Best Pregnancy Magazines For To-Be Mommies


During the nine months of pregnancy, mommies get extremely inquisitive. They surf the internet tirelessly before putting anything in their mouths. And the various changes that go on in their body disturb them greatly. But it is nearly impossible to get 24/7 medical or emotional attention. So whom do they turn to in such times? Pregnancy magazines are the answer.

Pregnancy magazines should be on the bedside table of every expecting mother. These magazines give information on what to eat during pregnancy, where to find maternity and baby clothes, week-by-week baby development and much more. For your assistance, we’ve rounded up ten of the best pregnancy magazines. Have a look!

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Magazines:

  1. Pregnancy Magazine:


If you are a first-time mommy, you should definitely subscribe to Pregnancy Magazine, which addresses almost all the issues faced by the first timers. What we love the most about this magazine is the annual’s buyers guide that can help you make the right choice in purchasing gears like baby strollers, car seat, diaper, breast pump and much more. The highlight of this magazine is celebrity faces on the cover.

Price: $15

Available At: Here 

  1. Pregnancy And Newborn Magazine:


Are you confused about which maternity jeans to pick for those nine months? And which diaper would be gentle on your baby’s skin? Pregnancy And Newborn Magazine is here to ease all your confusions. It gives comprehensive reviews on maternity clothes, baby products and almost everything you need in this phase. The plus point of this magazine is the articles on trends and fashion in baby and to-be mommy clothes it provides, that too for every budget. Pregnancy And Newborn Magazine is available in both online and print versions.

Price: $28

Available At: Here

  1. Fit Pregnancy:


Fit Pregnancy is considered by many one of the best pregnancy magazines and we cannot agree more. This bi-monthly magazine gives insights on women’s health, fitness, and psychology during pregnancy and breastfeeding and parenting tips. Every year, the editors pick the best cities to have the baby, which is unique to this magazine. Besides, they also review best baby products and gears.

Price: $18

Available At: Here

  1. Mothering Magazine:


If you wish to gain knowledge on natural childbirth, attachment parenting, and breastfeeding, Mothering Magazine is the one for you. This well-written magazine with a beautiful layout documents the natural method of giving birth. It also features a column where celebrities share their experience of childbirth. It’s an excellent way to make the newbie mommies feel connected with their favorite celebs.

Price: $0.40

Available At: Here

  1. American Baby Magazine:


American Baby Magazine, a sister publication of Parents Magazine, covers topics not just on conception and pregnancy, but also in the first few years of the child. You can get information on common issues like changes in the body during pregnancy, development of the feeding of the baby and health issues after the birth of the child. Some of the editions of the magazine are available online, but for in-depth research, we’d suggest you get the hard copy. If you want current information, head straight to their website.

Price: $14

Available At: Here 

  1. The Bump:


The Bump Magazine is an excellent source of local information, provided under the guidance of a national panel of experts. You can know what’s available in the neck of the woods by checking out their website. Just bring your concern to their notice and the heads at the magazine will direct you to local experts.  Check out varying topics, ranging from eco-friendly parenting to conceiving and fertility issues on their message boards.

Price: $15

Available At: Here 

  1. KIWI Magazine:


KIWI Magazine keeps you upfront on raising the baby in the healthiest way possible. We won’t call it a pregnancy magazine in the strictest of sense, but it’s so useful that we couldn’t help including it. You can access their articles, which is available both online and in print, spanning from pregnancy throughout childhood. The green pregnancy feature of this magazine is our favorite. You’ll get a list of organic items you can use during pregnancy, instead of the adulterated foods available in the market.

Price: $10 for digital subscription, $12 for print subscription

Available At: Here 

  1. Baby London Magazine:


In their words, Baby London Magazine would be your perfect companion on your journey to motherhood and beyond. This bi-monthly magazine takes care of every year of a would-be mother, like health, maternity wear, baby wear and gears. The lifestyle stories will motivate you to be a great parent, and the celebrity column will take you to the depths of your favorite stars’ pre and postnatal period.

Price: £14.99

Available At: Here 

  1. B Magazine:


B- for Bumps, Birth and Beyond, is a luxurious magazine offered at a nominal price. It is for women who have booked their pre and postnatal appointment in the maternity hospitals across the United Kingdom. You will find this magazine in almost every prestigious maternity hospital of United Kingdom, like the Westminster Hospital, St. Thomas and the Chelsea Hospital.

The magazine is handled by a team of skilled writers and health professionals that work tirelessly to provide the best tips on all aspects of the gestation period and the wellbeing of the child.

Price: $16

Available At: Here 

  1. Mother And Baby Magazine:


Mother And Baby Magazine is a perfect journal for the savvy, smart and stylish mothers of today. This magazine comes packed with reassuring features on pregnancy, which will go a long way in motivating the first time parents. It offers tips on baby and toddler care and some great health advice. If you don’t want the hard copy, you can subscribe to the online version, which has interactive features, photo galleries, and how-to videos. Keep an eye on the discounts offered by the website on the print version of the magazines.

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Price: $14

Available At: Here

Did you read magazines in your pregnancy? Which pregnancy magazine did you find most informative? Let us know by commenting below!

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