200 Hottest Baby Girl Names With Meanings

hot and sexy baby girl names

Women of the 21st century are bewitchingly classy, empowered, and new age thinkers. From their professional phase to primigravida, they always like to be ahead of the trend. And the same holds true for naming their babies as well. To be mommies take an excessive care in making a right choice. And, especially, if she is fond of a baby girl, she ensures that her name should not be just cute but hot, also a sexy girl name. So, for all the moms-to-be, simple or ultra-modern, when you go for a shopping and hear any mom calling out her baby’s name, you don’t need to run for a diary and a pen to make a note of that cool and sexy baby girl name. We take the responsibility of compiling the list of hottest and sexy baby girl names, while you can just keep your entire mind into shopping for your bun before it is out of the oven. Take a look at our list of stunning hot and sexy baby girl names with meanings below.       

200 Hot And Sexy Baby Girl Names With Meanings

  1. Adrianne:

It is an unusual and attractive feminine name that means ‘rich and beautiful’.

  1. Agnieszka:

It sounds quite youthful, exotic, and sexy. It is a gritty version of the name ‘Agnes’.

  1. Aldona:

It is the most authentic name measured with one’s pureness. It means ‘sacred’ which is untouched by the wilderness.

  1. Alfre:

This feminine name sounds magical and dwells into the soul easily.

  1. Amanda:

She is elegant, classic, and worthy of your love.

  1. Angela:

She is an angel, but has a ready love to serve which is intensely devilish.    

  1. Angourie:

She will grow up to be sexier with each passing phase of life as an old wine.  

  1. Aretha:

She is a virtuous baby who lives in the heart of every guy. 

  1. Ariana:

This gorgeous name has the essence of spirituality in it. I also really like the triple A combination in this name.

  1. Astrid:

She is royal and famous; the one who is little serious in life, but fun to be with.  

  1. Bea:

Such a wonderful meaning of this name, it means, ‘bringer of joy’. What else can you expect from your bundle of joy?

  1. Beata:

She is hot and wears her heart on her sleeves. Also, she ‘s hard to crack in.

  1. Beatrix:

It means ‘she who makes you happy’. She is a resourceful and worthy of bringing ecstasy.

  1. Belinda:

It’s a very beautiful name and makes me think of a princess. It goes after the saying, ‘Be Beautiful.’ 

  1. Betty:

She is spontaneous and a bombshell who is as audacious as a siren.

  1. Beverly:

She is sophisticated and upbeat who thinks she possesses a luxurious life not less than any celebrity.

  1. Birgitte:

She has a unique strength that will keep her moving up in life. 

  1. Brenda:

It is a very sophisticated vintage name which means ‘light’.

  1. Bridget:

She is strong and virtuous who is a happy go-lucky for everything in her life.

  1. Brooke:

As the name implies, ‘a stream’, I see an outgoing, fun-loving, and lofty-natured girl as the bearer of this name.

  1. Bryce:

It means ‘swift’, but it is a mighty name filled with courage.

  1. Cadence:

She is strong, effortlessly beautiful, and preppy. She is a kick ass and has killing looks.

  1. Candice:

It is so fresh that it makes me think of fruit. She is the candy of everyone’s eye.

  1. Cara:

She is ubiquitous and loves to travel. She absolutely lives up to her name.

  1. Carla:

She sounds sassy and bossy yet classy. It is for someone who is confident and can also be a confidante.

  1. Charlize:

She is perky, naughty when it comes to pleasing a guy. This is incredibly sexy.

  1. Cheryl:

She appears to be a curly-haired woman who carries an exuberant smile on her face always.

  1. Cindy:

She is elegant and gorgeous; the one who is incredibly innocent and secretive.

  1. Cobie:

She is a quirky, strong woman who wouldn’t think twice before kicking your ass if you trouble her.

  1. Colette:

She is the winner of everyone’s heart; the one who never let go of the attention she urges for.

  1. Colleen:

It is a flowery name; suits the one who enjoys love on the rocks.

  1. Connie:

It is used for ‘strong-willed’ personalities who are a bit reserved but a high intellect.

  1. Corina:

It is a youthful name and for the one whose love is freedom.

  1. Dafne:

It’s a pretty hip name. Every girl wants to be like her, and every guy wants to be with her.

  1. Darcy:

She is quite a punk, hippie chick, and an absolute rocker.

  1. Dawn:

She is as fresh as the first appearance of daylight; ever-shining and bright.

  1. Deborah:

She is incredibly kind and caring for others. 348 girls in the US in 2016 donned this name.

  1. Debra:

She is distinctive because she stands out for something she feels is right.

  1. Delilah:

It means ‘temptress’. This fancy name brings to mind a gorgeous princess.

  1. Delores:

She is sporty and sexy who loves to get lots of attention from older guys.

  1. Demi:

It is a diminutive of ‘Demetria’. It is a popular name is the US borne by 566 girls in 2016.

  1. Diane:

It is a pleasing and delightful name for someone who has beauty and swiftness; one who is ‘heavenly’.

  1. Dorothy:

It is bossy, fun-loving, athlete, and an outgoing girl. It means ‘gift of God’.

  1. Doutzen:

She is glamorous and simply beautiful. Absolutely stands out from the rest in the crowd.

  1. Eiza:

Eiza is one of our favorite hot and sexy baby girl names in our opinion. She is crispy and crunchy and loves to spend time with dark chocolate as much as she can.

  1. Elena:

She is bewitchingly beautiful and the life and a core of every party.

  1. Eline:

What a blessed name to carry off? The name is sure to bring poise and charm to anyone who wears it.

  1. Eliza:

Eliza, a fancy name, is a diminutive of ‘Elizabeth’. She is wild when she lets it go loose.

  1. Ellen:

She is beautiful and classic yet ferociously wild and carefree.

  1. Eloise:

She is rich, likes to wear sturdy boots, and dons a lot of makeup. She is a mysterious woman.

  1. Elsa:

A guy who dates a girl with this name will never forget the love he will get from her for the rest of his life.

  1. Embeth:

It gives an impression of a girl who is quintessential and unpretentious.

  1. Estella:

It looks like a name that fits for a heroine; especially one who is a star.

  1. Esti:

It means ‘brightness all around’ and is a diminutive of ‘Estibaliz’.

  1. Faye:

She is dreamy, choosy; the one who urges for a deep love and wants good endings.

  1. Felicia:

It means ‘happy times’. It is she, your daughter, who brings these happy times for you. It is then when you would feel yourself on cloud nine.

  1. Felicity:

She is fortunate who sounds and looks happy. It is a beautiful name in a fun way.

  1. Felise:

It’s a cool stunning name for a beauty with a class and an easy one to grow up with. 

  1. Feme:

‘Feme’ means ‘at peace’. It is an epitome of cool, but could lead to misspellings.

  1. Fiona:

It sounds very relaxing and lady-like.

  1. Fleur:

‘Fleur’ means ‘flower of heart’. It brings across an image of an unpretentious woman.

  1. Florence:

It means ‘blossoming’. She is open and blossoms the desire of pure love. It is among the top 100 girl names used in England.    

  1. Freda:

It is a classy, friendly, and warm name, not too grown-up or childish.

  1. Freya:

‘Freya’ is goddess of love and a diminutive of ‘Freyja’.   

  1. Gabriela:

It is a feminized version of ‘Gabriel’. She is simple looking, but does not let her looks fool you.

  1. Gameela:

It is a variation of ‘Jameela’ and has been given to 12,360 baby girls in 2017. She is pure and serene.

  1. Garcelle:

This modern invented name is for those who like mysterious names. We think it’s one of the hottest baby girl names.

  1. Giannina:

It is a diminutive of ‘Giovanna’ and a variant of ‘Gia’. This sounds like a name of a Disney princess which means ‘God is gracious’.

  1. Glenn:

Glenn is a one of the best hot and sexy baby girl names. A name with this name is shy, quiet and always caring for others. 

  1. Gloria:

She is sparkling and magnetic, the bringer of ‘glory’ in her man’s life.   

  1. Golshifteh:

This name makes me think of a passionate young woman who would be stunning and humble.

  1. Greta:

This is gorgeous, glamorous, and international. It means ‘pearl’. 

  1. Gretchen:

She is a real gem who is the desire of guys. It is a beautiful sounding name, which is a diminutive of ‘Margaret’.

  1. Gwyneth:

She enjoys the bestialities of life. It is a popular name given to 236 girls in the US in 2015.  

  1. Haley:

It’s an exotic name and quite unique in its structure. However, I despise the varied spellings of this name.

  1. Hattie:

Hattie likes to be hot. She is an ‘all round’ girl who is charming, yet incredibly talented.  

  1. Haydn:

It means ‘fire’, which makes it naturally stunning and intimidating.

  1. Hayley:

She is tomboyish who would be bubbling with life. I like this common and juvenile name.

  1. Heather:

It means ‘a flower that grows on a peaty barren lands’. Such is the beauty of this name that expresses itself in a definite and firm way.

  1. Helene:

It is a tad better than a name ‘Helena’. It means ‘bright’. This was the name of a beautiful wife of the king of Sparta.     

  1. Hermione:

It is an influential literature piece used in Harry Potter and Shakespearean vernaculars. It means ‘Well-born’.

  1. Hilary:

I see a woman of substance who would have this name. It is classy and hilarious too.

  1. Ida:

According to the ancient Roman calendar, ‘Ida’ is the 13th or the 15th day of every month. So, your daughter needs no other reason to celebrate her own name day every month.

  1. Igraine:

I love this name and this one makes me think of a princess.

  1. Inger:

‘Inger’ refers to a hero’s daughter. It gives a good impression of a tall, athletic, and outgoing girl.

  1. Isabella:

‘Isabella’ has become popular post the success of Twilight, which has a stunning heroine with the same name.

  1. Izzy:

She is little ingénue who makes this name fancy and sophisticated.

  1. Jahnel:

This name brings out different characteristics- Jovial, Alert, Happy, Normal, Encouraging, and Lively.

  1. Janet:

She is a smart girl who is modern and full of positive attitude. In the US in 2015, this name was borne by 153 girls.

  1. Janis:

It feels like a gorgeous and a trendy name and I like it heaps.

  1. Janelle:

She is exotically beautiful and blessed.

  1. Jeanne:

It sounds magical when you relate it to ‘genie’. It is a royal name given to the daughters of several kings, such as King Charles V, VI, and VII.

  1. Jenette:

It sounds sophisticated, classy, and elegant and the meaning of it is ‘God is gracious’.

  1. Joanna:

She is small, but powerful girl who has wide-eyes, smiling face, and vision to do good things for the betterment of the society.

  1. Jolanda:

This name sounds voluptuous. I imagine ‘Jolanda’ a girl who is lush, full-bosomed, and outrageously sexy.

  1. Jona:

She is attractive yet serene that’s why her name undeniably means ‘a peaceful being’.

  1. Julene:

She is enthusiastic, effervescent and sensuous. This name means ‘youthful’.

  1. Karen:

She is classy and fashionista. The meaning of her name is ‘a ray of light’.

  1. Katie:

She is bold and curvaceous. It essentially means ‘pure’.

  1. Keeley:

It means ‘lively’ that is bubbling with life and high-spirited.

  1. Keelin:

She is captivating and irresistible.

  1. Keira:

This name creates freshness, candidness, and honesty of one’s character.

  1. Kelsy:

It is a daring name for a fearless and a brave girl.

  1. Kendra:

It has an appeal and a style statement, yet it suits the one who is studious.

  1. Kristen:

She is vivacious and talented. This name is wildly popular and it means ‘rose for the Lord’.

  1. Laraine:

This name sounds rich and sensuous. She likes to be naughty and talks too much.

  1. Laura:

This name means ‘laurel tree. This name would make her feel fad hot!!

  1. Lenore:

This name is beautiful because it means ‘light’. It is very sprightly and stately.

  1. Letty:

‘Letty’ is ‘Joy’; so simple yet elegant. The name ‘Letty’ is given to 127 girls born in the US in 2015.

  1. Lexi:

Interestingly, this name rhymes with ‘sexy’. It means ‘man’s defender’. I like this name for your girl.

  1. Lindsay:

It’s a modern and generic name which creates an image of a beautiful, intelligent, and talented woman.

  1. Lizzie:

This name sounds melodious and mysterious. It is a diminutive of ‘Elizabeth’ and 60 girls were named ‘Lizzie’ in the US in 2015.

  1. Lorraine:

She is as gorgeous as she is conscientious. 121 girls in America in 2015 were named ‘Lorraine’.

  1. Lucilla:

This title is exclusive and trendy. This girl is smart as well as strikingly hot.

  1. Lurene:

This name is a variation of ‘Loreley’. She is fancy and sophisticated.

  1. Marama:

It means ‘light of the world’. It stands out as global name that sounds melodious in all languages.

  1. Marcia:

She is dark and has long blonde hair. She is proficient and scholarly yet spunky and courageous.

  1. Margot:

Meaning as ‘Pearl’, this gives an image of a soft-hearted girl who has high dreams and is resourceful.

  1. Marion:

As per the Bible, this name is a variant of ‘Mary’. However, it is a fad name if you compare it with its variants.

  1. Mayling:

It is a sparkling name for someone who is strong-willed, practical, and creative.

  1. Melia:

She is nymph and off-grounded. All in all, she is a complete package.

  1. Mhairi:

It is totally a unique name for someone who is very placid.

  1. Michelle:

This pretty and feminine name has its namesake in the famous actress from Fast & Furious.

  1. Mikaela:

It is timeless and a classic name. She is the one who can be with any guy, but waits for her special one.

  1. Millie:

It means ‘noble’ and ‘liberated’. This is a common and juvenile name and like it tons.

  1. Naomie:

I feel the bearer of this moniker is not just sassy and upbeat, but loyal as well.

  1. Natalie:

This name is related to beauty. She is fashionista yet respected.

  1. Nathaly:

Nathaly is such an upbeat and classy name that it would make any guy feel hot.

  1. Nellie:

‘Nellie’ means ‘the most beautiful woman’. This girl looks a rock-star who is pompous and fiery hot.

  1. Ness:

She is ‘magical’ and has a mesmerizing and enduring looks.

  1. Neytiri:

It is a pretty rare name in the United States that is impressionable.

  1. Nicole:

It is a familiar name from the 90’s which means ‘victory of the people’. It is trendy, sassy, yet a respected name.

  1. Nicolette:

It means ‘people of victory’. This name is adorable and spunky.

  1. Noel:

It suits people of all ages and it means ‘Christmas’. It is a crisp name, not overused, so you must totally use it.

  1. Nora:

It is a strictly feminine name which means ‘honor’. This name sounds pretty simple yet meaningful.

  1. Octavia:

It’s a lovely rare name that means ‘eight’. This would bring many compliments to your daughter for its uniqueness and dynamism.

  1. Olivia:

It’s a glamorous name of the 90’s and reminds me of olives. It creates an image of a giggly girl.

  1. Ophelia:

It is a very romantic name which portrays her as hot, dreamy, and beautiful.

  1. Orana:

This name is enduring as is used in carols sung during Christmas.

  1. Pamela:

It’s a name of a heroine from the early centuries. It is an ageless classic moniker that doesn’t seem to go out of fashion.

  1. Paolo:

She is quite beautiful, prissy, and regal moniker. Men like her in all her pretty ways.

  1. Paula:

She is elegant and a flirt. 346 girls in the US in 2016 were named ‘Paula’.

  1. Paulin:

This name is an epitome of voluptuousness. It has been given to 77 girls born in the US in 2015.

  1. Peggy:

It is a lovely name which means ‘Pearl’. She has the exemplary looks of a girl next door.

  1. Penny:

I love the name ‘Penny. It is pretty and prim. 416 girls in the US in 2016 were named ‘Penny’.

  1. Phillipa:

It means ‘a lover of horses’. Surely, she has to be strong, sultry to fit into this description.

  1. Pippa:

This is a grand name which means ‘to love’ and sounds pompous and joyful.

  1. Pixie:

It sounds sexy as it means ‘fairy’. It’s a rare name with a letter ‘x’ that adds a craze to be known differently.

  1. Poppy:

This name is characterized by pomp and efflorescence.

  1. Quenna:

It sounds like a name of a princess or a queen. Undeniably that is why it means ‘queen’.

  1. Quella:

She has to be bold and glamorous as this feminine name means ‘to kill’.

  1. Rebecca:

‘Rebecca’ means ‘captivating’. It sounds beautiful and it invokes marvelous divine images.

  1. Reese:

As the name implies, it is a ‘fiery and sizzling’ girl and that is exactly how I view this name.

  1. Regina:

This is a long-established precious name which means ‘queen’. She has poise and is well-mannered.

  1. Rhoda:

This name, meaning ‘rose’ would suit a beautiful girl who grows up to be gregarious and sumptuous.

  1. Riley:

‘Riley’ is really a nice name which means ‘courageous’. It’s a trendy name of our times.

  1. Rochelle:

It means ‘little rock’. To live up to her name, she has to be tad strong and high-spirited.     

  1. Ronda:

This gigantic name means ‘loud’. She is fearless and high-maintenance.  

  1. Rosalind:

I find it both sprightly and stately as it means ‘beautiful rose’. 145 girls born in the US in 2015 were named ‘Rosalind’.

  1. Roslyn:

This name means ‘a beautiful, pretty rose’. It is melodious and just flows well till the end.

  1. Ruth:

She is your ‘companion’ who is concrete and unrefined. Anyone would like to make such a personality a friend for life.

  1. Sally:

It means ‘priceless’ and had been given to 221 girls born in the US in 2015. It’s a refreshing name not so overused.

  1. Scarlett:

As the name means ‘Red’, it definitely suits a personality who grows out to be hot, sexy, and bold.

  1. Selenis:

She likes to be different and understands love. Guys fall for her very easily.

  1. Sienna:

It is described as ‘reddish-orange color’. It reflects a woman who is happy, spontaneous, and ecstatic. 

  1. Sigourney:

It is definitely smart and strong name which means ‘the conqueror’. It is a name of a character in ‘The Great Gatsby’.   

  1. Simonetta:

It means ‘to listen’. This name is tad better than its variant ‘Simone’ and is classy, and full of joy.

  1. Siobhan:

It’s a unique name which means ‘full of charm’. It is juvenile and soft.

  1. Sharon:

This name sounds musical, which makes her go crazy. 295 girls in the US in 2016 were named ‘Sharon’.  

  1. Shirley:

This name is a symbol of innocence. A girl who would be a bearer of this name has to be extremely active, attractive, and fervent.   

  1. Stella:

It is a very popular ageless classic moniker which means ‘star’. She herself is unaware of her hotness.

  1. Talia:

This name is beautiful, heavenly, and exotic. It means ‘God’s dew’.

  1. Tamara:

This name is associated with beauty and fruitfulness of a tree. It reflects freshness and effervescent energy.

  1. Tarra:

‘Tarra’ is a bright feminist name who is modern and fierce yet soft-spoken and well-mannered.

  1. Teresa:

This is a beautiful name reminds me of Mother Teresa, who was kind, noble-hearted, and immensely respected.

  1. Theresa:

It means ‘a reaper’. Unlike its meaning, this name reflects someone who is quiet, reliable, and sophisticated.

  1. Tiffany:

She has a sense of pride in everything she does. It means ‘appearance of God’ and in earlier times this name was given to girls on the holiday, Epiphany. 

  1. Trinity:

It is a lovely name with a subtle beauty in it which means ‘triad’. This name goes for someone who is a religious.

  1. Trixie:

‘Trixie’ is a regal name which makes me think of a Disney princess. It means ‘bringer of joy’.

  1. Tyne:

It’s an English river name which is adorable, compact, and creative. I absolutely love it and would totally use it.

  1. Ula:

The meaning of this name is ‘wealthy’. It can be pronounced as ‘yu-la’ or ‘oo-la’ both sounds incredibly fad.

  1. Uriel:

She would be remembered as an angel of wisdom and arts. This name is special, which means ‘God is my light’.

  1. Ursula:

‘Ursula’ seems to be a witty, strong and talented woman. The meaning of the name is ‘little bear’.

  1. Valerie:

It’s an appealing name. I love it since it means ‘strong’. She who is smart, friendly, and a tad mischievous is how I sort of view it.   

  1. Vayentha:

This name looks timeless and classic. A girl with this name is viewed as straightforward, cultured, intelligent.

  1. Venilia:

This girl likes freedom and independence. Her excitement unfolds with uncertainty.

  1. Venessa:

This is a sparkling name for her who is full of life, intellectual, fun-loving, and independent.

  1. Vera:

‘Vera’ is a diminutive of ‘Verica’. She is romantic and starry-eyed, and a tigress in the sack.

  1. Vibeke:

It means ‘little woman’ and is pronounced as ‘vee-beck-eh’. This name is uncommon and distinct.

  1. Viola:

‘Viola’ means ‘Violet’. Bearer of this name is pictured as flamboyant and exuberant.

  1. Viviana:

‘Viviana’ is buzzing with life which means ‘alive’. It is a gorgeous, but rare name and needs to be known because it is really attractive.

  1. Wanda:

She is congenial and a nomad girl who loves to explore and has a zest for life. Her name means ‘wanderer’.

  1. Willa:

‘Willa’ is an irresistible, strong-willed, and an independent girl who has a desire to fulfil her dreams. She is just brilliant. 

  1. Wrenn:

This is crisp and a sexy name and related to a small bird. It is a rare name, but it matures well and sounds very pleasant.    

  1. Xandra:

This is a fantabulous diminutive of ‘Alexander’. She would be a wise yet fashion-conscious girl that is how I view her. 

  1. Xyla:

‘Xyla’ streams to your ears swiftly as it sounds concrete and compact. She has got all the oomph to have a vivacious life.

  1. Yelena:

She is bright and always shining. Her smile is contagious.

  1. Yule:

It means ‘a special gift’. A woman with this name can be intimidating to guys.

  1. Zendaya:

The meaning of this name originates from the word thanks. She loves to be daring in a private span.

  1. Zoe:

This short and crisp name means ‘life’. ‘Zoe’ is modern, loves to dress up, and spunky.

I see you applauding because you have just decided on a name that you have been eagerly searching for. Spread the happiness and let us also know about your favorite hot and sexy baby girl names.  You can comment below about how you and everybody else in your family feel knowing that you have got a baby name!!   

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