Most Popular Baby Girl Names Of 2019

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Are you looking for inspiration for a name for your bundle of joy? Congratulations! You’ve landed at the right place. Choosing a perfect baby name is no cakewalk. There are so many beautiful names that it becomes tough to narrow down to one or even two, (case of twins). But Live It Beautiful is here to make your task easier. Below is our list of the most popular baby names of 2017, compiled using the latest Social Security Administration Data. These names have been reigning the charts since 1915. Yes, you read that right, a century! So keep reading.

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Most Popular Baby Girl Names Of 2019

Rank NameOrigin Meaning
2PatriciaLatinNoble, patrician
3JenniferCornish variation of Welsh GuinevereWhite shadow, white wave
4ElizabethHebrewPledged to God
5LindaSpanish, Portuguese and Italian word name meaning "pretty"Pretty
6BarbaraLatinForeign woman
7SusanHebrew, shortening of SusannahLily
11KarenDanish variation of KatherinePure
12NancyDiminutive of Hebrew AnnGrace
13BettyAmericanOath of God
14DorothyEnglish variation of Greek DorotheaGift of God
15LisaEnglish variation of Liza, diminutive of ElizabethPledged to God
16SandraDiminutive of Alessandra, Italian from GreekDefending men
17AshleyEnglishDweller near the ash tree meadow
18KimberlyEnglish place-name
19DonnaEnglishCloser to lady of the home
20CarolEnglishManly or strong.
21MichelleFrench variation of MichaelWho is like God
22EmilyFeminine variation of Emil, LatinRival
23HelenGreekBright, shining light
27StephanieGreek, feminine variation of StephenGarland, crown
28LauraLatinBay laurel
29RebeccaHebrewServant of God
30SharonHebrewA plain
31CynthiaGreekWoman from Kynthos
32KathleenAnglicized form of Irish CaitlinPure
33ShirleyEnglishBright meadow
35AnnaVariation of Hannah, HebrewGrace
37RuthHebrewCompassionate friend
38BrendaScottishBlade of a sword
39PamelaGreekAll sweetness
40VirginiaLatinVirginal, pure
42NicoleFrench feminine variation of Nicholas, GreekPeople of victory
44ChristineFrench variation of ChristinaAnointed
45SamanthaHebrew, feminization of SamuelTold by God
47JanetEnglishGod has been gracious
48CarolynVariation of CarolineFree man
50HeatherEnglish botanical nameHeather
51MariaLatin variation of MaryWished-for child
52DianeFrench form of Latin nameDivine
54JulieFrench variation of JuliaYouthful
55JoyceLatinMerry, joyous
56FrancesLatinFrom France or free man
57EvelynFrenchWished for child
58JoanEnglishGod is graciou
59ChristinaGreekA Christian
62LaurenEnglish variation of LauraBay laurel
64JudithHebrewWoman from Judea
66MeganWelsh diminutive of MargaretPearl
68AnnLatin form of Hebrew nameGrace
69JeanFrench"The Lord is Gracious
71AndreaFeminine variation of Andrew, GreekStrong and manly
72MarieFrench variation of Mary, HebrewBitter
73KathrynVariation of Katherine and CatherinePure
74JacquelineFrench, feminine diminutive of JacquesSupplanter
76TeresaSpanishTo harvest
78SaraVariation of SarahPrincess
79JaniceHebrewLord is gracious
81OliviaLatinOlive tree
82GraceEnglish, virtue nameGrace
83RoseLatinRose, a flower
84TheresaSpanishTo harvest
85JudyHebrewWoman from Judea
86BeverlyEnglishDweller by the stream
87DeniseFrench female variation of DenisTo be devoted to Bacchus
88MarilynEnglish, combination of Mary and LynnN/A
89AmberWord name, EnglishYellow resin
90DanielleHebrew, feminine variation of DanielGod is my judge
91BrittanyEnglish name of the French region Bretagne, meaning 'from Briton'A place name
92MadisonEnglishSon of Maud
94JaneEnglishGod's gracious gift
95LoriEnglishThe laurel tree
96MildredOld EnglishGentle strength
97TiffanyGreekGod's appearance
98NatalieFrench variation of Russian NataliaBirthday of the Lord
99AbigailHebrewMy father is joyful

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We hope you find our compilation of most popular baby girl names of 2019 helpful. And we’re confident that you can never go wrong with these popular baby girl names names, even after 25 or 50 years. Which of these names would you pick for your darling daughter? Tell us by commenting below!

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