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Top 10 Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages


Guess who’s the latest Disney princess to grace the television show? It’s none other than Elena from the kingdom of Avalor! Elena, from the television series “Elena of Avalor”, is a computer-animated television series that debuted on Canadian television last year. The story revolves around Elena, the Latina princess living in an enchanted, fairytale kingdom inspired entirely by the Latin folklore and culture. Since the series is already taking the world by storm, we decided to put together a few Elena of Avalor coloring pages as well. Take a look at our collection of Elena Of Avalor coloring pages.

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Top 10 Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

  1. Princess Elena:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

Meet Princess Elena, the 16-year-old, caring, bold, funny and clever descendant to the kingdom of Avalor. Princess Elena’s journey began when her parents were taken away from Shuriki, the evil sorceress. Since she is just 16, she is assisted by a Grand Council, comprising of her grandparents, Royal Advisor and Duke Esteban.

  1. Charoca:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

The creepy creature you see here is Charoca, the magical volcanic monster appearing in “Elena of Avalor” series. While Charoca may appear as a monster because of his height and size, on the inside, he’s a very gentle and great fellow. The only issue with him is that he’s short tempered. Whenever Charoca loses his cool, he leaves out a fiery tantrum.

  1. Luna:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of Luna, one of the Jaquins in the series. Jaquins are magical creatures who support Elena in her quest to rule the kingdom. Luna is the only female of all the Jaquins. While she is quite brash and loud, Luna is also very caring towards others as a mother.

  1. Isabel:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

The cute little girl you see here is Isabel, one of the major characters appearing in “Elena of Avalor”. Being the younger sister of Elena, Isabela is the second princess of the Kingdom of Avalor. Isabel is a highly creative girl and loves to invent and draw. She values promises so much that she hates people who break promises. She also puts a lot of faith in the books she read.

  1. Francisco:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of Francisco, the maternal grandfather of Princess Elena and Isabel. Francisco is a sagacious man who has a deep love for his family and has earned firm respect by the Kingdom of Avalor. Francisco is also a member of the Grand Council of Avalor, along with Esteban, Naomi, and Luisa.

  1. Luisa:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

Luisa is Princess Elena and Princess Isabel’s maternal grandmother. Luisa is an optimistic woman who likes to see the bright side of everything. In fact, grandmother Louisa is much more optimistic than her husband and her grandson. She may appear naïve, but she gives sharp attention to detail.

  1. Zuzo:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

Zuzo is a wily spirit fox who assists and guides Elena through the spirit and human worlds. Zuzo appears in the series following the murder of the king and queen and imprisonment of some of the members of the royal family. Since residue magic is left in Elena from the Aulet of Avalor, Elena is able to communicate with Zuzo without even having to summon him.

  1. Chancellor Esteban:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

This coloring page features Esteban, Princess Alena’s cousin brother and the chancellor of the kingdom of Avalor. Being orphaned at a very young age, Esteban values family and relationship more than anything else in the world. Esteban is also intelligent, which he uses to keep the kingdom financially prosperous.

  1. Alakazar:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

Alakazar is one of the recurring characters appearing in “Elena of Avalor”. He’s the Royal Sorcerer of Avalor who protects the kingdom from the attack of Shuriki. He hasn’t appeared in many episodes, but his impact is still visible in the series.

  1. Gabe:

Elena Of Avalor Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of Lieutenant Gabriel Nunez, fondly known as Gab, Elena’s friend and the rising star of the royal guard. This enthusiastic, mature, but slightly cocky young lad does not do his job properly. But for Elena and Isabel, he can even put himself to danger with giving a single thought. He’s a great guy, but can do better if he takes his job seriously.

We hope you find our compilation of Elena of Avalor coloring pages helpful. So which of these characters are your child’s favorite. Share with us in the comment section below.

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