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Key Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe While You’re Driving

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Key Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe While You're Driving

Your kid is still three years old, and as a parent you’re always looking for ways on how to keep her safe all the time. You’ve been trying your best to keep your home childproof and only trust a handful of people to look after your kid whenever you’re away. Now that you’re planning to visit a nearby state with her, you want to ensure that your kid is safe while you’re driving. Sure, you can always have the options of having your child sit on your lap while you’re behind the wheel, but you know that doing this can put both of your lives in danger. If you still don’t have any idea on how to keep your kid safe while you’re driving, this article will come in handy for you.

You always want to make sure that your child is safe all the time, and being in the car is not an exception. But you know that for you to do that, you’ll be required to exert a certain amount of effort because focusing on the road while keeping track of your kid in the backseat is never easy, right? To help you with these challenges, here are some of the tips you can use to keep your kid safe while you’re driving:


  1. You should never leave your kid alone in the car even for a minute: You might be driving with your kid, and you remember that you have to run a quick errand from a nearby supermarket.
  • Although it can be tempting to leave your kid in the car to make the process faster and more convenient for you (since you’ll only need to go out quick), don’t do it. Again, don’t do it.
  • Kids who can manage to walk on their own tend to go around the car and doing this can cost them their lives because of back-over crashes. This happens because kids are hard to spot when they’re too close to a vehicle.
  • The interior temperature inside the car can also pose serious health risks to kids. It only takes seven minutes before a car’s temperature reaches 40 degrees – a temperature which can lead to death or serious injuries to the kids.
  1. You should buckle your kid in the right kind of seat: Depending on your kid’s age, she will be using different kinds of seats to ensure safety in the car.
  • Installing a car seat correctly is one thing and using it correctly is another. The first car seat your kid will use will be rear facing and is usually installed in the backseat, and never in the front seat. This is to make sure that your kid is protected from the impact of the airbags.
  • When your kids get older, they can use a booster seat until they’re 11 to 12 years old depending on your kid’s size. Keep in mind that the shoulder belt should be crossing their body at the shoulder and not in their neck. The lap belt needs to be on their lap and not against their tummy.
  • To guarantee that your kid is safely seated before you start driving, you can make a simple rule: The car doesn’t move until she (your kid) is buckled up tightly. If she unbuckles her seatbelt in the middle of the trip, the car will pull over and do not start it again unless everyone is buckled up.
  1. You should never seatbelt your baby in with oversized winter clothing: Yes, you might be using a seatbelt for your kid when you’re driving, but your purpose of doing this in the first place might be jeopardized once you fail to consider what she’s wearing.
  • When it’s wintertime, you should seatbelt your baby in place with her usual clothes and not with her bulky and fluffy winter outfit. Winter clothes will compress which leaves too much room between your kid and the belts – and this is bad news when both of you are involved in a car accident.
  • If you’re worried that your kid might feel cold whenever you’re traveling, buckle her snugly first and then tuck a blanket over her. Anything that protects her from the weather should come after the seat belt has been buckled up, and not the other way around.


  1. You should reduce front seat distractions by providing distraction for your kid: It’s difficult to focus on everything that’s happening on the road when your kid is calling your name every two minutes. This can become dangerous not only for you who is seated in front of the car but also for your kid who is in the backseat.
  • To keep your eyes on the road all of the time, you can distract your kids with different kinds of objects. You can use handheld devices or books, depending on what keeps your kid amused.
  • While entertainment systems for the driver can be unsafe, systems installed in the back seat can substantially reduce the number of distractions the driver has to experience, making it a safer ride for everyone in the vehicle.

When you’re a parent, you’re willing to go to extreme measures so your kid will be safe 24/7. You would only want them to experience the best in life, and they can only do that once they’re safe from any harm. Although doing the same when riding a vehicle seems like a challenge, there are still ways on how you can be successful with your attempts.

With the tips presented in this article coupled with your meticulousness as a parent, keeping your kids safe while you’re driving can become a breeze for you!

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