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Most Popular Baby Boy Names Of 2019

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most popular baby boy names

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! Now that you’ve welcomed your little one in your house, prepped his nursery and purchased the toys and clothes for him, it’s time for you to decide on the name. We, at Live It Beautiful understand how difficult it can be for you to select just one name from the thousands of monikers available on the internet. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 100 most popular baby boy names for 2019 for you. The list has been accumulated with the help of Social Security Administration list. Peep on!

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Most  Popular Baby Boy Names Of 2019

Rank NameOrigin Meaning
1JamesEnglish variation of Jacob, HebrewSupplanter
2JohnHebrewGod is gracious
3RobertEnglish from GermanBright fame
4MichaelHebrewWho is like God
5WilliamEnglish from GermanResolute protection
7RichardGermanDominant ruler
8JosephHebrewJehovah increases
10CharlesFrench from GermanFree man
11ChristopherGreek and LatinBearer of Christ
12DanielHebrewGod is my judge
13MatthewHebrewGift of God
14AnthonyLatinPriceless one
15DonaldScottishProud chief
18StevenEnglish variation of StephenGarland, crown
20KennethScottish and IrishBorn of fire, handsome
21AndrewGreekStrong and manly
22JoshuaHebrewThe Lord is my salvation
23EdwardEnglishWealthy guardian
24BrianIrishStrong and honorable
26RonaldNorseRuler's counselor
27TimothyGreekHonoring God
28JasonGreekTo heal
29JeffreySpelling variation of GeoffreyPledge of peace
30RyanIrishLlittle king
33NicholasGreekPeople of victory
34EricOld NorseEternal ruler
35StephenGreekGarland, crown
36JonathanHebrewGift of Jehovah
37LarryDiminutive of LawrenceFrom Laurentium
38ScottEnglishFrom Scotland
39FrankDiminutive of Francis or FranklinFrenchman or free man
40JustinLatinFair, righteous
41BrandonEnglishBroom-covered hill
43GregoryGreekVigilant, a watchman
44SamuelHebrewTold by God
45BenjaminHebrewSon of the right hand
46PatrickLatinNoble, patrician
47JackEnglish, diminutive of JohnGod is gracious
48AlexanderGreekDefending men
49DennisFrench from Greek, vernacular form of DionysiusN/A
50JerryHebrewMay Jehovah exalt
51TylerEnglish occupational nameMaker of tiles
52AaronHebrewHigh mountain; exalted, enlightened
53HenryGermanEstate ruler
54DouglasScottishBlack water
56JoseSpanish and Portuguese version of JosephJehovah increases
57AdamHebrewSon of the red earth
58ZacharyHebrewThe Lord has remembered
59WalterGermanArmy ruler
61HaroldScandinavianArmy ruler
62KyleScottishnarrow spit of land
63CarlGerman variation of CharlesFree man
65GeraldEnglish and Irish from GermanRuler with the spear
66RogerGermanFamous warrior
68JeremyEnglish form of JeremiahAppointed by God
69LawrenceLatinFrom Laurentium
70TerryDiminutive of TerenceRuler of people
71SeanIrish variation of John Gift from God
72AlbertGermanNoble, bright
73JoeDiminutive of JosephJehovah increases
74ChristianGreekFollower of Christ
75AustinEnglish, shortened form of AugustineGreat, magnificent
76WillieDiminutive of WilliamProtector
78EthanHebrewStrong, firm
79BillyEnglish, diminutive of WilliamResolute protection
80BruceScottish and English from FrenchFrom the brushwood thicket
81BryanOld CelticHigh, noble
82RalphOld NorseWolf counsel
83RoyFrench "king,"; Celtic "red-haired" Roy's Popularity in 2015: #536Red-haired
84JordanHebrewFlowing down
85EugeneGreekWellborn, noble
86WayneEnglish occupational nameMaker of wagons
87LouisGerman and FrenchRenowned warrior
88DylanWelshSon of the se
89AlanIrishHandsome, cheerful
90JuanSpanish variation of JohnThe Lord is gracious
91NoahHebrewRest; wandering
92RussellFrenchRedhead, fox-colored
93HarryDiminutive of HenryEstate ruler
94RandyDiminutive of Randall, RandolphProtector
95PhilipGreekLover of horses
97GabrielHebrewGod is my strength
98BobbyDiminutive of RobertBright fame
99JohnnyDiminutive of JohnGod is gracious
100HowardScandinavianHigh guard

We hope you find our list of most popular baby boy names of 2019 helpful. Tell us which of these popular baby boy names of 2019 you’ll pick for you son by commenting below!

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