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3 DIY Projects for Remodelling Your Bathroom

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DIY Bathroom Remodelling

When you think about remodeling your home, your bathroom is not the first place that you think about giving any attention to. Completely understandable really. The kitchen, the living room, the garden, these are all the places that you want to look nice. Nobody really thinks about showing off their bathroom to visitors. It’s not a place that you tend to associate with glamour or luxury. And on the surface, there isn’t really a whole lot that you can do with a bathroom. I mean, there’s a toilet, a sink, and a shower. Not much to remodel. But the fact is, visitors are more than likely going to see your bathroom, so if you’re putting effort into remodeling, you might as well try some new things in your bathroom too. There are certain items of furniture that can make great additions to your bathroom and they generally revolve around storage. Here are 3 DIY projects for a great bathroom remodel.

3 DIY Projects for Remodelling Your Bathroom

  1.    Rolling Bathroom Storage Units

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When you walk into a stranger’s bathroom, a significant lack of organization can be extremely unsightly. Oftentimes you’ll see towels strewn around the floor or hanging over the side of the bathtub. You’ll see shampoo bottles all over the place and soap cartons on top of the toilet tank. For what is usually a very small room, there is an awful lot of stuff that needs to be stored there and this can cause some problems. That’s what’s great about these rolling storage units. They’re small, they look nice, they’ve moveable and they can actually store an awful lot of stuff in them.

This is a great method with which you can repurpose some old crates. Aside from those, all you need material wise is a piece of plywood and some casters.

It goes without saying that a good set of tools is essential too. But once you have all that you’re good to go.

It’s not a particularly complicated method and most beginners to woodwork should be able to pull it off with relative ease.

You need to get the crates into condition first and this involves a bit of sanding and the application of some wood stain.

After that, you just need to screw the crates together, attach the sheet of plywood which will serve as the base.

Then at each of the four corners of the base, you’ll have to drill some pilot hole so that you can then screw in the casters.

And then you’ve got yourself some rolling bathroom stands. Check out the full tutorial here on homedepot.com.

  1.    Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

DIY Bathroom Remodeling


Mirror cabinets are not exactly revolutionary, but making your own gives you control over the size and shape. You can build one that suits your bathroom in terms of both how much space it takes up and how it actually looks in regards to the rest of the room. We’ve all got things like medicine, toothpaste, toilet paper and all sorts of things like that we need to keep in our bathroom. Storing them in something that also doubles as a mirror kills two birds with one stone and it also declutters the room and hides all of that stuff from view.

This method here from Black + Decker will give you a nice narrow design that isn’t terribly complicated to make.

It is a bit more advanced than the rolling cabinets we discussed above but with a bit of woodworking practice, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

You’ll need several cuts of pine and to get the right lengths you’ll probably want to cut them yourself. A good miter saw will get the job done nicely.

First, you’ll need to build the box itself which will make up of four thin planks of pine. Then you can attach the back rails and drill the holes for the adjustable shelves.

Build the door and measure out what size of mirror you’ll need to order. You can install it using mirror adhesive and then hang the door on the cabinet.

This last step is probably the most complicated so have a look at the full tutorial on blackanddecker.com to get a comprehensive run through.

  1.    Vanity Cabinet

Bathroom Remodelling DIY


This one is by no means a project for newcomers to woodworking because it gets very tricky at some points and there will be a little bit of plumbing involved. But really, if you want to remodel your bathroom for luxury, there’s nothing better than having a nice DIY vanity cabinet in there. We’ve talked about storage a lot here already, and this one will cover that completely for you. With all of the shelves in here, you’ll have no shortage of space. The method comes from thriftdiving.com so as you can imagine you will have to do a little bit of that for your own vanity cabinet.

Mainly just for the legs though. It’s not easy for anyone who isn’t a professional carpenter with some advance material to make the legs necessary for a product like this.

But you can probably find some repurposed ones easily enough. Beyond that though, you still need to get quite a bit of material together.

There are several different processes here. You’ll have to make the cabinet itself and then the partitions inside it.

There are the drawers which need to be built from scratch as well as the metal cabinet sliders that you’ll have to install for the drawers to work.

Making the cabinet drawers and installing the granite top is another process altogether and then, of course, you’ve got to reinstall the sink itself.

So as I said, there’s quite a lot that you have to put together for this vanity cabinet so check out the tutorial on thriftdiving.com.


Don’t rule out your bathroom when you’re remodeling because there really is quite a few great DIY projects that you can take on to make your bathroom look amazing. These vary in their difficulty level, so if you’re a beginner go for the rolling storage and maybe you can work your way up. Either way, these are fun projects that will both fulfill your creative urges and make your bathroom a sight to behold.

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