbols.

  1. Samoan Back Tattoo For Women:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

Samoan tattoos are often placed on a woman’s lips, arm, hands and of course, back. The tattoo here on this woman’s spine looks flattering. And it’s symmetrical as well.

  1. From Posterior To Calf:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

This Samoan tattoo design is a bit different from others as it is done just on one leg and one side of the posterior.

  1. Samoan Tattoo On The Hands:

Rarely do we get to see Polynesian or Samoan tattoo on the hands, isn’t it? We give it a thumbs up.

  1. Tattoo On The Chest:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

This shark teeth Samoan tattoo design on the chest of this man screams power and courage. A person with this tattoo is sure to defeat the enemies.

  1. Samoan Tattoo With Hints Of Color:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

The rainbow colors weren’t an option in tattooing 2 thousand years ago. But people these days are incorporating colors in their Samoan tattoo. The one we see here isn’t too colorful, though. It just has hints of reddish brown mixed with black.

  1. Samoan Face Tattoo:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

In the ancient times, Maori people marked their family status with the help of tattoos. But a tattoo on the face is only restricted to men. Women can get it on their chin, nostrils, and lips.

  1. Circular Pattern:

The Rock is one of the first people in the pop culture world to don a Samoan tattoo. The circular pattern in a Samoan tattoo, as seen in the picture, represents grandeur, leadership, and brilliance.

  1. Half Body:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

This tattoo, from back to calves, covering the entire posterior, is very common among the natives of Maori.

  1. Spiral Samoan Tattoo Design:


Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

This spiral Samoan tattoo design is minimalist, yet effective. The spiral design is linked with fish motif,

  1. Samoan Tattoo Combined With Flowers:

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

This Samoan tattoo is combined with a flower to give it a feminine touch. Perfect for people who like experiencing tattoo.

So these were the most popular Polynesian or Samoan tattoo designs we could get for you. Have you inked your body with Samoan tattoo? If yes, then share the pictures and experience with us in the comment section below.  

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