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Halloween Coloring Pages For Kids- Free Printables

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Halloween, fondly called the festival of candies, is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for children. They enjoy playing pranks, watching scary movies and doing trick-or-treat on the neighbors. But some kids feel a bit scared during the Halloween, because of all the spookiness involved. How about turning your child’s fright into a colorful sight with Halloween coloring pages?

Below is our huge collection of high quality, Halloween coloring pages to keep your little one busy as you enjoy the Halloween costume party. We’ve got it all for you, right from the haunted house to the cute Casper the ghost.

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  1. Mickey Wishing You All A Very Happy Halloween:


 Here’s an adorable image of Mickey mouse wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween.

2. Who’s Under That Sheet?


Snow White is terrified seeing the ghost. But we don’t think it’s a ghost out there? Who do you think is under the sheet?

3. Elmo With Jack-O-Lantern:


This one is hilarious. Elmo is looking so scary and creepy that even the Jack-O-Lantern is terrified of him.

4. Adorable Sleeping Beauty Wishing You All A Very Happy Halloween:


Lovely Sleeping Beauty is all set to celebrate Halloween with her friends. Are you?

5. A Cute Witch Halloween Coloring Page:


How can anyone feel scared of this witch. Look at her? Isn’t she cute, even with the snake coming out of her cauldron. 

6. Piglet With Jack-O-Lantern:


Piglet is ready to rock the Halloween party. His costume is set and he’s using Jacl-o-Lantern for the prop.

7. Pooh All Set For The Halloween Party:


Now that Piglet is ready, how can Pooh be behind? Our favorite bear is dressed up as a pirate.

8. A Creepy Bat:


 This bat is really, really creepy. Just look at this expression. Why is he so angry?

9. A Cute Vampire Wishing You All A Happy Halloween:


Is it a real vampire? Or a child dressed as one. Let your child decide that as he colors the page. 

10. The Peanut Gang All Set To Rock The Halloween Costume Party:


 Our favorite television squad, the Peanuts, is going for trick or treat? No one would mess with them, for sure!

11. A Cute Owl Coloring Page:


 This adorable owl coloring image is perfect for preschoolers. They cannot attend the Halloween costume party, but they can at least color this owl.

12. Pluto Scared At The Sight Of Jack-O-Lantern:


Pluto has totally freaked out seeing the Jack-o-Lantern. Mickey should stop playing prank with him now.

13. A Spooky Halloween Castle In A Halloween Night:


 This castle looks really scary. Did you notice the skeleton walking down the lane. He’s up from dead to attend the Halloween party.

14. Skeleton Is Coming Out Of The Graveyard To Wish You On Halloween:


The skeleton here is trying hard to come out of the grave to attend the Halloween party.

15. One Of The Simplest Halloween Coloring Pages:


 This simple Halloween coloring page is perfect for creating Halloween card. It will make a wonder activity for children too. 

16. Cute Ghosts Coming Out Of Their Castles To Attend The Halloween Party:


Even the ghosts couldn’t stop themselves from being tempted by the Halloween party. And they should be invited too. After all, it’s their day.

17. A Terrifying Tree:


This Halloween coloring page will scare the tiny tots. So give it only to elementary school goers.

18. One Of The Cutest Halloween Coloring Pages Featuring A Cat:


 Here’s an cutesy coloring page featuring a cat perfect for toddlers.

19. Donald Duck Dressed As A Devil For The Halloween Party:


 So Mr. Donald Duck has decided to deck up as a devil for the Halloween costume party. Suits him well.

20. A Sweet Ghost Family:


 A sweet and friendly ghost family has come to wish you all a very happy Halloween.

21. A Beautiful Witch On The Broom:


That’s such a beautiful witch. I doubt anyone would be scared of her.

22. Zombie:


How can Halloween be complete without a zombie. So here’s one for you’ll to color.

23. A Wizard With Jack-O-Lantern:


 Here’s a coloring page of a cute little wizard with Jack-o-Lantern.

24. Scary Witch:


Why is this witch laughing? Did anyone crack a joke?

The best part of these coloring sheets is that they can also be used for decoration purposes. So feel free to download all of our Halloween coloring pages to create a lovely coloring book for your child. You just need to right click on the mouse and save or print the image of your choice.

Which of these Halloween coloring pages did you like the most? Tell us by commenting below!

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