Top 30 PJ Masks Coloring Pages

“PJ Masks”, a British and French animated children’s series, produced by Entertainment One, is basically based on “Les Pyjamasques”, a book series by renowned author Romuald Racioppo. The series released in the United States in the year 2015 and has already taken the world by storm already. And its popularity is rising with children with every passing day, so much that they’ve been demanding PJ Masks coloring pages from their parents. We, at Live It Beautiful know how difficult it can be to source PJ Masks coloring sheets. To help you, we’ve gathered a few PJ Masks coloring pages featuring the famous characters of the series.

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Top 30 PJ Masks Coloring Pages:

  1. Owlette:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

Owlette, or Amaya as she’s known as, is the only female member of the PJ Masks team. With her acute mind and excellent planning skills, Owlette is very quick to act. Owlette’s super powers include excellent eyesight and her ability of flight. When she flaps her mighty wings, the baddies are sent airborne. Owlette’s mode of transportation is Owl Glider.

  1. Catboy:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

Meet Catboy, the leader of the PJ Masks. Catboy, or Connor he’s known as, is an amazingly agile and incredibly fast superhero who can hear sounds even in the farthest distance. 

  1. Luna Girl:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

Luna Girl, the only female villain in the series, is a mysterious girl who has a moon shaped device to control things. She has no proper motive in the series, but because of her stingy and selfish mindset, she’s always seen stealing something or the other. Luna has a swarm of moths who help her in her evil deeds.

  1. Gekko:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

Meet Gekko or Greg the youngest of the trio in “PJ Masks”. Despite being young in age, Gekko is strong and a master of camouflage. It may look like he’s inviting danger to himself, but it’s Gekko who saves the day with his super muscle. 

  1. Romeo:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

The cute guy you see here is Romeo, the evil mad scientist and a child prodigy who dreams of dominating the world with robots or any invention that will make the world love him. He’s the main antagonist of the series. 

  1. Night Ninja:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

Meet Night Ninja, one of the antagonists of the series. This back-flipping and splat-sticking ninja wants to show the world that he’s the best at everything. Even Ninjalinos, his special team ensures that they let Night Ninja take the lead on his mission to take over the PJ Mask. It should be noted that Night Ninja has no particular motive, he just wants to show off his powers to everyone.

  1. PJ Masks In Gekko Mobile:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

This coloring page features the PJ Masks gang in Gekko Mobile. But it seems that something has gone wrong as the gang members are freaking out. Is there some problem in the mobile? Or is some danger impending them? Tell your child to find that out as your child colors this PJ Masks coloring sheet.

  1. The Happy Gang:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

Here’s a delightful coloring page of the PJ Masks gang, the trio of this television series. Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette, the superheroes are renowned for stopping the villains during the nighttime. While they are quite quick on their mission, their personality issues get in their way.

  1. The Rocking PJ Masks Gang:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of the rocking PJ Masks gang, comprising of Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette. Did you know how old these children are in the superhero avatar? They are just six years old! Now that’s fascinating! And whenever their powers are activated, their suits emit a lighter color of their signature colors.

  1. Luna Girl, Romeo and Night Ninja:

PJ Masks Coloring Pages

A superhero series cannot thrive without villains. So here’s a coloring page of the three antagonists of the PJ masks series- Night Ninja, Luna Girl, and Romeo. Seeing their expressions, we can presume that the trio is up to something evil.

  1. The Villains:

pj masks villain coloring pages

Here’s another coloring page of the villains of the “PJ Masks” series. It features Luna Girl, Night Ninja and Romeo. Can your child guess what could be going on in their mind right now? See what they answer.

  1. PJ Masks Gang Tensed:

pj masks gang coloring pages

The PJ Masks gang is looking a bit tensed here. What could be the reason?

  1. Gekko Posing:

PJ masks gekko coloring pages

The coloring page shows Gekko posing for you all. Gekko is highly competitive when it comes to playing games, but isn’t very good at rhyming. It’s okay with us, though.

  1. PJ Masks Gang Ready For Christmas:

PJ masks christmas coloring pages

Where are Gekko, Owlette and CatBoy running with the gift? We believe they are going to put them under the Christmas tree.

  1. CatBoy:

PJ masks catboy coloring pages

Here’s another coloring page of CatBoy. CatBoy can get a bit clumsy at times, but he’s also smart, nice and caring. The only catch is that he’s afraid of water. Catboy’s mode of travel is Cat Car.

  1. PJ Masks Connect The Dots Coloring Page:

PJ masks connect the dots coloring pages

This PJ Masks connect the dots coloring page is perfect for preschoolers. It will hone their fine motor skills and will help them learning numbers as well.

  1. Gekko With His Puppet:

PJ masks gekko coloring pages (2)

Gekko looks so happy and cheerful with his puppet. We’re sure even your child will have a gala time filling colors in the puppet and of course, Gekko.

  1. Amaya:

Amaya coloring page pj masks

Owlette aka Amaya looks absolutely delightful in this coloring page. Rarely do we get to see the original form of PJ Masks members.

  1. Greg AKA Gekko:

PJ masks greg coloring pages

Here’s an adorable coloring page of Greg, whom we all know as Gekko. Greg is highly competitive when it comes to playing games, but isn’t very good at rhyming. It’s okay with us, though.

  1. Connor:

PJ masks coloring pages connorpajama hero

Here’s a coloring page of Connor, the heart and soul of this television series. Connor is look really excited about something. What could it be?

  1. PJ Mask Gang With A Birthday:

PJ masks coloring pages birthday cake

Why is the PJ Mask gang looking so shocked seeing the birthday cake? Tell your child to recall the story as he colors.

  1. Firefly:

PJ masks firefly coloring pages

The coloring page features Firefly, a villain who couldn’t make to the series. The concept art presented herewearing a black costume with wings and spiky pink hair.

  1. PJ Masks Pajama Heroes:

PJ masks coloring pages pajama heroes

Here’s a coloring page of PJ Masks pajama heroes. The images will look astounding when filled with colors by your child.

  1. Gekko And Owlette With Romeo:

catboy, owlette and romeo

What are Owlette and Gekko doing with Romeo. Have the captured Romeo?

  1. Owlette With Her Puppet:

This coloring page shows Owlette with a puppet witch.

  1. PJ Masks Logo:

PJ masks logo coloring pages

Here’s an ultimate coloring page of PJ Masks logo. Tell your child to fill it the way it’s shown in the series.

  1. Night Ninja:

PJ masks night ninja coloring pages

Here’s another coloring sheet of Night Ninja, one of the villains of PJ Masks series.

  1. Romeo:

Here’s another coloring page of Romeo. Did you know? Romeo’s latest invention is to capture the PJ Masks and take the world in his hand. But he doesn’t possess the physical and acrobatic agility of the Night Ninja.

  1. The Trio In Soup:

pj masks coloring pages

This is our most favorite and popular PJ Masks coloring page.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of PJ Masks coloring pages. Print out all these coloring sheets to create a custom PJ Masks coloring book. Your child will be delighted! And don’t forget to share his favorites with us.

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