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How To Tighten Your Vagina? Home Remedies To Tighten Vagina Naturally

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How To Tighten Your Vagina?

The first few years of marriage feels no less than a chapter from a fairy tale. Love making, especially, feels amazing, with the man you’ve chosen ready to make you feel like you’re in the seventh heaven, with butterflies dwelling in the body. But with the passage of time, the spark somewhat fades and what was once exhilarating and intense becomes placid. And do you know why? Because of vaginal looseness. Fortunately, there are some ways you can make your vagina tighter. But how can I make my vagina tighter? Live It Beautiful will tell you. Below we’ve jotted down simple exercises and home remedies to tighten the vagina naturally.

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Causes Of Vaginal Looseness:

The pelvic floor of the vagina is just like a trampoline. It stretches when something passes down through it. But unlike the trampoline, the pelvic floor carries weight for an extremely long time during pregnancy, which causes the muscles to be loose. Pregnancy alone can stretch the pelvic floor like no other thing, and when one has a natural childbirth, the vagina expands by several times. Apart from that, frequent masturbation and excess sexual activity can also loosen the vagina.

Homes Remedies To Tighten Your Vagina:

There are several herbs and kitchen ingredients that can help you tighten your vagina naturally. And the best part is that they don’t have any side effects. Below are some of the home remedies to tighten your vagina.

  1. Pueraria Mirifica:

How To Tighten Your Vagina?

Pueraria Mirifica speeds up the process of genital tissue renewal, thereby giving you tighter vagina. In addition to that, Pueraria Mirifica also restores the estrogen levels to correct hormonal imbalances. All you need to do is grind the herb to get a powder-like form and apply to your private part while bathing.

  1. Alum Powder:

How To Tighten Your Vagina?

Alum powder can also be used for vaginal tightening, but the effect will be temporary. Mix two teaspoons of alum powder with water and apply on the vagina walls. Leave it for ten minutes and wash it off.

  1. Gooseberry:

How To Tighten Your Vagina?

One of the least expected ingredients that can help you tighten your vagina naturally is gooseberry. It restores the elasticity of the vagina, making it tighter. Boil some gooseberries in water for 20 minutes, strain and transfer in a bottle. Apply this solution to your vagina every day before taking a bath.

  1. Aloe Vera:

How To Tighten Your Vagina?

The astringent properties of aloe vera prevent prolapse and tighten your vagina. It also contains nutrients like Vitamin A, C, choline, folic acid, calcium, sodium, zinc, and magnesium, which contribute to vaginal tightness. All you need to do is squeeze the gel from aloe vera leaf and douse it in using your ginger. Follow this method at least thrice a day to see results. Apart from strengthening the vagina, aloe vera will also eliminate irritation and dryness.

Tips To Make Your Vagina Tighter:

How To Tighten Your Vagina?

  1. Eat Right:

One of the easiest ways to tighten vagina naturally is by eating nutritious foods. A healthy diet repairs and strengthens the pelvic floor, which in turn will tighten the vagina. So consume foods that are rich in estrogens like sesame seeds, fenugreek, soybeans, pomegranates, wheat berries, carrots, and apples. Also, ensure that you take sufficient amounts of whole grain and organic lean animal protein.

  1. Follow Proper Hygiene Habits:

One of the best ways to tighten vagina naturally is by following proper hygiene practices. Use a soft cleanser to rinse the vag. You can even pick herbal soaps that claim to strengthen the vaginal walls.

  1. Use Vaginal Cone:

Vaginal cone is one of the easiest methods to tighten the vaginal muscles. These cones look like tampons, but have weights attached to it. You need to insert the cone into your vagina carefully, with weights hanging off. Keep holding it for a couple of minutes before releasing it. Repeat the method at least five times a day.

Exercises To Tighten Your Vagina:

There are several common  and some not so common exercises that can help you get a tighter vagina. Before performing any of the exercises, you need to locate the correct pelvic muscles, which can be done by impeding urinating during midstream. Once you’ve found the pelvic floor muscles, empty the bladder and lie on the back. Squeeze the muscle and hold the contraction for a few seconds. Avoid clenching thighs, abdomen and butt while performing the exercise. The other exercises to tighten your vagina include:

  1. Kegel Exercise:

Kegel exercise is proven to be tremendously useful in helping women regain their vaginal tightness. This workout, when done consistently, will give you a permanent result as it targets the problem from the root. And neither does it take too long. You just need to take out 15 minutes out of your busy schedule.

  1. Squatting:

Squatting won’t just give you awesome butt, but will also help you regain the tightness of the vagina by making the muscles firm. To do squats for tightening the vagina, stand with feet apart, position the toes at 30 degrees and pretend that you’re going to sit on a chair or bench. While moving up, push through the heel to prevent from coming up on your toes.

  1. Pelvic Stretch:

The pelvic stretch exercise targets the pelvic floor muscles to prevent the looseness. To do this exercise, sit on the chair edge with the feet apart. Place the hands above the knees and elbows turned out. Now move forward, bend the elbows and try shifting the upper body weight on the thighs. Next, raise the chest by spreading the arms and try folding the pelvis under to make the front pelvis rise. The exercise will tone the muscles supporting the pelvis.

  1. Leg Ups:

Leg ups exercise requires you to lie down on the back, and raise up your leg one after the other. Ensure that you do not bend the knees while performing this exercise. You need to try to keep the legs firm as much as you can. Now lower it slowly. Perform this exercise for 21 days to see results.

To conclude, there are several exercises and home remedies that can make your vagina tighter. You just need to follow them religiously and never give up. You will see results soon.

Have you tried any of these exercises and home remedies to tighten your vagina? What tips would you suggest on how to tighten vagina? Let us know by commenting below.

How To Tighten Your Vagina? Home Remedies To Tighten Vagina Naturally
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