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80 Beautiful And Unique Mongolian Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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 Mongolian Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Mongolian names have undergone several revolutions in the history of the nation. It began when Tibetan names replaced traditional Mongolian names., and soon after, new Mongolian names replaced the traditional Tibetan names. Just like names, even the conventions and customs underwent a couple of changes.

In the olden days, parents, a respected member of the family or a religious leader could name the child. The names were traditional and rooted in Mongolian culture. But during the Communist era, Mongolians developed a close relationship with the Soviet Union and began giving their children contemporary and stylish Russian names. The trend faded soon after Russians withdrew from the nation and Mongolians reintroduced the Old Mongolian names by using two meaningful adjectives or nouns together.

Mongolian names for girls represent or symbolize beauty and strength in case of boys. The naming ceremony is no longer performed by a religious figure or elder of the family. Parents are free to bestow the name on the child themselves.

But there’s one thing, which has remained as it was thousands of years ago. The meaning of a name is as important to Mongolians as it was before. Almost all the Mongolian names have a symbolic character or an auspicious connotation that is supposed to bring good luck to the bearer.

Today, there are over 40,000 Mongolian names, but we have selected the best and the most popular for you in the list below. Take a look!

80 Mongolian Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Serial No.




1.        AltanGoldenBoy
2.        AltansarnaiGolden roseGirl
3.        AltantsetsegGolden flowerGirl
4.        ArbanA fluent and articulate manUnisex
5.        Bat ErdeneStrong jewelBoy
6.        BataarHeroBoy
7.        BatbayarStrong joyBoy
8.        BatsaikhanA strong and nice man. Boy
9.        BatuhanFirm, hard or strongBoy
10.    BatukhanA strong and firm rulerBoy
11.    BatzorigCourageous, and strongBoy
12.    Bayarmaa           Mother of joyGirl
13.    BolormaaCrystal motherGirl
14.    ChaghataiBabyBoy
15.    ChenghizA great and wise man. Boy
16.    ChimegOrnamentGirl
17.    ChingisA variation of Chenghiz. This name means greatest and wise.Boy
18.    ChinuaGod’s blessingUnisex
19.    ChuluunStoneBoy
20.    ChuluunboldStone steelBoy
21.    DzhambulFortressBoy
22.    EnkhjargalPeaceful happiness Girl
23.    EnkhtuyaRay of peaceGirl
24.    ErdenTreasureBoy
25.    ErdenechimegJewel ornamentGirl
26.    GanThe strong and bold one.Unisex
27.    GanbaatarSteel heroBoy
28.    GansukhSteel axeBoy
29.    GantulgaSteel hearthBoy
30.    GanzorigSteel, courage, brave. Boy
31.    GenghisA variant of Chenghiz. It means greatest and wise.Boy
32.    GerelLightGirl
33.    JochiSon of ChenghizBoy
34.    KhenbishNobodyUnisex
35.    KhongordzolThistle
36.    KhulanA wild donkey. It was  Genghis Khan’s wife’s name.Girl
37.    KhunbishNot a human beingUnisex
38.    MedekhguiI don’t knowUnisex
39.    MongolekhorniiugluuMongol country’s morningUnisex
40.    Monkh ErdeneEternal familyUnisex
41.    MonkhbatEternal firmness Boy
42.    MunkhtsetsegEternal flowerGirl
43.    MuunokhoiA vicious dog.Boy
44.    Naimanzuunnadintsetseg800 precious flowersUnisex
45.    NarangerelSun lightGirl
46.    NarantsetsegSunflowerGirl
47.    NekhiiSheepskinUnisex
48.    NergüiThis name, meaning “no name” was given to mislead bad spirits.Boy
49.    NugaiDogBoy
50.    OchSparkleUnisex
51.    OdStarUnisex
52.    OdgerelStarlightUnisex
53.    OdtsetsegStar flowerGirl
54.    OdvalChrysanthemum flower.Girl
55.    OgtbishMongolian word meaning not at all.Unisex
56.    OktaiThe one who understandsBoy
57.    OtgonbayarYoungest joyBoy
58.    OyunchimegWisdom ornamentGirl
59.    OyuunchimegDecorated or noble mindGirl
60.    QachaFlankGirl
61.    QaraCloudletUnisex
62.    SarangerelMoonlightGirl
63.    SarantsatsralMoon beamGirl
64.    SarnaiRoseGirl
65.    SukhbataarHero of the axe; axe heroBoy
66.    TabanSplendid or glitteringUnisex
67.    Tarkhan               He who is skillfulBoy
68.    TemujinIron or strongBoy
69.    TerbishNot that oneUnisex
70.    TomorbaatarIron, hero or strongBoy
71.    TsetsegFlowerGirl
72.    TsetsegmaaFlowerGirl
73.    TsolmonVenusGirl
74.    TurgenFastBoy
75.    TuyaRay of lightGirl
76.    UlaganA worldly manBoy
77.    UranchimegArtistic decorationGirl
78.    UuliinyagaantsetsegPink flower of mountainGirl
79.    XanaduA place in China, Kublai Khan’s Yuan dynasty.Unisex
80.    YulFrom the far horizonBoy

We hope you find our list of latest, beautiful and unique Mongolian baby names for boys and girls helpful. If you have anymore to contribute leave us a comment below.  

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