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Inner Arm Tattoo Designs And Ideas For 2017

If you’re a tattoo lover, you need to be updated about the latest trends. And do you know what’s going to rule this year? It’s the inner arm tattoo. Inner arm tattoo is one of the most powerful ways of expressing your faith, belief, and preference. It’s both striking and mysterious, as sometimes people can see the tattoo, and other …

15 Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

Beautiful Samoan Tattoo Designs

Did you know that tattoo, one of the most common English words today, is derived from the Samoan word ‘Tate’? Yes, Samoans, the residents of the Samoan island in Polynesia, were the first ones to bring the culture of tattoo in the world. Samoan tattoo designs have an detailed tribal look and are black in color. Yet, they look exquisite …