Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel Review


Those who read my blog must be knowing how crazy I am about shower gels and body wash. I keep trying new ones and stick to them if they fare well or move to good ol’ ones. Palmolive is renowned for high quality and affordable shower gels. I reviewed Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal a few days back, and today, I’m back with another one from this brand, Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel. Read on to know my views on it.

What The Company Says About The Product:



Rediscover your inner harmony with Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel. This supremely fragrant shower gel is enriched with lotus flower and Indian mulberry extracts to give you a pleasurable bathing experience and nourished skin.

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INR 180

Shelf Life:

24 months



The packing of Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel is similar to other Palmolive shower gels. It comes in a curvy, see through plastic bottle with gold, flip open cap. The reverse side of the shower gel bottle contains all important product information like price, ingredients, batch number and product description. Unlike the other Palmolive one, the cap of Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel shuts tightly with a click sound. So you can carry it safely in your travel bag.

Consistency And Fragrance:


Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous shower gel is wine color and has a runny, gel-like consistency. The fragrance of this shower gel is pleasing to the senses. You can feel the presence on Indian mulberry and Lotus just by sniffing the shower gel.

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My Experience:

After using the Thermal Spa variant, I bought this one with high hopes. But I’m really disappointed. I’m not saying that it’s a dud product. It is just not as good as I thought it would be. 

Like most of the shower gels, you need just a tiny bit of this product to create a rich lather. But the shower gel does not wash off easily.

The skin does feel clean after washing, but not smooth or supple. And since I have dry skin, this shower gel aggravates the dryness. So follow up with a moisturizer is a must.

Neither does the fragrance lingers after the wash. In fact, it vanishes soon after washing the body.

As for the relaxation claim, I lead such a busy life that shower gels fail to provide any kind of tranquility or relaxation.

Summing Up:

Pros Of Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel:

  • Affordable
  • Sweet scent
  • Lathers wells
  • Gives a refreshing bathing experience
  • Travel-friendly packaging

Cons Of Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel:

  • Not suitable for dry skin
  • Fragrance does not last long
  • Contains SLS

Live It Beautiful Rating: 3/5

Final Views:

Not being rude, but I don’t think I would recommend Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel to my lovely readers. There are several better shower gels at the same price point and from the same brand. So give this one a miss. 

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Have you used Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel? Let us know your experience by commenting below!

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