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Top 10 Disney Cars 3 Coloring Pages

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Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

Hello friends! Have you seen the official trailer of “Cars 3”? Don’t you think it looks even more promising and exciting than the two earlier installments? As shown in the trailer of the movie, the residents of Radiator Springs start wondering if Lighting McQueen will retire from racing after being trounced in several races by Jackson Storm, the high-tech racer. To preserve his career, Lighting McQueen takes the help of Cruz Ramirez, the race technician. Cruz, along with a few of McQueen’s friends, take upon themselves to renew Lightning McQueen’s career. Will they be able to do it? To know the answer, you need to watch the film first. And if your child is finding hard to control his excitement until then, print out these Cars 3 coloring pages and sheets. We’ve picked ten best Cars 3 coloring pages for him. Take a look.

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Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

  1. Lightning McQueen:

Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

Here’s a coloring page of Lightning McQueen, who is now no less than a veteran or legend, but is challenged by the newer generation of race cars, especially Jackson Storm. Lightning McQueen was initially a selfish and arrogant racecar, but mellowed down a lot when he wound up in the Radiator Springs.

  1. Cruz Ramirez:

Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

The cute and adorable car you see here is Cruz Ramirez, the Hispanic female sports car that helps Lightning McQueen face Jackson Storm in the third installment of “Cars”. Just like the color of her body, Cruz is a sunny, and friendly car, working at the Rust-Eze Racing Center. But she can turn really fierce if things don’t go her way.

  1. Jackson Storm:

Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages
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The sassy sports car you see here is Jackson Storm, who is all set to appear as the antagonist in “Cars 3”. Storm is the poster car for the current generation of racers. Storm thinks highly of himself because he believes that he represents the future of racing, and it’s because of this reason he has little to no regard for the racecars of older generations.

  1. Miss Fritter:

Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

Miss Fritter is the latest addition to the never-ending list of Disney “Cars” character. Being the demolition derby or school bus, Miss Fritter loves smashing and crashing. While her size it is intimidating, it’s her razor sharp stop sign, smoke stacks of doom and a collection of the license plates of her victims that steer the opponents in the opposite direction.

  1. Mack:

Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

Meet Mack, one of the recurring characters of the “Cars” series. In Cars, “Mack” was responsible for transporting Lightning McQueen and in “Cars 2”, he again appears as the trusted long-haul driver of the race car. Nothing much is revealed of his role in “Cars 3” yet.

  1. Tow Mater:

Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

Thankfully, Tow Mater, one of the most adorable characters of this series, is all set to reappear in this installment as well. Mater may be forgetful at times, but he’s got the biggest heart in Radiator Springs. He loves people unconditionally and just needs real friendship in exchange.

  1. Sally Carrera:

Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

This would be one of the best Disney Cars 3 coloring pages in this list. It features the town attorney of Radiator Springs, Sally Carrera and the beloved of Lightning McQueen. Sally is an incredibly kind, friendly, pleasant, charming and witty car and totally loves her boyfriend. Did you know Sally Carrera’s last name refers to Porche 911 Carrera?

  1. Flo:

Top 10 Disney Cars 3 Coloring Pages

There’s nothing more pleasing than the fact that Flo is also a part of “Cars 3”. Flo runs the Ramone’s House of Body Art along with her husband, Ramone. She arrived in Radiator Springs with her bunch of friends. She met Ramone while renovating herself and both have been together ever since.

  1. Ramone:

Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

Ramone, Flo’s husband, is an artist in the truest sense. As an owner of Ramone’s House of Body Art, he loves taking chances, exploring new ways to express himself and pushing the limits of culture. He has replaced Dr. Hudson as the mechanic of the cars, since Doc Hudson passed away. 

  1. Sarge:

Top 10 Cars 3 Coloring Pages

Meet Sarge, the WW2 Willy’s Army Jeep. Just try mentioning military in front of Sarge, and he will regale you with all sorts of stories of his fearlessness. Sarge even received the Grille Badge of True Mettle for his bravery.

These 10 Disney Cars 3 coloring pages are sure to impress your child. If you want, you can even download all of these Cars 3 coloring sheets to create a Cars 3 coloring book.

Aren’t these Cars 3 coloring sheets absolutely amazing? Which of these Disney Cars 3 coloring pages did your child like the most? Tell us by commenting below.

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