100 Hipster Baby Boy Names You Have Never Heard Before

hipster baby boy names

For all the hipster parents, you are waiting to unfold the moments of good times that are ahead of you. But even before the real good news comes to you, I bring you the list of 100 hipster baby boy names to mark the arrival of your very own future hipster.

I know how much you value living life simplistically, yet want to add class and style to it. Here, I promise to give you similar soul-enriching experience with some exclusive hipster baby boy names. Our list of hipster baby boy names is derived from place-names, animal names, biblical names, and much more. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at our hipster baby boy names below.

List Of 100 Hipster Baby Boy Names


  1. Ace:

The meaning of this name is ‘excel’. Your baby would certainly love this hip name for so many positive and jaunty references attached to it.       

  1. Arliss:

Arliss ends with double ‘s’, which makes it super strong moniker for your son. It means ‘pledge’.

  1. Axl:

This adorable name means ‘father of peace’ and is a variant of traditional ‘Axel’. Popular Guns-n-Roses musician, Axl Rose, recreated this moniker by dropping a vowel from it.  

  1. Bach:

Bach, as a first name, is inspired by the last name of the German composer and musician, Johann Sebastian Bach.

  1. Branch:

For all the modern-mind parents, Branch, can become the new branch of your very own creation.

  1. Brax:

Many freethinker parents prefer cute boy names like Brax, which is snappy and trendy.

  1. Broc:

Broc is a variant of Brock and rhymes with rock. This makes it a completely different name than what is more common today.

  1. Buiron:

Buiron is a newly-invented and an ‘on’ ending name, which is ready to join the league of its stylish brothers, Jackson and Bryson.

  1. Butch:

Butch brings to the mind the image of the hip man who is masculine and rugged. The two notable monikers are Olympic Medallists, Butch Johnson, and Butch Reynolds.

  1. Bynum:

Bynum is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name yet ultra-masculine. It is a variant of Beynon and Bennion and rarely used since long, which makes it a hot pick for hipster parents.  

  1. Byron:

This moniker has its romantic association with the famous poet Lord Byron and many athletes.

  1. Cabot:

Cabot is the inspired first name from the surname of famous Italian-born English explorer and navigator who discovered North America.

  1. Cade:

Cade is simple yet classy and sounds oh-so-hip name for your little nipper. It is the character used in many writings by several authors. 

  1. Cashel:

The sound of cash in the name Cashel makes it a definite pick by maverick parents.

  1. Chasen:

Chasen is a two-syllable boy’s name which was once the name of Hollywood’s most popular hangout.

  1. Clive:

Once attached to the stereotypical image of Major-General Robert Clive, later, brought into the limelight by English actor Clive Owen for his jaunty looks.

  1. Cloyce:

This unusual moniker is made popular by 14-year-old famous chef on a US-based cooking reality show, Man vs. Child.  

  1. Colton:

This name is popular for its two syllables and namesake, Colton Haynes, who got a thumping response for his role in Teen Wolf.     

  1. Cormac:

In spite of its association with earlier century kings of Ireland, this moniker has entered into the hit list of favorite names of hipster parents. 

  1. Cortez:

Cortez comes from the Spanish history and means ‘courteous’.

  1. Dashiell:

This dashing name will surely make a lovely choice for your cuddly tot.

  1. Dax:

A place-name themed baby name is one of the favorite idiosyncrasies of hipster parents. Dax, a French place-name, is one such example.  

  1. Dexter:

Dexter means ‘skilled’ and is picked up by the hip musical duo, Diana Krall, and Elvis Costello, for one of their twin boys.

  1. Ebenezer:

Ebenezer is a biblical name of a place where the stone of help was set up by Samuel to mark his victory over the Philistines.

  1. Edur:

Edur sounds oh-so-cool, even cooler than ‘snow’, which is the meaning of this moniker. 

  1. Euan:

Euan is an anglicized form of Eoghann and is pronounced as yoo-un. This makes a hip name for your little tot.

  1. Farron:

The bearer of this moniker is far from possessing a boring personality because it means ‘adventurous’. 

  1. Fenton:

Another place-name themed moniker, Fenton, is a variant of ‘fen’ and means ‘a swamp town’.

  1. Ferris:

Ferris has become the favourite among hipster parents for its link with American inventor of the Ferris wheel. It means ‘rock’.

  1. Frankito:

Call him Frank or Frankie, this is frankly a name as hot as it is hip. It means ‘free man’.

  1. Gage:

Gage brings all the rage among the maverick parents to pick it quickly for their babies before it becomes common.

  1. Gehrig:

Gehrig is the newly-invented first name inspired by the surname of the renowned sports hero, Lou Gehrig.

  1. Gerson:

Gerson is a variation of biblical name Gershom who was the first son of Moses and Zipporah.

  1. Greer:

Greer rhymes to rare that makes it a hot choice among parents seeking originality in names.

  1. Gulliver:

This trending name has surpassed the popularity of Oliver and getting all the positive response from parents.

  1. Gus:

All hip parents, Gus is the swanky name that makes your child noticed.     

  1. Ieuan:

There is no way your kid won’t like this name, why, because his name is a stack of vowels.

  1. Ignatius:

This name has been borne by several saints, including the founder of the Catholic Jesuit order.

  1. Istvan:

Istvan, the Hungarian form of Stephen is associated with the Christian king and patron saint of Hungary. It means ‘victorious’.

  1. Jagger:

Jagger is a surname turned into a first name and picked up by few but notable celeb.

  1. Jens:

Jens is snappy short name pronounced as yens. Doesn’t it remind you of the Japanese currency ‘Yens’.

  1. Jinjur:

Jinjur sounds like ginger and created and used by the American author, Lyman Frank Baum, in his Oz books.

  1. Kagan:

Kagan is a typical hipster-themed baby name. It is a form of Hugh and means ‘a thinker’.

  1. Kenton:

With its exotic roots in history, this surname has now started to be used more like an elite first name.

  1. Laert:

Laert is a unique and modern alternative to Shakespearean’s Laertes.

  1. Laszlo:

With zippy ‘z’ and energetic ‘o’, this name is a sure hipster name.

  1. Lazarius:

Lazarius, nicknamed as Laz, is a variation of Lazarus, whose life was restored by Jesus.

  1. Levi:

In the Old Testament, Levi was the name of Leah and Jacob’s son. Isn’t it stylish?

  1. Link:

Link is derived from Lincoln and gives a beautiful indicative of a parental union.

  1. Linus:

Linus is remembered as the name of musician, poet, and inventor of rhythm and melody.

  1. Lir:

Lir is completely new, modern-invented name. It equates to Shakespeare’s King Lear.  

  1. Lotario:

Lotario is a variation of Luther and birth name of Pope Innocent III. It means ‘warrior’.

  1. Lyric:

Get ready to bring in all the happiness to your lives because Lyric is coming. 

  1. Mauro:

Spanish names never go out of vogue so they are bound to be hip. It means ‘moorish’.

  1. Miles:

Miles, which means ‘merciful’, was the moniker of the first translator of the Bible into English.

  1. Moe:

This moniker is so popular, that teens, today, want it to become unpopular to keep it fresh for future.

  1. Nico:

It is over 90% of the American baby boys who borne this name. It means ‘people of victory’.

  1. Niles:

Niles is associated with a river in Africa, Greek saint’s name. It means ‘champion’.

  1. Oberon:

Oberon is the name of the King of Fairies in Shakespearean, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

  1. Ohan:

Ohan is a majestic, one of its kind Armenian moniker and diminutive of John. 

  1. Osgood:

Triple o’s makes this name a sure distinctive choice and adds oomph to it.

  1. Osias:

This Greek name seems biblical, but it is not. It sounds divine and means ‘salvation’.   

  1. Parkin:

Parkin is the new little Peter and recreated from the Middle English moniker, Perkin.

  1. Perran:

Perran is a Cornish saint’s name and can also be spelled as Piran. It means ‘little dark one’.

  1. Perseus:

Perseus was the son of Zeus, who is remembered as godly Greek hero.

  1. Piet:

Piet is pronounced as PEET and associated with modern painter Mondrian. It means ‘rock’.

  1. Pike:

This name is made famous by Zebulon Pike who, discovered a mountain that was later renamed to Pike’s Peak. It means ‘fish’.     

  1. Plaxico:

This name is made famous by Plaxico Burress, the wide receiver and the key player in the National Football League. It means ‘peaceful’.

  1. Primus:

Primus is a Latin name, which means ‘first’. A boy with this name is destined to stay at number one.

  1. Quinten:

Quinten means ‘fifth’ which makes a nice name for your fifth future son, in case, it happens.

  1. Ray:

Ray is largely accepted as the hippest name ever, just like a ray of sunshine.

  1. Reggie:

Reggie is a better ‘ie’ ending name than Alfie and Freddie. 

  1. Rhett:

Rhett is one of the most passionate and romantic names in the history of all love stories.

  1. Roark:

Roark got its recognition from the name of a young Ireland prince, Ruarc. It means ‘mighty’. 

  1. Roper:

Here is this quirky and charming name, Roper, which is derived from an occupation of rope making.

  1. Roscoe:

Roscoe has started to make a fresh appeal again after many years of Robert, Richard, and Ronald ruling the roost.

  1. Rune:

Rune means ‘secret’ whose arrival should not be kept secret anymore because he is going to rule the world.

  1. Ryder:

This name listed as celebrities-picked name has made it more famous than ever. It means ‘messenger’.

  1. Sailor:

This adventurous name is perfect for hipster parents who love sailing.

  1. Severin:

Severin, a Romanian name borne by many earlier saints, is all set to make its comeback.

  1. Silas:

Silas, a saint’s name in ‘The Da Vinci Code’, has skyrocketed ever since its reentry in the list.

  1. Spike:

Spike is trending high more than Buster or Buck; thanks to the director Spike Lee.

  1. Tait:

This four-letter name will multiply your cheerfulness four times more.  

  1. Theo:

This is an addition to spiritual baby names after Osias. It means ‘divine gift’, which makes it a right choice for hip parents to go for it.  

  1. Tolly:

Tolly is a diminutive of Tolliver and for it sounds more like jolly, making it an apt name for happy and joyful babies.

  1. Trent:

This is another name in our list that starts and ends with a same letter. It means ‘the river’.

  1. Ustin:

Ustin’s first two-letters make it a perfect name honoring the union of the two of you.

  1. Van:

The famous bearer of this moniker, Van Cliburn, a pianist by profession, gave this name a wave of popularity.

  1. Waldo:

Waldo has got its appeal and reputation from writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo. It means ‘to rule’.

  1. Wells:

Wells is a diminutive of Wellington and sounds similar to bells.

  1. Wilbur:

Wilbur was the name of the elder Wright brothers who teamed up with his younger brother and invented world’s first successful airplane.

  1. Wing:

This light-weight moniker is making people go crazy. 

  1. Xerxes:

You can’t get over this name, Xerxes for its sheer uniqueness and the power of two x’s. It means ‘hero among heroes’. Ain’t the one proves it?

  1. Ya’el:

Yael adds up to the style factor, especially, the way it is written as Ya’el. It’s a unisex name and it means ‘to ascend’.

  1. Yonah:

Yonah touches one’s heart with its beautiful meaning ‘dove’. Also, it is an Old Testament name.

  1. Yuri:

Yuri is one of the best hipster baby boy names in our opinion. This Russian name gained its popularity through cosmonaut Yury Gagarin. Yuri, you are dearie!

  1. Zaire:

This audacious yet cheeky name makes it a suitable name for your macho.

  1. Zale:

Dare anyone mess with your baby? This name as great as sea.

  1. Zerrick:

Zerrick is a modern-invented name for parents who are bored of Derek or Eric.

  1. Zion:

What a name to end the naming list! Zion means the ‘highest point’.

I hope you enjoyed it our list of hipster baby boy names. If you liked these hipster baby names, let us know by commenting below.  

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