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How To Keep Your Home Accident-Free For Your Kids

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How to make house child friendly

Most of the reports you hear on TV are how kids are being hurt while inside their own homes. Some kids have incurred injuries due to slip and fall accidents while some ended up having scars because of serious accidents. As a parent, you never want your kids to experience any of these. In your mind, your home should serve as a safe haven for them and not be the complete opposite.

You now have a goal in mind – and that is to keep your home accident-free for your kids – but do you actually know how and where to start? This task can be tricky since there are a lot of rooms in your home and making sure that all of these rooms are safe can become a challenge. Luckily, this article will give you tips on how you can keep your home accident-free for your kids. Read on to know more:

  1. You Should Check The Terrain:

How you see your home is different from how your kids see it. Your kids might see some items or areas attractive and you should be able to understand all of that.

  • To bridge this gap, you need to get your hands down and feet to observe your house from child’s view.
  • Check for objects that they can reach. Where would they go if they could crawl around your home? Doing this will help you get a good grasp which drawers, cupboards and other spaces your kid might get into.
  • You should be keen on tiny objects, plastic wraps and toys which can possibly be seen on low tables or the floor that your kid might swallow or choke. Lock these away from your kid’s reach including cleaning substances, sharp objects and medicines.
  1. You Should Secure All Electrical Outlets:

Commonly, electrical outlets are placed in low levels inside the home. While this can be convenient for adults to use, this location can pose serious risks to your kids.

  • The moment your kid inserts a metallic object in an electrical outlet, he/she might be electrocuted – and this is one of the most common nightmares for parents.
  • To avoid your kid from being electrocuted, you can use sliding outlet covers which still allows adults to plug-in appliances by replacing the current outlet plate. This means that your kid is protected and you can still use these outlets at the same time.
  • If there are several extension cords in your home, you can cover exposed outlets with electrical tape.


  1. You Can Prevent Any Form Of Access:

If your kids can become stubborn and none of these precautions work (because you’ve done some of these in the past), you can have the option to prevent physical access to specific areas in your home.

  • A playpen can be helpful in this process. If there’s too much to arrange or to do just to ensure your kid’s safety in a particular room in the house, a playpen can become your immediate solution.
  • With a playpen, the kid’s movements are restricted and when he/she is inside the playpen, you can be at ease thinking that your kid is at safe while he/she is resting, bottle-feeding or playing. A playpen also requires minimal supervision so you can do your chores without worrying too much about how your kid is doing.
  • There are several playpens available in the market which are portable so you can easily bring them whenever you’re visiting a home which isn’t childproof.
  1. You Should Keep In Mind Furniture Safety:

Regardless if your home is big or small, for sure, you’ve been using different kinds of furniture. While some of these pieces are helpful to adults, it can constitute to another common hazard to kids.

  • Heavy or large bookcases, appliances and cupboards can become the reason for your kids to be hurt at home, especially when they’re left unsupervised in a room.
  • Decide which certain pieces are appealing to the eyes of the kids and make sure that these are pushed at the side. For example, televisions which are placed at the far end of a furniture should be moved out of the reach of the kids.
  • You should also fasten whatever you can to the wall. Sharp covers and household edges should also be covered with pillows that may make impact softer once your kid falls.
  1. You Should Always Keep The Floor Dry:

Most of the slip and falls injuries which happen inside the home are because of wet floors. Since kids are not vigilant enough, they can easily step on wet surfaces, fall, and hurt themselves.

  • As a parent, you should be responsible in keeping your floors dry all the time.
  • If you’re planning to mop certain areas in your home, make sure that your kid is nowhere near that area.
  • If a child accidentally spilled water on the floor, immediately wipe and clean the wet area so accidents will not happen.
  • All of these precautions are very simple to do and should not be taken for granted. You can click here if you need more information.

Yes, there might be a lot of things to do to ensure that your home is accident-free for your kids, and as a parent you’re willing to do. You want your kids to be free from any personal injuries, scars, and bruises, and for you to do that you should take the time to guarantee that your kids can do whatever they want when they’re at home without compromising their safety – and the tips presented in this article can help you with that!

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