Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

“PAW Patrol”, the Canadian animated series about a young boy named Ryder leading a pack of rescue dogs, is gaining popularity with the kids and how! So if your preschooler also loves “PAW Patrol” and finds hard to get enough of the fearless pups, we’ve got an excellent idea for you. Below we’ve compiled a collection of PAW Patrol coloring pages featuring popular characters from the series. Your kiddo can color these pages whenever he feels the urge to watch the show.

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Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages:

  1. Ryder With His Team Of Paw Patrol Pups:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

This coloring sheet features the competent Ryder with his team of efficient Paw Patrol pups. As a team commander, Ryder’s job includes organizing a pack by picking the right pups for the job and ensuring that each of them get a healthy snack and a relaxing soak. He summons the little pups by pushing the Patrol Alarm from his PupPad.

  1. Chase:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

Chase, the German Shepherd police pup is athletic, smart and organized, exactly what a natural leader should be. This 7-year-old pup can block off dangerous roads, take the traffic down the right detour and solve any mystery that comes to him. While he can sniff anything, he happens to be allergic to feathers and cats. Ouch!

  1. Ryder:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

10-year-old Ryder, serves as PAW Patrol’s leader by running the Lookout. It was Ryder, who adopted the puppies and made them capable enough to be a part of PAW Patrol. Needless to say, Ryder is brilliant. He invented gadgets for his PAW Patrol team and taught each pup to use them. Now that’s very thoughtful.

  1. Marshall:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

The Dalmatian you see here is Marshall, PAW Patrol’s strong and courageous firedog. Marshall’s primary job is to check for fire and extinguish it. This enthusiastic, six-year-old pup is forever ready to roll. As they say, he’s just a call or an alarm away. But the only catch with him is that he gets too excited at times, and ends up being clumsy.

  1. Rubble:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

This coloring page shows Rubble having fun with Rocky. Rubble, the tough and gruff 5-year-old English Bulldog is the construction pup of the team. His primary purpose is to help the pups in construction work like fixing the train tracks and carrying supplies to repair the damage. He loves to snowboard, skateboard and cover himself in mud.

  1. Zuma:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

Zuma is the water-loving, and playful water rescue dog in the team. This 5-year-old Labrador is the youngest member of the PAW Patrol team. His purpose is to save the sea animals from underwater emergencies. He’s also the least used members of the team as his services aren’t required much. But his best effort is seen when he tries to lighten up Rubble and Chase, the serious dogs.

  1. Skye:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

The adorable Cockapoo puppy you see here is Skye. But don’t go by her appearance. Skye is a fearless, daredevil who gets all her work done with a smile and graceful attitude. This quick, smart and loyal dog sometimes teases the big dogs when they are unable to keep up. Besides, Skye loves paw-dicures and does her best to look good.

  1. Rocky:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

Rocky, the mixed breed Eco pop, is one of the primary characters of the show. This creative canine finds treasure in someone else’s trash. He can use recycled items to fix several broken items, like soccer goals and water towers. Rocky is also the scruffiest of all the dogs. He isn’t really fond of taking baths. Leave alone bath; Rocky hates getting wet at any cost.

  1. Everest:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

Meet Everest, one of the most recent pups to join the esteemed Paw Patrol. This feisty and fearless 8-year-old husky pup is the team’s forest ranger. This snowy mountain pup comes to the rescue of the team in the woods or snow. But her primary purpose is to clear the snow from the roads at times of emergencies.

  1. Tracker:

Top 10 PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

Tracker, the jeep driving pup, with superb hearing abilities made his debut recently to become the 8th PAW Pup. Out of all the things, Tracker enjoys playing with wildlife in the jungle the most. He also uses his excellent hearing abilities to save anyone who’s in danger. Tracker has brown fur with white paws, face, and undersides.

These PAW Patrol coloring sheets will be a perfect gift for the little artists in your hands. Each of these coloring pages is very easy to color and would make a perfect activity for kid’s parties and gatherings.

So which of these Paw Patrol coloring pages did your child enjoyed filling the most? Let us know by commenting below.

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