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How To Reduce And Prevent Ingrown Hairs? Shaving Tips For Women

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How To Reduce And Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Summer has graced us with its presence once again, basking us in warm rays that practically necessitate showing more skin than normal. This leads to shaving to get rid of unwanted hair, and that means a host of problems: Skin irritation, cuts, and even the dreaded ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair is a problem that can be easily avoided by following proper shaving procedure and not cutting any corners during your hair trimming routine. So take a look at these women’s shaving tips formulated to avoid and prevent ingrown hairs and keep you from suffering your way through the summer season.

How To Avoid And Prevent Ingrown Hairs:

  1. Know The Causes of Ingrown Hairs:

If you want to avoid and prevent ingrown hairs, it’s best to start by becoming familiar with their most common causes. The National Health Service explains that ingrown hairs are simply hairs that have incorrectly grown sideways or curled back into the skin as they grew, causing a minor infection.

Ingrown hairs are a fairly minor irritant and generally solve themselves without any outside intervention, but they can still be a cause of discomfort, irritation and may even become infected. Sometimes, ingrown hairs can turn into folliculitis, which is not a disease you want to have, as it can leave unpleasant marks and scars on the skin.

  1. Practice Smart Shaving Basics:

Shaving away unwanted hair takes the top spot for the most likely cause of ingrown hairs. By getting into a healthy shaving routine that takes proper care of your skin, you’re much less likely to end up irritated and raw every time bikini season rolls around.

For starters, dry shaving with traditional razors is a sure-fire way to end up with more irritation and pain than anyone should have to deal with. If you use disposable razors, ensure you shave with a shaving gel or cream designed to make the razor blade slip across your skin without exerting extra pressure that may cut the hair follicles below the surface, rather than closer to the surface.

Make sure you replace your razor heads or entirely disposable razors as soon as they start to appear dull. This may take as little as three to five shaves, but you’ll be thankful you swapped them out when you aren’t itchy the next morning.

  1. Ditch the Dollar Store Razors:

Shaving can be expensive. Beyond creams, gels and aftershave lotions there’s the ever-looming cost of buying a new pack of razor heads every few weeks. As it turns out finding the right razor can be just as important as having a proper routine.

The more time you spend dragging a razor across your skin equates to more time irritating the skin and a higher chance of cutting hair down too short. Additionally, cheaper razor heads may be made out of inferior metal without as fine an edge as higher-quality blades which equates to more force required to cut through thick or unruly hairs.

If you’d like to go one step further, skip the expenses altogether and consider an electric shaver. Not only can you dry shave and skip the expensive creams, but you also won’t have to worry about replacing the heads every month or lathering up every time you want a shave. Electric shavers are particularly handy if you have sensitive skin as they often have adjustable cutting heights for keeping your hair just long enough to avoid irritation and abnormal hair growth.

  1. Treat Your Skin Properly

Taking care of your skin is important both before and after a shave every time you take a razor to your dermis. For maximum results with minimum fuss, try the following helpful skin care and shaving tips:

  • Apply a warm compress to any signs of irritation or razor burn
  • Wait a few minutes after shaving to apply a moisturizing lotion to shaved areas
  • Apply alum to small cuts to staunch blood flow cleanly and easily

It’s important to ensure any areas you intend to shave are thoroughly cleaned before shaving. If you find yourself especially prone to ingrown hairs, try exfoliating your skin to clean out pores and ensure no bacteria is causing undue harm. It will help you to avoid and prevent ingrown hairs to a great excellent:

  1. Keep Your Shaving Tools Clean:

Even a disposable razor may end up dirty before its usefulness diminishes. Bacteria on used blades can amplify the chance of infecting pores or cuts received during a shave, so ensure your tools are properly cleaned and dried after each use. They’ll last longer when properly dried which can save you just time and money, too. And most importantly, they will prevent ingrown hairs too.

It may be a pain, but shaving doesn’t have to be a lingering and uncomfortable experience. All it takes is some patience, lotion, time and a willingness to treat signs of irritation as they appear.

We hope you liked our article on how to reduce and prevent ingrown hairs. If you have any more tips to share on how one can avoid and prevent ingrown hairs, share with us below.

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