Cute Baby Boy Names Of 2019 You’ve Never Heard Before

Cute Baby Boy Names Of 2017 You've Never Heard Before

So you thought sweet and cute baby boy names fall flat on the face. Well, if it were really true, these names wouldn’t be trending on every naming list right now. Cute baby names are not just fresh and quirky, but also easier for children to learn their spellings. Moreover, these names work extremely well with long and stuffy last names. Without wasting any more time, let’s check out some sweet and cute baby boy names of 2019 below.

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Sweet And Cute Baby Boy Names Of 2019

  1. Aaden:

Aaden, the American spelling of Irish name Aidan, sounds and looks cuter than the original. It entered the Social Security Administration charts with a bang and is still going strong. The meaning of Aaden is ‘little fire’.

  1. Ace:

Ace, meaning ‘highest’ is one of the vocabulary baby names gaining popularity with every passing day. The moniker is associated with high levels of intelligence that can be achieved only by a few. Can it get better than this?

  1. Blair:

Blair is basically a surname derived from Gaelic-Scottish word ‘blar’, which means ‘battlefield’. It conjures images of a swanky boy studying in a private boarding school. Our imagination truly knows no limit.

  1. Brent

 Brent is a no-nonsense, one syllable name that sounds both cute and cool, without trying too hard. The meaning of Brent is ‘hill’.

  1. Caine:

Until recently, Caine, meaning ‘spear hunter’ was seldom used outside soap operas and Old Testament for that matter. But today, it’s at the top of the popularity list in the United States. Its spelling variation includes Cane and Kane. Michael Caine, the famous English actor, is one of the most popular bearers of this name.

  1. Cory:

Cory, the spelling variant of the Corey, is a Scottish last name turned first name, meaning ‘cauldron’. This cool, relaxed and casual name sounds great even after years of usage.

  1. Dallon:

If you’re one of those parents who do not really care about the meaning of a name, you can opt for the Irish name Dallon, meaning ‘little blind one’. The name is bestowed on just a few hundred baby boys in America, making it a unique choice.

  1. Devyn:

Devyn, the spelling variation of Devin, meaning ‘deer or fawn’ emerged at the turn of the 20th century, and reached the top 100 name list within a year. It’s a unisex name, but sounds way cooler on boys than girls.

  1. Ean:

Ean, the Gaelic form of John, is one of the cutest baby boy names you can think for your child. It’s especially for people who are enthralled by the Celtic cultures and want to reflect the same in their child’s name. The meaning of Ean is ‘God is gracious’.

  1. Eliseo:

Eliseo is an out and out cute baby boy name. This Spanish and Italian equivalent of Elisha should not be confused with Elijah, which is an entirely different name. Meaning ‘God is salvation’, Eliseo will definitely appeal to religious-minded parents.

  1. Flynn:

Flynn, the anglicized form of the Irish clan name Ó Floinn has a lot going for it, including non-Irish people. This cute baby boy name is reminiscent of Finn, another cute baby boy name. The meaning of Flynn is ‘reddish or ruddy’.

  1. Fritz:

Fritz, diminutive of the German name Friedrich is the ultimate cute baby name for your boy. It’s cute, casual and strong, all at the same time. We also find its etymology, ‘peaceful ruler’ very comforting.

  1. Gavin:

Gavin, meaning ‘white hawk’ is a modern variant of Scottish baby boy name Gawain. The name isn’t just cute, but is also an embodiment of chivalry, loyalty, strength and courage. We love the knightly quality of this name.

  1. Griffin:

Griffin is a cute baby boy name, but its etymology is quite fierce. It means ‘dragon’ and symbolizes leadership and strength. Also, Griffin is a universal name and can be adopted by parents of any region without any hesitation.

  1. Hamza:

Hamza is one of the cutest Muslims baby boy names in our opinion. The name is derived from an Arabic word, meaning ‘steadfast’. We know that it’s restricted to the Arab-Muslim communities, but it may grow further in future.

  1. Hugh:

If you want a short, sweet and cute baby boy name for your son, end your search at Hugh. This cute and masculine name, meaning ‘heart, mind, and spirit’ has its namesake in Hugh Jackman, one of the most popular actors of our generation.

  1. Irvin:

This Scottish name is as ‘beautiful’ in sound and feel as it is in meaning. The name had gone out of style in the 1990s, but is now back with a bang.

  1. Ivan:

Ivan, the Russian form of the name John, is so distinctly Russian that it’s hardly used in other parts of the world. But we feel that Ivan definitely deserves a chance. The meaning of Ivan is ‘gracious gift from God’.

  1. Jaime:

Jaime, the Portuguese and Spanish form of James, is the ultimate cute name for your baby boy. The name has its origin in Jacob, which means ‘the supplanter’. This moniker is energetic, upbeat, friendly, and of course, cute.

  1. Jesse:

Here’s another cute baby boy name of 2019. Jesse is derived from the Hebrew name Yishai, which means ‘God’s gift or God exists’. Jesse James, and Jesse Jackson further popularized this name among the masses.

  1. Kaleb:

This one’s for the dog lovers out there. Kaleb is basically the modern spelling of Caleb and means ‘dog’. The name perfectly represents the transmutation to the names, which has been happening for centuries.

  1. Keagan:

Keagan is also the transferred used of an Irish surname, which means ‘fire’. You can also opt for its spelling variation Keegan, especially if you want to be true to the Irish roots.

  1. Layton:

Layton, meaning ‘town or farm’ is another example of surname turned first name. This moniker did not make to the charts until 2001, but is now used widely in America. 

  1. Leroy:

This cute, yet strong baby boy name is borrowed from the French term ‘le roi’, which means ‘the king’. We think it’s a subtle way to crown your boy ‘king’.

  1. Marquis:

Baby boy name Marquis, meaning ‘ruler of the Borderlands’ sounds both cute and stylish. Some parents have found it a bit pretentious, but we think Marquis is incredibly impressive.

  1. Melvin:

Melvin is a quirky and offbeat name, way more popular in America than any other country in the world. The meaning of Melvin is ‘gentle chieftain’.

  1. Nash:

The usage of modern and cute baby boy name Nash, meaning ‘at the ash tree’ is currently restricted to Australia and North America, but it could make its way to the other parts of the world anytime soon. Nash is a dashing and slightly understated name, which will mature nicely into adulthood.

  1. Nero:

Despite being an ancient name, Nero sounds extremely sassy and of course, modern. It’s an utterly cute name with a lovely meaning. Nero means ‘strong, vigorous and powerful’.

  1. Oliver:

Oliver is either derived from Germanic elements ‘elf and ‘hari’, which translates to ‘elf army’ or derived directly from the Olive tree. Whatever may be the origin, but there’s no denying that Oliver is a terribly cute name for a baby boy.

  1. Otis:

Otis, one of the most popular names of the 20th century, is showing signs of revival and how. The name originates from English surname and means ‘wealth and fortune’.

So these were the some of the cute baby boy names of 2019 in our opinion. If you have any name to add to out our list of cute baby boy names of 2019 list, leave us a comment below.  

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