Most Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names Of 2019

muslim baby boy names

Selecting a name for your baby is one of the most exciting processes. You want a name that’s unique, but not unusual. It should be trendy, but must have a good meaning. In Islam, it’s recommended that baby boys should be named in such a way that indicates service to the Almighty. This explains the extensive usage of ‘abd’ as a prefix to the names. It is also recommended to honor the Prophet and the messengers by naming the boys after them.  Below is our compilation of most popular Muslim baby boy names of 2019 for you.

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Best Muslim Baby Boy Names Of 2019:

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It wasn’t easy to compile these popular Muslim baby boy names of 2019. We did a thorough research to pick the best names for you and we sincerely hope you like it. If not all, you will surely like a few from the list. Let us know your choices by commenting below.

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