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Rhubarb (Benefits, Leaves, Poison, Growing, Nutrition, Taste And Recipe)

Have you ever heard of rhubarb? Still confused about what it is and what are the health benefits of it. Do you want to know that other ingredient in your strawberry pie that makes it even more tastier? Don’t fret anymore, here we are to help you know all about this little-known plant rhubarb and …

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Kumquat: Benefits, Taste, Recipes, Season, Tree, Nutrition

Kumquats are not as known as other citrus fruits, but its popularity is increasing with every passing day, primarily due to its numerous health benefits and the distinct taste it gives to marmalades, jellies, and salads. Today, we at Live It Beautiful have got you a detailed article on kumquats describing this amazing little fruit …

Elephantiasis or filaria
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Elephantiasis Or Lymphatic Filariasis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Exercise

Elephantiasis or Lymphatic Filariasis can concern a lot of people. Whether you are a person living in tropical regions or traveling to such regions, you need to know all about it. The pictures of people with Elephantiasis can be disturbing at times and thus people often think is a very serious disease with no particular …

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Petechiae: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment And Home Remedies

Worried what those reddish -purple dots are under the skin?  Not sure if it’s just rashes or something serious? Do not worry because we are here to answer all your questions regarding these tiny little reddish-purple clusters, medically known as petechiae that are making you frown. We will discuss everything about petechiae below, such as …

How To Get Thicker Eyebrows? Tips To Grow Eyebrows Naturally

How To Get Thicker Eyebrows? Home Remedies To Grow Eyebrows Naturally

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who does not like thick eyebrows. Because fuller eyebrows mean a more youthful looking you. And believe us when we say that thick eyebrows have always been in demand. Yes, it’s not the latest fad as many presume it to be. Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to be …

unique Hindu baby boy names
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500 Modern Latest And Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names For 2018

Heartiest congratulations on the birth of your bundle of joy!! Now that you’re finished with the celebrations and joy it is time to think about some latest and unique Hindu baby boy names for your child. Gone are the days when it was mandatory for all the members of the family to come together, as a …

Enterogermina- Uses, Side Effects, Precaution And Dosage
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Enterogermina- Uses, Side Effects, Precaution And Dosage

Enterogermina is one of those drugs becoming hugely popular with people for treating gut-related disorders. But there is more than one burning question that goes on in the mind of most of the people. And Live It Beautiful will try and answer all the queries related to Enterogermina, including its uses, side effects, benefits, dosage, …

Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

Proven Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Lips And Get Pink Lips

Soft, pink lips are something that every woman wants to flaunt. It makes the face look prettier and adds charm. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with rosy, pink lips. For some, it’s hereditary, but more most, it’s due to constant exposure to the sun and excess caffeine and tobacco intake. Hormonal imbalance and use …