Forest Essentials Narangi And Nagkesar Facial Ubtan Review


Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan was my second purchase from the brand Forest Essentials, and just like the first one, even this one did not disappoint me. I’m so glad that we finally have a luxurious, Ayurveda skin, body and hair care brand in India. Now let’s get back to the review of the product.

What The Company Says About The Product:

As per the brand, Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan is a natural exfoliating treatment that revitalizes and refreshes the skin by stimulating the underlying tissues.  A regular usage of this ubtan will firm and tone the skin and will prevent the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles.

How To Use:

Mix half a teaspoon of Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan with yogurt or rose water to make a creamy paste. You can either use it as a facial cleanser or face mask.


INR 775 for 50 Grams:

Shelf Life:


1 year from the date of opening



The Ubtan contains all natural ingredients, with saffron and orange peel powder being the main ingredients.



Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan comes in a plastic, transparent tub with a golden cap. The packaging is lightweight, yet sturdy. So you can carry it along during your vacations and trips.

Texture And Fragrance:


The texture of Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan is grainy, like most of the ubtans, but takes the form of a smooth paste when mixed with milk, water or curd. You choose the secondary ingredient as per your skin type.

Since it’s a ‘narangi’ ubtan, it has a citrusy smell, which doesn’t seem artificial at all. In fact, I find it pleasing to the senses.

My Experience:


Having a combination skin is a bane. It turns parched and flaky during the winters and secretes oil like an oil factory during summers. What’s even more irritating is that you have to purchase products according to the season.

Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan suits my skin really well during the summers. It not just controls oil secretion, but also improves the texture of the skin with continuous usage. You’ll notice a reduction in tan as well.

While removing this ubtan, you just need to splash water on your face and scrub in circular motion. The ubtan will exfoliate the skin to remove grime and dirt. I did not experience any stinging or tingling sensation with this ubtan. But it can vary from person to person.

Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan did not dry out my skin when I used it during summers. I didn’t dare try this ubtan during winters. I do not apply anything on my face except moisturizer during winters. And since it contains orange peel as its active ingredient, it’s more suitable for combination to oily skin.

Summing Up:

Pros Of Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan:

  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Ayurveda and safe to use
  • Removes tan and evens out the skin tone
  • Controls oil secretion
  • Lightens and brightens the skin tone

Cons Of Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan:

  • I find it a bit pricey. What’s saddening is that earlier, the brand would give 100 grams of ubtan at the same price, but now they’ve reduced to 50 grams.

Live It Beautiful Rating: 4/5

Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan is a nice ubtan for people with combination and oily skin. Give this product a try if you are looking for a refreshing facial mask. Have you used Forest Essentials Narangi Nagkesar Facial Ubtan? What’s your opinion on it? Let us know by commenting below!

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