60 Classic Baby Names That Can Be Considered Even Today

classic baby names

Parenting isn’t easy, and we’re sure most of you will agree with this statement, considering it involves raising a little one into a proper and good human being. A part of parenting also includes selecting a beautiful and meaningful name. But parents these days are loaded with so many options that the name game can feel a bit overwhelming. However, there’s one option where you can never go wrong, and that is going for classic baby names.

Unlike trendy names, classic baby names never go out of style. They may go out of favor for a couple of years, but there’s always a possibility of rising back in action. If you’re looking for some beautiful classic baby names, your search ends here. We’ve rounded up 60 classic baby names that are rarely heard today.

Classic Baby Boy Names That Can Be Considered Even Today:

  1. Bertram:

Bertram failed to make an impact, despite featuring in the “Harry Potter” series. The name means ‘bright raven’.

  1. Caleb:

This attractive Old Testament has retired long enough to feel fresh and young again. It means ‘devotion to God’.

  1. Cecil:

Cecil was one a very popular Roman clan name, but unfortunately, it has lost its potency over the years. Cecil means ‘blind’.

  1. Clarence:

Clarence, the name of the guardian angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life” is rarely heard because of its nerdy and studious image. Clarence means ‘bright’.

  1. Clive:

This stereotypical British name isn’t as popular now as it used to be a few decades back. The name Clive means ‘lives near a high cliff’.

  1. Cyril:

This British-Greek name, borne by several saints, has been off the charts since 1966. The name Cyril means ‘lordly’.

  1. Daryl:

This beach boy name of the 1960s isn’t as happening now as it was before. Daryl means ‘dear one’.

  1. Dean:

It’s astonishing that Dean is again going down the charts after experience a mild revival. The name Dean means ‘church official’.

  1. Dennis:

We’re as surprised to see this name on the list as you are. And going by its position on the Social Security Administration list, we don’t think it’s coming back anytime soon. Dennis is a variant of the name Dionysius and means ‘Greek god of wine’.

  1. Derek:

This British moniker started off as a sophisticated name, but it became so common that it lost its stylish edge. Derek means ‘the people’s ruler’.

  1. Donald:

All thanks to Donald Trump for draining out the little remaining appeal of this name. Donald means ‘proud chief’.

  1. Duncan:

Duncan is as ancient than Macbeth itself. This Scottish name means ‘dark warrior’.

  1. Ernest:

This sober German name, meaning ‘serious and resolute’ deserves a second chance.  It’s most famous bearer is Ernest Hemingway.

  1. Gabriel:

This Biblical name, meaning ‘God is my strength’ is no longer a favorite with parents, sadly enough.

  1. Geoffrey:

Geoffrey is derived from an Anglo Saxon word, meaning ‘pledge of peace’.

  1. Graham:

This smooth and sophisticated name, meaning ‘gravelly homestead’ has some impressive novelists as its bearers like Graham Greene and Graham Hill.

  1. Gregory:

This gregarious name, associated with 16 popes and 15 saints, became a major hit in the US because of Gregory Peck. It means ‘vigilant’.

  1. Horace:

With the resurrection of old Roman names like Homer, even Horace deserves a second chance. The name Horace means ‘timekeeper’.

  1. Humphrey:

Humphrey, meaning ‘peaceful warrior’ is a German name with a solid vintage charm. This moniker was frequently used in Britain by the royal families, but isn’t heard much today.

  1. Ian:

Ian is the Scottish form of John and means ‘God is gracious’. We love this name for its jaunty charm.

  1. Isaiah:

Isaiah is another now neglected baby boy name. It means ‘Salvation of the Lord’.

  1. Leonard:

A favorite of medieval saints, Leonard has several notable bearers like Leonard Bernstein, American composer, and Leonard Nimoy, American actor.  Leonard means ‘brave lion’.

  1. Malcolm:

This warm and welcoming Scottish name sounds distinctive, but in no way odd. It means ‘devotee of St. Colomba’.

  1. Neville:

Most of the names ending in ‘ville’ fall flat, but Neville is definitely an exception. This name means ‘new town’.

  1. Nigel:

Nigel may seem overtly British, but it will suit boys of any culture if combined with the correct surname. Nigel means ‘dark haired’.

  1. Rodney:

Rodney has been on a steady decline ever since it peaked at #33. But it has a strong possibility of turning back around. Rodney means ‘island near the clearing’.

  1. Roy:

This cool name with countryside image is epitomized by Roy Rogers. It means ‘red haired one’.

  1. Russell:

Russell has lost much of its color today, but fans of Russell Crowe and Russell Brand might still consider it. It means ‘redhead’.

  1. Terry:

Terry has been used independently for both boys and girls since the days of “Terry and the Pirates”. It’s a diminutive or Terence and means ‘tender

  1. Wayne:

This British name, meaning ‘wagon maker’ has been steady in the US top 100 list since the year 2009.

Classic Baby Girl Names That Can Be Considered Even Today

  1. Angela:

Angela was used widely in the 20th century, but for many, Angelica and Angelina are preferred variants now. Angela means ‘angel’.

  1. Beverley:

Beverley, in all its variations, is more famous as the name of a posh California community than a baby girl’s name now. Beverly means ‘dweller near the beaver stream’.

  1. Carol:

The name Carol experienced its highest point in the 1930s and 40s, reaching #4 in 1941. Carol means ‘free man’.

  1. Claire:

This luminous, strong and straightforward name, meaning ‘bright’ has a modern edge and historical depth. It should definitely be reconsidered.

  1. Darren:

If you’re planning to relaunch the name Darren, do it on your girl, rather than boy. Darren means ‘little great one’.

  1. Dawn: Dawn is a substantial nature meaning, with a golden meaning. It means ‘beginning of the day’.
  2. Debra:

Debra appeared as the mellowed down alternative to Deborah, but the pendulum has swung back now. The name means ‘bee’.

  1. Diane:

The middle aged name Diane has long been overshadowed by the original form Diana. The name means ‘divine’.

  1. Donna:

Donna, meaning ‘lady’ in Italian language, was a perfect housewife name of the 50s and 60s, but it’s off the charts now.

  1. Doris:

The name Doris was once a paragon of grace, but it’s long been out of the baby list. This Greek mythology name means ‘gift of the ocean’.

  1. Elaine:

This Scottish form of Helen is experiencing a slump right now, and we doubt it will rise again. Elaine means ‘bright, shining light’.

  1. Frances:

This soft and classic baby name was possible over a hundred years back. But it can be revived, along with most of the names on the list. Frances means ‘free man’.

  1. Helen:

Helen has been moving in and out of favor since ages, so it would be foolish to write it off. This name means ‘light’.

  1. Janet:

Janet was one of the royal favorites in Scotland at one time, but is at a downhill currently. It means ‘God’s gracious gift’.

  1. Janiya:

Janiya is either an elaboration on Jane or a variant of Hebrew name Jania, meaning from Jana’. Either way, we love it.

  1. Joanne:

Joanne, meaning ‘God is gracious’ had a host of variations in its heyday, like Joanna and JoAnn, which can be tried even today.

  1. Judith:

This Biblical name, meaning ‘from Juda’ was last popular in the 1940s. If it manages to shake off the traditional and under the radar appeal, then even Judith can be considered.

  1. Karen:

This good girl name, meaning ‘pure’ is in limbo today. But you have the option of going for its Irish version Kieran.

  1. Kelly:

Kelly, meaning ‘war’ was the name that launched the trend of androgynous Irish name.

  1. Maureen:

It’s a shame that a name as modern sounding as Maureen is on the verge of extinction. Maureen is a variant of Mary and means ‘bitter’.

  1. Paula:

Paula almost dropped off the list in 2014, but bounced back a year later. It’s currently dwindling in between. Paula means ‘humble’.

  1. Sally:

This fresh faced and cheerful name originated as a nickname for Sarah, but is now used independently. It means ‘princess’.

  1. Sandra:

Sandra maybe sinking beneath the waves right now, but nothing can take away its charm. This name means ‘defending men’.

  1. Sharon:

Too bad even Sharon Stone could prevent this Old Testament name from sinking. Sharon means ‘a plain’.

  1. Sheila:

If not Sheila, you can pick its fresh and sassy short form, Shea. Sheila means ‘blind’.

  1. Susan:

We recommend Susan mainly for its literary resume. The name has featured in Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge, George Eliot’s Mill on the Floss, and Charlotte Bronte’s Shirley. Susan means ‘lily’.

  1. Tina:

Tina is falling flat on the ears of today’s parents despite its tinkly and petite image. But it has strong namesakes, like Tina Brown and Tina Turner. The name means ‘follower of Christ’.

  1. Tracey:

Tracey, the spelling variation of Tracy, was last in the top 25 list in 1970s. This name means ‘From Thracia’.

  1. Wendy:

Peppy and bouncy Wendy was invented by author James Barrie for his book “Peter Pan”.

  1. Yvonne:

This French name, meaning ‘yew wood’, conjures images of a green eyed beauty.

Since these classic baby names are unheard today, we think they will make unique names for your children. And unlike trendy names, they won’t even go out of style. So which of the classic baby names would you opt for your child? Let us know by commenting below. 

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