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Top 10 Moana Coloring Pages- Free Printables

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Disney’s “Moana” hit the theaters last month and has taken the world by storm already. We believe most of you must have watched the movie by now already. But what about those who haven’t? We’ve sorted it for them also by compiling a collection of free printable Moana coloring pages.

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“Moana” is an animated film featuring a brave and daring teenager sailing out on a mission to save her people. During her journey, Moana meets Maui, the mighty demigod who guides her in her quest to become the Wayfinder. Together, Moana and Maui sail across the ocean and encounter all sorts of odds. But along the way, Moana discovers what she has always been looking for, her own identity.

Top 10 Moana Coloring Pages:

  1. Strong And Confident Moana:

Moana Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of strong and feisty Moana, the protagonist of the film of the same name. Moana is the daughter of Chief Tui, who has a deep love for voyaging and seas. When her island is jeopardized due to the theft of the heart of Te Fiti, Moana is chosen by the ocean to voyage across Oceania and save her people.

  1. Moana With Pua:

Moana Coloring Pages

This coloring sheet features the beautiful Moana with her adorable puppy, Pua. Pua is extremely loyal to Moana and even attempts to accompany in her journey. But the experience traumatizes him so much that just the sight of oar causes him to run back to the village. He supports Moana with all his might and gets depressed when she’s distracted from her apparent calling.

  1. Maui:

Moana Coloring Pages

Meet Maui, the demigod who assists Moana in her quest of becoming the ultimate Wayfinder. Maui was born centuries before the events take place in the film. His parents threw him into the sea and left him for dead when he was an infant. But Maui was saved by the God, who raised him and even granted him supernatural powers, along with a magical fish hook that allows him to shape-shift.

  1. Kakamora:

Moana Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of Kakamora, a tribe of pirates Maui and Moana encounter on their voyage. These not so scary pirates serve as tertiary antagonists in the movie. The Kakamoras are basically a diminutive race wearing armors made of coconuts. They do not speak, but communicate by doing frantic movements and banging tribal drums.

  1. Moana In Boat:

Moana Coloring Pages

This coloring page features Moana moving fiercely in a boat. But where do you think it’s going? What exactly is going on in her mind? Ask your children this question and see what they answer. It will also build up the excitement before watching the movie.

  1. Tamatoa:

Moana Coloring Pages

Have you ever imagined what would be your reaction if you come across a 50-foot-long crab? Imagine the reaction of Moana on seeing this huge crab who has a strange fascination with shiny objects. This gargantuan crab hails from Lalotai, a realm captured by monsters. Tamatoa lives in a giant seashell covered in gold and rare artifacts, which he believes elevates his status.

  1. Heihei:

Moana Coloring Pages

Heihei is an idiotic, but adorable rooster who lands on the front seat of Moana’s epic journey. Most of the time, or you can say almost all the time, the rooster is unaware of his surroundings, which places him in danger, even without him noticing it. His habit of being easily distracted creates complication in Moana’s journey.

  1. Grandma Tala:

Moana Coloring Pages

Meet Grandma Tala, one of the major characters of the movie. Just like her granddaughter, grandma Tala also has an extreme love for exploration, primarily because she comes from an ancestry of South Pacific navigators. She is also said to be the keeper of the ancient stories, having a thorough understanding and knowledge of her culture and heritage.

  1. Moana And Maui:

Moana Coloring Pages

This coloring page features Moana and Maui, the central characters of the film. While your little one is coloring the page, ask him what he thinks about the relationship between Moana and Maui? Does Maui help Moana in her quest? You’ll see your child’s eyes widen with excitement.

  1. Tui And Sina:

Moana Coloring Pages

This coloring page features Tui and Sina, the respectable parents of Moana. Tui, Moana’s father, is the chief of Montunui Island and wishes Moana to follow in his footsteps. Sina, on the other hand, is a very supportive mother, who appreciates Moana’s love for the water, but also wants to protect her from the threats beyond the reef.

We believe our Moana coloring pages will help your little ones contain their excitement until they watch the movie. Tell us which of these Moana coloring pages your children liked the most by commenting below.

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