Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas For 2019


There’s something magical about the Christmas season. The way houses are decorated, streets glow with beautiful lights, Christmas trees are placed in every corner of the house and snow falls on our roof, everything just looks magical. But to make it even more happening, you need to put some effort to your home décor as well. While most of us pay attention to the living room, mantelpieces, door and even the kitchen, but somehow, we miss the windows. There are plenty of ways you can deck up the windows- hang the wreaths, lights, pinecones, cookies or anything you like. To help you a bit, we’ve compiled a list of sparkling Christmas window decorating ideas for you to refer. Have a look!

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  1. A Modern Display:


A thoroughly modern window display for you to follow this Christmas. And kudos to the photographer as well.

  1. Oversized Christmas Ornaments:


Purchase a few oversized Christmas ornaments or make a few using the craft paper and hang on the window.

  1. Glittering Pinecones:


To create a magical display, coat the pine cones with glitter and hang from the windows.

  1. Use Doilies:


If you want to give your house a vintage look, hang a few doilies from the window, white preferably. The conical tree is also an excellent addition.

  1. Snowflake Display:


Create a beautiful display on your window by hanging faux snowflakes, in red preferably. And don’t forget to complete the scene by hanging an evergreen garland on top of the window.

  1. Place A Small Sized Christmas Tree:


For a quick fix, put a small, preferably colorful Christmas tree on the window sill.

  1. Add A Touch Of Gold:


Here’s a simple yet effective way to decorate your windows. Golden baubles, ornaments, and stars are used to transform the window sill into a winter wonderland.

  1. Decorate With Stars:


It looks like this image is ripped off from a postcard. An excellent inside and outside Christmas window decoration design.

  1. Santa Climbing The Window:


It looks like Santa is trying hard to sneak into the house via the window. But unfortunately, he got stuck on the shutter.

  1. Hand Small Sized Wreaths From The Window:


This is one of the cleanest Christmas window decorating ideas we’ve come across. Just stick to the same color combination to create a similar effect.

  1. Star Shaped Wreath:


Instead of traditional round wreath, we’d suggest you opt for star shaped wreaths for the windows.

  1. Poinsettia Garland:


If you have an arched window, make it come alive by dressing it up with an evergreen garland affixed with pinecones, red ribbons, ornament balls and poinsettias.

  1. A Tray Of Candles:


Take a tray of candles, put pillar candles on it and place it on the window sill.

  1. Hang Baubles And Ornaments:


A tried and tested idea for Christmas window decoration. This Christmas window decoration idea is classic and would look great every year.

  1. Hang Large Sized Wreaths From The Window:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

To create a traditional display, hang a large sized evergreen wreath from the window. And affix a garland on top of the window as well.

  1. Oversized Baubles:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

These oversized baubles are excellent for decorating the outer side of the window.

  1. An Elegant Display:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

Hang ornaments in metallic colors from metallic ribbons to make them appear as they float in the air. Beautiful, isn’t it?

  1. Color Coordinated Ornaments:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

Hang color coordinated ornaments to give a whimsical look to your kitchen.

  1. Use Faux Candies:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

Purchase a few faux candies to hang from the window of the children’s room.

  1. One Of The Most Fascinating Christmas Window Decorating Ideas:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

Hang snowflakes from the window, and this time, opt for a lifelike one. If you’re replicating this idea, don’t forget to opt for blue curtains.

  1. Christmas Window Outdoor Decorations:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

Window decorations don’t always have to be for indoors. You have to take care of outdoors as well. So hang an oversized wreath and see it transform.

  1. Use Candles For Decoration:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

Isn’t it absolutely magnificent? A small container is filled with greens, and a candle is affixed to it. A few marbles are also added for display.

  1. Faux Tabletop Evergreens:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

Purchase a few faux tabletop plant pots in different sizes to create a windowsill display.

  1. Hang Paper Garlands:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

This is one of the most beautiful Christmas window decorating ideas. Buy a few paper garlands from the stationary shop matching with your theme and hang from the windows.

  1. Let It Snow:

Magnificent Christmas Window Decorating Ideas

This is the easiest we could come up with. Use the white marker to write this cool saying on the windows.

These ideas are sure to create an eye-catching window display for the Christmas. So which of these Christmas window decorating ideas would you like to replicate? Let us know by commenting below.

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