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Sweet And Cute Baby Girl Names With Meanings Of 2017

Parents of our generation no longer want their daughters to bear the burden of informal and stuffy names all their lives. They want something dainty, cute, sweet and quirky, which will stand the test of time. So if you’re looking for some sweet and cute baby girl names, you’ve landed at the perfect place. Live It Beautiful has scoured the …

200 Hot And Sexy Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Hot And Sexy Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Have you ever happened to spend some time with a girl who is soon-going-to-be-a-mom? At your gossiping time, you would realize a paradigm shift in her behavior. To-be mothers become a lot sensible and start contemplating everything ahead of the time. And do you know what is the first thing that comes to her mind after the pregnancy report? It’s …

80 Beautiful And Unique Mongolian Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Mongolian Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Mongolian names have undergone several revolutions in the history of the nation. It began when Tibetan names replaced traditional Mongolian names., and soon after, new Mongolian names replaced the traditional Tibetan names. Just like names, even the conventions and customs underwent a couple of changes. In the olden days, parents, a respected member of the family or a religious leader …

60 Classic Baby Names That Can Be Considered Even Today

classic baby names

Parenting isn’t easy, and we’re sure most of you will agree with this statement, considering it involves raising a little one into a proper and good human being. A part of parenting also includes selecting a beautiful and meaningful name. But parents these days are loaded with so many options that the name game can feel a bit overwhelming. However, …

100 Sweet And Cute Baby Names With Meanings Of 2017

100 Sweet And Cute Baby Names With Meanings Of 2017

When a baby arrives into the world, probably the first thing the parents gift him is a name. It is the name that is our identity, something that defines us. Names also tend to have an immense impression on our self-esteem and social identity- they are how people know us, recognize us and remember us. Our name heralds our character, …

Unique Cornish Baby Names

unique cornish baby names

One of the most difficult tasks parents overcome after the birth of their child is picking a perfect name for their bundle of joy. Even the internet is of little help, considering the overwhelming number of names available there. But if you’ve set your heart at Cornish baby names, we, at Live It Beautiful can help you.  Below you will …

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