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How To Make The Breasts Smaller? Tips And Home Remedies To Reduce Breast Size

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How To Make The Breasts Smaller? Tips To Reduce Breast Size

Do you feel uncomfortable with your large breasts? Apparently, the problem is quite common. Large boobs are not as appealing as most of the men perceive it to be. They can cause neck ache, backache and can make you feel really uncomfortable and self-conscious by generating unsolicited attention. So if you’re looking for tips on how to make the breasts smaller, this article is just for you. Below we have listed some sure shot home remedies to reduce breast size and make breasts small. Take a look!

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Tips And Tricks To Make The Breasts Smaller:

  1. Use Minimizing Bra:

The specialty of minimizing bras is that it does not add bulk, which in a way serves the purpose, particularly when you are trying to fit in your old clothes. You can even try sports bra, which won’t just provide support, but will also flatten the chest. Sports bras will also prevent the breast from moving, while running and exercising.

  1. Try Using A Shaper Or Chest Binder:

Chest binder or body shapers suck in everything under your clothes, including your breast. While shapers cover the half body, you should try to get your hands on the shaper that covers just the chest.

  1. Chest Binding:

If nothing seems to work in your favor, you can try chest binding as a temporary solution. The chest binding method is helpful for people with breasts in the C-DD cup range, but girls with breast smaller than this size can also try. Just ensure that you use only safe binders and not bandages available at the chemist shops. Bandages are used for compressing purposes and can cause severe breathing difficulties, bruises and even rib fractures in extreme cases.

  1. Avoid Wearing Long Necklines And Necklaces:

Wearing plunging necklines and long necklaces will do you no good. Instead, it will draw attention to your breasts. So wear small neckpieces or avoid wearing any neckpiece at all. As for the necklines, scoop necks and boat necks would be perfect.

  1. Wear Dark Colored Tops:

Wear dark colored tops as it will have a slimming effect on the body and make the breasts smaller. Also, avoid wearing clothes that have any sort of ruffles. It will make the breasts look larger. And avoid fabrics like velvet, satin or anything that has shimmer or sequins on it. As for the pants and skirts, keep them bright and bold. It will attract the vision downwards. Even better would be wearing pants with horizontal lines. It will accentuate the hips, making the body the body look more balanced.

  1. Eat A Low-Calorie Diet:

The breast is composed mainly of adipose tissue, so a reduction in the body fat will reduce the size of the breast too. And to make your fat burning process efficiently, you need to reduce your calorie intake. So binge on lean protein, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Never try to indulge in crash dieting as it will make losing weight even more challenging.

  1. Eat Flaxseeds To Reduce Breast Size Naturally:

It’s a proven fact that high estrogen levels in the body make the breasts look bigger. So you should aim to reduce the estrogen levels in the body, which can be done by eating foods high in omega three fatty acids, like flaxseeds. Apart from flaxseeds, you can also include a healthy amount of fish and nuts in your diet.

  1. Breast Mammaplasty:

Mammoplasty is a reduction surgery, which involves removing fat tissue and glandular tissue from the breast to give you the desired shape. Breast Mammoplasty is not just expensive, but has its share of side effects too, which include incision, infection and not being able to breastfeed the baby after the surgery. So weigh the pros and cons before opting the breast reduction surgeries.

  1. Breast Reduction Pills:

Breast reduction pills are gaining a lot of attention these days, thanks to the extensive marketing. These pills have no scientific backings, but reviews suggest good results. The ingredients in the breast reduction pills target the fatty tissue in the breast, making them look smaller and finer. If you’re considering taking breast reduction pills, research extensively and then only move ahead. But we’d suggest you exercise and reduce the overall fat by dieting rather than going for surgeries and pills.

Exercises To Reduce Breast Size:

  1. Aerobic Exercises:

Aerobic exercises are the most efficient way to reduce the breast size and make them look smaller. You just need to take out half an hour from the daily schedule and sweat it out. Apart from aerobic exercises, you should also go for brisk walks, walk up and down the stairs more often and do cycling and swimming in the spare time.

  1. Cardio And Low Impact Exercises:

Women with large breasts should go for low impact training, as high impact training can be tough. They can try walking on a treadmill or a stationary bicycle.

  1. Pushups And Bench Press:

Push ups and bench press are perfect for the breast muscles. But make sure you do not carry heavy weight as it will end up building more muscles, making you look heavier and broader.

Herbs To Reduce Breast Size Or Make The Breasts Smaller:

  1. Hoelen:

How To Make The Breasts Smaller? Tips To Reduce Breast Size
Source: Alibaba.com

Hoelen, a type of wild mushroom found under the roots of the pine tree are used extensively in breast reduction pills. It’s been reported that taking this herb reduces the mass and fat of the breast. But before taking hoelen, it’s suggested that you talk to an expert about it.

  1. Rubia Cordifolia:

How To Make The Breasts Smaller? Tips To Reduce Breast Size
Source: Wikipedia

Rubia cordifolia extracts are believed to maintain the hormonal balance and reduce the breast size in men. But it can also be used by women who have a large breast size because of high estrogen levels.

  1. Guarana:

How To Make The Breasts Smaller? Tips To Reduce Breast Size

Guarana herb is used by South American women to regain their breast size after lactation. While it’s generally used in the medicines, guarana can be used raw as well. Guarana contains a high amount of caffeine, which in turn increases the metabolic rates and targets the adipose tissue, thereby reducing the size of the breast.

Home Remedies To Make The Breasts Smaller:

  1. Ginger To Reduce Breast Size:

How To Make The Breasts Smaller? Tips To Reduce Breast Size

Ginger is used in several remedies for its ability to reduce breast size. The humble vegetable is proven to increase the metabolic rate, thereby assisting you to burn the fat faster. Since breasts are made of fatty tissues, ginger will aid in burning fat from it too. Just boil one teaspoon of grated ginger in water for about ten minutes. Then add some honey to make it palatable.

  1. Fenugreek Seeds To Reduce Breast Size:

How To Make The Breasts Smaller? Tips To Reduce Breast Size

Fenugreek seeds make the breast look smaller by toning and firming them. Take three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and soak it overnight. In the morning, grind it to make a smooth paste and apply to the breasts. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it off. Repeat this method twice a week.

  1. Egg White To Reduce Breast Size:

How To Make The Breasts Smaller? Tips To Reduce Breast Size

Whisk the white of an egg, apply to the breast and leave it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Extract juice of an onion and mix a glass of water to it. Wash off the egg white with the mixture, followed by a rinse with regular water. You will notice a reduction in breast size within a month.

  1. Neem And Turmeric:

How To Make The Breasts Smaller? Tips To Reduce Breast Size

Neem and turmeric solution can help you get rid of the inflammation of the breast. Just boil some neem leaves until the water reduces and strain. Add turmeric and honey to it and drink the mixture twice a day. This concoction will not just cut the fat, but will also treat the infections of the breast.

What tips would you suggest to reduce the breast size or make the breasts smaller? Share with our members by commenting below.  

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