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Human Growth Hormone Therapy (History, Applications, Controversies, And Risks)

One of the major contributors to proper growth and development of your body is the Growth Hormone (GH) or Human Growth Hormone (hGH).  Also known as somatotropin, this peptide hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and stimulates growth and cell reproduction. As such, its deficiency can lead to several disorders and ailments. Most noted …

How To Get Periods Immediately?
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How To Get Periods Immediately? Home Remedies To Get Periods Immediately And Faster

Whether you’re a teenager or a married woman, there are times when you just wish you could get your periods immediately. It could be because of some important event, wedding or a date. You just wish you could speed up the menstrual cycle and make it happen in a day or so. Even worse, missing …

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Metformin: Dosage, Usage, Side Effects, Metformin For Weight Loss And PCOS

Wondering what that metformin is in your prescription? Metformin is on its way to becoming the most popular and useful anti-diabetic drug. Its wide range in the medical field is likely to create a number of questions in our mind. The confused times will be left behind as today we will tell you all it …

How to make yourself burp
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How To Make Yourself Burp? Tips And Tricks To Make Yourself Belch

Burping is one of the easiest ways to relieve your system of excess gas, isn’t it? But sometimes, it gets extremely difficult to burp on command. It could be due to GERD, acid reflux or any other underlying condition. In this article, we’ll tell you how to make yourself.  So stay tuned. Burping Or Belching …

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Rhubarb (Benefits, Leaves, Poison, Growing, Nutrition, Taste And Recipe)

Have you ever heard of rhubarb? Still confused about what it is and what are the health benefits of it. Do you want to know that other ingredient in your strawberry pie that makes it even more tastier? Don’t fret anymore, here we are to help you know all about this little-known plant rhubarb and …

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Kumquat: Benefits, Taste, Recipes, Season, Tree, Nutrition

Kumquats are not as known as other citrus fruits, but its popularity is increasing with every passing day, primarily due to its numerous health benefits and the distinct taste it gives to marmalades, jellies, and salads. Today, we at Live It Beautiful have got you a detailed article on kumquats describing this amazing little fruit …

Elephantiasis or filaria
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Elephantiasis Or Lymphatic Filariasis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Exercise

Elephantiasis or Lymphatic Filariasis can concern a lot of people. Whether you are a person living in tropical regions or traveling to such regions, you need to know all about it. The pictures of people with Elephantiasis can be disturbing at times and thus people often think is a very serious disease with no particular …

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Petechiae: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment And Home Remedies

Worried what those reddish -purple dots are under the skin?  Not sure if it’s just rashes or something serious? Do not worry because we are here to answer all your questions regarding these tiny little reddish-purple clusters, medically known as petechiae that are making you frown. We will discuss everything about petechiae below, such as …