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How To Make Yourself Pee Or Urinate? Tips, Techniques And Remedies That Actually Work

how to make yourself pee or urinate

“How to make yourself pee”?, the topic sounds strange, right? Peeing or urinating is a natural process of eliminating excess fluid from the body. But what’s funny, or rather frustrating that peeing on command can be really difficult, especially when you’re supposed to undergo medical tests, which require a sample of your urine. It’s not possible to wait for nature’s …

Ajinomoto Or MSG: Side Effects, Benefits And Why It’s Harmful

ajinomoto or msg side effects and benefits

When FDA, on its website categorized MSG or monosodium glutamate, the controversial ingredient as ‘safe’, the nation, or we can say, the world went tizzy. Ajinomoto or Aji No Moto, fondly known as the ‘essence of taste’ in Japanese is an MSG occurring naturally in food such as tomato and cheeses. It’s mainly used as a flavor enhancer in Chinese …

GG249 Pill: How To Tell If GG249 Are Fake Or Real ? Uses, Side Effects And Precautions

GG249 Pill: How To Spot Fake GG249 Pill? Uses, Side Effects And Precautions

GG249, also identified as Xanax, is classified as Alprazolam (2 mg) and is often utilized for treating panic disorder, anxiety, depression, tinnitus and even borderline personality disorder. But since a few years, there has been an epidemic of fake GG 249 pills in the market. So how can you differentiate between a real and fake GG249 medicine or a real …

How To Make Yourself Throw Up Or Vomit? Your Ultimate Guide To Induce Vomiting

How To Make Yourself Throw Up Or Vomit?

Inducing vomiting? Sounds gross, right? But sometimes, it’s a necessity when you have ingested some toxic substance and want to take it out before it causes any serious damage. Vomiting expels the food and substance that made you feel ill, taking away that discomfort instantly. So if you’re looking for tips and home remedies to make yourself throw up, you’ve …

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